Why do you need a bactericidal lamp at home and how to choose it

Everywhere we are surrounded by microbes. It is impossible to hide from pathogenic microorganisms and the house, since they are found in the air, on furniture items and things. In order to save yourself from the harmful effects of bacteria, you need to purchase a bactericidal lamp, cleansing the room of various microorganisms, dust and microscopic particles of harmful substances present in the air.

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Principle of operation

Bactericidal lamps resemble lamps that not only illuminate the room, but also clean it, destroying pathogenic microorganisms( viruses, bacteria).This effect is achieved due to the influence of ultraviolet rays on microorganisms. UV radiation affects DNA, RNA, cell membrane and spores of microorganisms, leading to their death.

In the process of working such lamps clean the room and objects from microorganisms. New devices operate at the peak of their efficiency, but as a result of improper operation or expiration, their effectiveness is significantly reduced.

The principle of operation of devices is simple and based on their structure. Lamps are similar to a glass sealed tube made of oily glass, which filters out harmful ozone-generating radiation. This glass passes the rays, which have a harmful effect on microorganisms and are harmless to humans.

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Types of lamps

There is a definite classification of bactericidal lamps.

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By design type

Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are of two types:

  • Mobile ( portable).Such lamps are more convenient for use at home, as they can be transferred from one room to another and thereby render harmless to the whole house.
  • Stationary .These lamps are not used in apartments, they are installed in hospitals, private medical offices, since there is no need to transfer them from one place to another.
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For the impact of

  • For disinfection of premises. Often, such lamps are installed in the room and cleaned of microorganisms.
  • For water disinfection. Lamps are installed in the places of connection of pipes in the water supply. Passing through ultraviolet radiation, water is purified from bacteria. The advantage of UV lamps for water in front of filters is that after cleaning, water retains useful properties.
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In appearance

  • Closed - are used to purify specific areas and objects from bacteria. These lamps are very popular, because they are safe for humans and their pets.
  • Open - the radiation in these lamps dissipates in different directions throughout the room.
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By mounting method

  • Hinged - fastened to the ceiling, it is inconvenient to transfer them from one room to another, therefore it is undesirable to install them in an apartment.
  • Floor - easy to carry and designed for large rooms.
  • Desktop - usually small, designed for small areas and easily transferred to other rooms.

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According to the type of glass

  • Bactericidal - made of glass that does not form harmful radiation.
  • Quartz - made of quartz glass, which is capable of transmitting all types of radiation, including harmful to humans. Quartz bactericidal lamps are not recommended for home, they are popular in medical institutions. During quartz, everyone leaves the room.
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By type of emitted radiation.

  • . Ozone .In the course of their work, ozone radiation is released, which is harmful to humans. The action of such lamps is due to a special quartz shell, which transmits this type of radiation. Ozone lamps are not designed to work in the presence of people and animals. In addition, during the cleaning of the room with such a lamp, it is necessary to take out all the flowers. It is possible to stay indoors only after turning off the appliance and ventilating the room. Not recommended for home use.
  • Bezones - lamps made of special oval glass, not ozone-sensitive. They miss only the ultraviolet rays, detrimental to bacteria, but harmless to humans, animals and plants. Bezones are recommended for use in cleaning apartments and houses. When using them, it is only necessary to take into account the time of exposure to ultraviolet rays and their power.
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Useful properties

Bactericidal lamps are very useful, they not only purify the air of harmful microorganisms, but also have a therapeutic effect on the human body. Thanks to these properties, such lamps are becoming increasingly popular.

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Ultraviolet radiation, when used correctly, has beneficial properties for humans. Bactericidal lamps are capable of destroying all pathogenic microorganisms, clearing air, surfaces in the room. It is recommended to use lamps with a radiation wavelength of 100-320 nanometers. Such rays kill all microorganisms, but are absolutely harmless to humans and animals.

Ultra-violet bactericidal lamps for the house are able to save the room not only from bacteria, but also from ticks, insects, eggs of parasites. The disadvantage of lamps is that they can destroy pests only on the surface without penetrating deeply into the furniture or thick carpet pile.
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There are bactericidal lamps whose rays are directed to act on certain organs. Such lamps are used for medicinal purposes, killing germs with inflammation of the gums, throat, trophic ulcers, boils, eczema, psoriasis and other pathologies. In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect, bactericidal lamps contribute to an increase in immunity and the removal of pain.

The most common therapeutic quartz is used for colds. Bactericidal lamps for the home have been actively used to relieve pain in arthritis, to treat diseases of the nervous and excretory systems, they help and from tuberculosis.

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How to use

There are certain rules for the use of bactericidal lamps that must be observed:

  1. Before cleaning the premises, remove people, animals, remove flowers. Despite the fact that lamps are developed that do not emit harmful radiation to a person, it is better to take precautions, and not include bactericidal lamps for the house in the presence of people.
  2. Wear protective goggles, turn on the lamp and immediately leave the room, closing the door behind you.
  3. Clean room for 15 minutes.
  4. Hold your breath, go into the cleaned room, turn off the appliance and open the windows.
  5. The lamp can only be reused after it has completely cooled down.
  6. Do not allow the lamp to touch. If on its surface there is still an imprint, it is necessary to wipe the surface of the lamp.
  7. To people suffering from thyroid diseases, hypertension, ulcer disease, quartz is contraindicated.
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How to choose

There are many different types of bactericidal lamps, so choosing the right type of appliance is not so easy, as it may seem at first glance. To buy a bactericidal lamp for the home, you need to carefully study the information on the Internet and take into account many factors.

First you need to determine the purpose of using the device: for disinfection of the apartment, in a medical facility, for processing manicure accessories and so on. Depending on the purpose of use and the area of ​​the room, a certain type of bactericidal lamps is selected( taking into account their characteristics).

For household use, ozone lamps that are harmful to health are contraindicated.

Small lamps are suitable for lamps with low power, for larger areas, more powerful lamps are needed. For home you should choose bactericidal lamps of closed type.

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Rating of the best

The best bactericidal lamps are lamps from 3 manufacturers: BactoSfera, Praymed and Beurer. These companies produce home lamps, the most popular in the modern market of cleaning equipment.

  • BactoSfera is a manufacturer that occupies one of the leading lamps in the market of modern bactericidal lamps. The company manufactures lamps of different types: stationary and mobile, with high power and medium. The quality of the lamps is good and corresponds to the price, therefore the purchase of lamps from BactoSfera is considered very profitable.

  • PRIMED is a well-known manufacturer, which is profiled on the mass production of nozones. Irradiators from Praymed are recognized as harmless to humans. This is their advantage, however, there is also a disadvantage - the low power of bactericidal lamps allows using them only for cleaning premises with a small area.

  • Beurer is a German company with an excellent reputation in the medical technology market. Produces high-quality appliances used for cleaning the house. In Russian stores, the manufacturer provides a good range of products, however, the price for them is high.

  • The bactericidal lamp for the house "Sun" is an irradiator consisting of a metal casing with a quartz bulb inside and legs, by means of which the device is installed on the surface. The device includes special nozzles for disinfection of the nose, ears, throat, eye protection glasses, instructions for use. Ultra-violet bactericidal lamp "Sun" is used both for cleaning the air at home, and in medical institutions. The time for cleaning the room is no more than 30 minutes. Before starting to use it is recommended to consult a doctor.

  • The bactericidal air recirculator "RZT-300", "ORBB-30x2" is a closed-type lamp. The location of the bezzon lamp in the metal casing makes it possible to use it in the presence of people. In the filters of the device, dust, small dirt, pollen, which can provoke an allergy attack, settle. Bactericidal lamps of this model are recommended for installation in apartment houses, children's rooms, classrooms, shops and offices. There are models of floor and desktop type.

  • Longevita UV Cure Home and Office is a closed-type bactericide lamp used in homes, offices. A small-sized device is installed on a table or other surface. During operation, the lamp does not emit ozone and does not have harmful effects on the mucous membrane of the eyes, so it can work in the presence of people. It destroys pathogenic microorganisms, eliminates unpleasant odors. Due to these properties, lamps are installed in rooms and wards with bedridden patients.

  • Longevita UV CURE mini is a compact bactericide lamp used for disinfection of small rooms( bathroom, pantry, kitchen).You can install the device in cabinets, refrigerator. Bactericidal lamp will help not only to destroy microbes, but also to remove unpleasant smells in the room( tobacco, sewage, burnt food, dampness).Placing the lamp in the refrigerator will prevent mold. When the bactericide lamp is operating, leave the room.

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