Master-class for beginners in carving kirigami crafts

If for most of us the word "origami" is familiar, then with the word "kirigami" many will not have any associations. Kirigami is a kind of origami, the main difference is the ability to use scissors. For this technique, you need to use thin cardboard or thick paper. Some models are made up of several sheets, but most are made from one sheet.

  • Leaves
  • Snowflake
  • Christmas tree


The easiest way to create kirigami from paper is to use a square sheet of paper( preferably colored), scissors, a penknife or a scalpel and a pencil.

First you need to fold the sheet diagonally, you get a triangle, then fold the triangle in half. You again get a triangle, which also needs to be folded in half. On the resulting triangle and you need to move the drawing, which you decided to recreate.

Below for your convenience, several leaf templates are presented that will help you master the basics of Kirigami art.

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In principle, the technique of creating a snowflake is no different from the one described above. The only "but" - a snowflake will be more patterned.

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Take a square sheet of paper. If you do not have a square sheet, you can easily square a rectangular sheet. To do this, fold the sheet diagonally at an angle of ninety degrees, and then cut off the protruding strip of paper.

The resulting triangle fold in half. Now put the triangle at a right angle and bend its right corner to the middle.

Left corner overlap. Cut off uneven edges. Now, holding the triangle for the fold that does not open, start cutting out the pattern. You can cut out any shapes, make different lines, create teeth. You can also use the templates shown below.

When the cutting is completed, unfold the snowflakes created using the kirigami technique, and smooth the folds. You can iron the product with an iron. Use snowflakes to decorate the Christmas tree, rooms, windows.
Snowflake Patterns:

Have a fantasy, then each snowflake you create will be unique and unlike the others.

You can also use paper not only white, but also other colors. Very beautiful look snowflakes, cut from silvery paper or foil. White snowflakes you can make shiny. To do this, simply apply a transparent glue on them and sprinkle with sequins.

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Christmas tree

This Christmas tree is a little more difficult to create. First, print out the presented Christmas tree template. You can draw a Christmas tree yourself.

Bend the sheet in half to make the fold just in the middle of the tree. Now put the folded sheet on a flat surface, placing a piece of cardboard under it. Take the clerical knife, and begin to cut the patterns on the tree.

Do it carefully, the smoother the cutouts, the more beautiful the tree will be.

Make two such blanks that can then be joined together with glue, or stitching on a sewing machine.

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