Accurate female tattoos on the fingers

Tattoos on the fingers - this is more of a new trend in fashion than ordinary. Such tattoos are hardly noticeable, but they are not devoid of attractiveness, style and originality. Such a small tattoo can mean a lot and tell a lot about its owner. The most popular subjects for drawings on fingers for girls are inscriptions, symbols, floristics, fauna and patterns. Let's consider these categories in more detail.

  • Inscriptions
  • Symbols
  • Floristry
  • Fauna
  • Patterns


Tattoos-inscriptions on the fingers are the most common category of small tattoos for a given area of ​​the body. The inscription can be executed on one finger, move from the finger to the finger( thus being readable only when the fingers or hands touch).Also very popular are inscriptions made in fine fine print along one finger, especially on the back or side.

Each inscription carries for its owner a large semantic load. Most often, tattoo inscriptions mean exactly what is written. It is possible to write whole short statements, quotations, slogans, important and memorable dates, names, significant figures and so on.

A selection of popular female tattoos for different zones of the abdomen, see here
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Suitable small characters for tattoos very much. The symbolism of a tattoo can be religious and national, military and marine, musical and ethnic, and the like. For each owner of a particular tattoo, the image can bear its meaning and be symbolic:

  • tattoo rings. Such tattoos can be both a prototype of the jewelry, and a symbol of a strong union( paired tattoos for two);
  • sign of infinity. Such a tattoo is suitable for strong and confident personalities. It carries in it the deep and eternal meaning of something permanent and unshakable;
  • sheet music, musical symbols. Tattoos for creative and romantic people. Such tattoos program people to succeed and inspire;
  • religious symbols( crosses, images, frankincense).Such small tattoos specify the role of religion in the life of their possessor, serve as amulets;
  • asterisk. A symbol of romance, curiosity, eternity;
  • horseshoe. A charm that can bring good luck;
  • bows. A symbol of lightness and romance;
  • anchor. The symbol of stability;
  • crown. A symbol of confidence, power;
  • ethnic symbols. Recognizable symbols of different countries, especially Celtic, Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, peoples of South and Central America, the peoples of Africa. From the list of ethnic symbols more often choose amulet and symbols, charged for success, prosperity, health and love.

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No female representative who loves tattoos can remain indifferent to images in the style of floristry. In tattoo art, this direction implies creating whole pictures on the body. Let the fingers have a little space, but the masters will be able to fill a small image with a riot of colors, convey all the tenderness and naturalness of a flower or branch. Most often depict as neat little tattoos such flowers:

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  • roses;
  • lily;
  • orchids;
  • cherry;
  • poppies;
  • tulips;
  • dandelions;
  • beautiful leaves;
  • lotuses.
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It remains popular to create neat little images of representatives of fauna on fingers. Images of an animal, like any other tattoo can be a simple decoration of the body or carry a secret meaning. The most popular topics are as follows:

  • butterflies;
  • dragonfly;
  • scorpions;
  • snakes;
  • birds;
  • fish;
  • cat and dog tracks;
  • cats and their silhouettes;
  • dragons;
  • panther;
  • spiders;
  • moths.
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The most variegated and diverse category of tattoos. Patterns can combine several styles of tattoos, be rigorous and geometric, with clear lines and transitions. Also patterns can be tender and smooth, rather artistic. These tattoos are complemented by light floral elements. Introduce the pattern of abstraction, lace, art hand-drawn letters or hieroglyphics.

Very popular patterns in various ethnic styles: Indian, Moorish, Slavic and so on.

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