Folk signs about mother tongue or flower sansevieriyu

In apartments, offices, hospitals and even in spacious halls of shops often there is a house plant "teshchin language" or "sansevieriya".Also it is called "pike tail", "snake skin".His family has more than 55 kinds of flowers, all of them are distinguished by rosette, leaf shape or color. This energetically strong plant, fast-growing, undemanding to care and easily evoking sympathy, just look at his photo. In addition, according to signs and superstitions, Sansevieria is a useful plant that will help improve the atmosphere in the house and bring spiritual balance to the family.

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    Maintaining a positive energy balance in the house is very important. Without this, there will not be a calm and cozy atmosphere in the housing, and the owners will not have a desire to return to it. Correctly selected and arranged indoor flowers will preserve the comfort and warmth in the apartment.

    Sansevieria is an unpretentious and easy-to-care plant. It is believed that it will adapt to any circumstances and circumstances. Like all flowers in the house, the mother tongue needs energy. It is interesting that he is fueled exclusively by negativity of different origins, for example, by the manifestation of a bad mood, rudeness, anger.

    The plant adjusts to positive, friendly communication and family members, and guests. Therefore, it is recommended to start a flower, first of all, to a family where disputes, conflicts and various troubles constantly persecute the household, and the atmosphere in the dwelling became heavy and unbearable. There is an opinion that long leaves are a kind of antenna, absorbing negative energy and radiating calmness, peace and coziness.

    It is also recommended to settle in your apartment teschin language and those who do not have a lot of trouble, but who want to keep in the family nest the atmosphere of love and kindness.

    There are often cases where the relationship between spouses who have been married for quite some time, become colder, there is some alienation, mutual dislike, scandals from scratch. To correct the situation, you need to put a pot of sanseveria in the matrimonial bedroom. Calm and soothing aura of the flower stabilizes the situation in the house and adjusts the relationship between husband and wife.

    The name of the plant "mother tongue" seems to say that the flower attracts all sorts of trouble, gossip, etc. However, in reality everything is the other way around: sansevieriya protects the household from troubles and repels from the home of those who come into it with bad intentions,for example, to talk and slander.

    Sansevieria, according to the signs, also helps get rid of detractors and at work. If someone stops working with their constant reproaches and cavils, it is recommended to bring a pike tail to the workplace. This flower is famous for its ability to eliminate gossip and drive away all ill-wishers and envious persons. The plant will relieve its owner of unpleasant conversations and help focus on the work responsibilities.

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    Why blossoms

    Sudden and untimely flowering of any plant is an unfavorable sign. A bad time for the appearance of flowers of a mother-in-law tongue is winter. At this time of the year, the blossoming of Sansevieria promises a major quarrel, conflict in the family or among colleagues, if the plant lives in the office. It is believed that the cause of conflicts will be the excessive care and solicitude of one of the relatives or employees of the company. Blooming pike tail rarely, only with poor or improper care, when it is not enough light and watering.

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    Some are sure that this indoor plant can bloom only under favorable conditions. Therefore, if the mother tongue began to bloom at any time of the year, except in winter, this event does not bear any bad significance. On the contrary, it helps all beginnings and attracts luck in their performance.

    If it so happens that the mother tongue has blossomed in the winter, then do not be upset, you have to appease the plant so that grief and trouble will bypass the house with a party. To do this, we need to talk with the flower, wipe its leaves with a damp, clean cloth, fertilize it with fertilizers. In a word, to find a common language with sansevieriia, and, perhaps, she will change anger to mercy.

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    Is it possible to keep the house

    According to all the signs, mother tongues need to be kept in the house, because in each family there are any conflicts and troubles from time to time. In addition to attracting good luck, it also has healing properties.

    In its action, the leaves of the sansevieria are like the leaves of all the famous aloe or centennial. In case of any skin lesions, for example, with an abscess or a burn, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the leaf of the plant under running water, carefully cut along and apply the cut side to the area of ​​damage. To prevent the sheet from shifting, it must be fixed with a bandage or gauze bandage.

    Due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of taunts, the tongue is able to heal virtually any wounds in a short time without the use of medications.

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    How to make the plant work

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    The appearance of this flower in the house foreshadows noticeable changes in the environment in which the ownerswill become much cozier and calmer. You can strengthen the positive effect of sansevieria and make it work in full force. In order for the positive energy of the plant to become more powerful and serve the good of the household, it is necessary to take care of it properly and treats it like a friend of the family.

    • Teschin tongue is a light-loving flower and prefers bright diffused light, tolerates a small penumbra, but does not like full shading. Therefore, the most suitable place for him is the southern, eastern or western window.
    • The optimum temperature for the plant is + 18- + 27 degrees.
    • Water it should not be more than once in 7-10 days in the summer and 1-2 times a month in the winter.
    • In summer, the pike tail should be fed every month with liquid fertilizer for indoor plants.
    • The flower should be transplanted when the pot is narrow - approximately 2 years later, young plants, in 3 years old. Due to the fact that the roots of Sansevieria grow in width, the pot must be chosen for a shallow but shallow one.
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