10 Simple Ways to Make Hair Wavy at Home

Curly hair always looks charming. There are several convenient and simple options, how to independently lay your hair in beautiful waves and permanently retain this effect. Further in the article, we will consider in detail eight proven ways to create light waves on any length of hair.

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These special curlers even at home will make hair wavy as after a visit to the beauty salon. In the absence of curlers, they can be noticed by dense pieces of fabric and long strips of paper.

Divide the wet hair into zones. Separate the strands, tightly twist them on the papyolki. After 3 hours, the curlers can be removed, but for a lasting effect, it is best to wind them overnight.

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This is the easiest way to make hair wavy.

In the evening, slightly damp hair plaits in braids. The thicker the strands in the braid, the larger the waves. To get small curls you need to braid a lot of thin plaits from the very roots. The tips of the hair can be tightened with elastic bands or wound on curlers. Sleeping on pigtails is quite convenient.

If during the weaving process the strands with gel, the effect can last until the next washing of the head.
For quicker reception of the result, braids should be warmed with iron.

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harnesses Another simple way that will waviness even the most disobedient hair is harnesses.

Wet hair is divided into zones. Using a thin comb, grab the strand near the base and twist it into a tourniquet. Lay it in a circle at the roots of the hair and fasten it with a clamp. The smaller the bundles, the thinner the curls.

Similarly, twist all the other hair. To walk like this for 3-5 hours or to dry your hair with a hair dryer. Dissolve the strands, dividing them with your fingers into smaller waves. Sprinkle the prepared stain with varnish. Just do not abuse the foam and gel, otherwise the hair will not have time to dry out and the curls will quickly lose shape.

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To get large natural waves it is necessary to divide the head of the hair into a central part in two halves and eachfrom them to gather in a bunch at the level of the temple. It is good to dry hair with a hairdryer and dissolve.

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If you wrap wet locks around the dressings and wait for them to dry completely, you can get wonderful waves. By the way, as an armband, an ordinary T-shirt will do.

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To make waves with a curling iron, you need to choose special tongs with two or three rods. They do not wind a curl, but gently squeeze, moving along the entire length from the roots to the ends.

If you use a conventional ploy to create waves, then it's better to take a large-diameter device. Curl large curls, and then comb them well.

To facilitate the perm, all the hair can be gathered in a high tail, toss it on the face and wind it.

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Hair straighteners in skilful hands are better able to make splashes beautiful waves.

On the device it is necessary to set the temperature 160-170 degrees and you can start to wave. Starting from the roots, you need to iron at the end of the strand, after every 3 centimeters turning it around its axis by 180 degrees. After waving, comb the hair with a comb with rare teeth.

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Otherwise, you can select a lock of hair, roll it with a spiral, cover with foil and warm up the rectifier well. Wait until the curl cools and unfolds it.

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Universal automatic curling iron, which alone will make beautiful curls. It is enough just to choose a strand of the desired size, insert it into the device, select the temperature mode and turn it on. After a few seconds, a beautiful curl will be ready.

The styler is completely safe for hair, since the heating element has a ceramic coating and evenly distributes heat. Thanks to the convenient design, the curls do not get tangled, and the possibility of burning is minimized.

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Wavy forceps or corrugator is a thermal device designed specifically to create neat waves on the surface of the hair.

Before using such forceps, the hair should be treated with thermal protection agents. To curl it is necessary to separate the strand of the desired width and consistently clamp it with forceps along the entire length from the roots to the tips.

The swivel head with the help of interchangeable attachments makes it possible to select the optimum wave size.

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Hair dryer

Thanks to Fenu it is possible to create waves on your hair very easily and quickly.

To do this, the damp head of the hair should be divided into two equal halves and rolled into tows in a direction to each other. While holding the tourniquet folded, dry it with a hair dryer in the direction from the roots to the ends.

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Using the diffuser nozzle, you can create a wet effect.

To do this, apply to wet hair mousse, tilt the head down to get extra volume at the roots and dry the hair with this nozzle. Under the action of hot air, the hair will assume a naughty wavy form.

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