Popular female haircuts for short hair with bangs

Active women of all ages prefer short haircuts. And all because they are universal and laying does not have to spend a lot of time. Decorate and complement almost any short haircut can bangs. Sewed on the side or back, straight and asymmetrical, short and elongated - weight options.

  • Pixie
  • Bob
  • Kare
  • Cap
  • Cascade


The classic version of the Pixie haircut is distinguished by an oblong neck and short temples. The shape and length of the bangs, as well as the methods of fitting it, are selected in accordance with the shape of the face, it is important to consider whether the cheekbones and chin are beautifully framed.

Perhaps, the most daring experiment with a haircut of a pixie is a shaven whiskey. In this case, both one temple and both can be opened. In this case, as in the classical version, the pixy will also be very effective, in combination with a long three-dimensional bang, laid to the side.

No less impressive is a pixy with a mohawk, for which a bang usually combs back or rises.

A slightly ruffled short bang will give the image a lightness.

A bang can be cut very short or smooth, making the forehead open, but this option is suitable only for those who possess correct and expressive features.

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For many years, due to its versatility, the bean remains one of the most popular haircuts for short hair.

The most popular option is a classic bean with a bang. The main cut is at the level of the ears, and with an elongated haircut - a little lower. Best of all, the classic shortened bob with bangs looks on even thick heavy hair.

Textured bob does not look so restrained in appearance, because when creating hair, certain liberties are allowed, which make the hairstyle more feminine and romantic. A bang in such a haircut is not particularly distinguished. As a rule, it smoothly passes into the main length. This effect can be achieved by making the bangs oblique, graduated or asymmetric.

Bob with long strands is a very popular haircut for short hair. A uniform and asymmetrical elongation of the lateral strands is allowed, which gives the image a stylish negligence. The bangs in this version can be straight, graduated, asymmetric, flat or laid on one side.

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The use of straight lines in the execution of the quill indicates that such a haircut is more suitable for straight hair.

However, the version with slightly rounded outlines is no less popular. Any of them is perfectly combined with a thick bang.

Recently, the quads with the bangs are popular, the length of which can be either below the eyebrow line or higher.

The square with bangs is suitable even for curly and curly hair. The hit of the last seasons is the combination of wavy hair of the basic length with absolutely even bangs. In this case, some girls, except the bangs, straighten out and the radical zone.

To those who consider the classic quads too simple, the graded version is ideal. When creating this haircut, stylists emphasize the allocation of individual strands and stratification of the hairstyle. Particular attention is paid to the tips of hair and bangs. Such a hairstyle looks great and stylish, if at stowage it is a bit ruffled.

Today, stylists create a lot of creative variants of quads, which combine long strands with shortened, wavy hair with straight lines, focuses on ringlets of different lengths and a game with a variety of shades.

With the help of such techniques, an experienced craftsman can easily create a square with a bang that does not look like other hairstyles.

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A short cap with smooth edges and smooth lines on manicured shiny hair perfectly emphasizes facial features. The best haircut looks on the even strands and perfectly suits the image of a business woman.

A short haircut emphasizes facial features and opens the neck line. To diversify the appearance, it can be supplemented with coloring, asymmetry or an original bang.

Cap, made in the cascade technique, usually covers the neck and is characterized by a smooth transition of the upper layer of hair into the lower one. This option in combination with the bang allows you to soften the contours of the triangular face.

The perception of a common image depends more on the bangs. With a cap, long, smooth, oblique and asymmetrical bangs perfectly match. With the right choice with her help, you can shift the focus to different areas of the face, smoothing out some nuances of appearance.

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Cascade - a haircut reminiscent of a waterfall in which each level of strands is longer than the previous one. Cascade on short hair hides the shortcomings of the shape of the face and thanks to the many variations of the styling fits absolutely everything.

The graded cascade will give the thin and wavy locks the missing volume, even without the use of stowage. And curly hair, on the contrary, will save you from excessive splendor.

Very cute and feminine looks cascade with oblique bangs.

Traditional long or, conversely, shortened even bangs will add a hairstyle volume, joining the total mass of hair.

Clearly expressed cheekbones can be hidden with the help of an arched bang, which gradually becomes part of the hairstyle.

A playful image can be created by running a ragged cascade. This haircut is easy enough to care for. For daily styling it is enough just to lay curls of different length in a chaotic order. And to create a more bold and daring image, you can add a torn bang.

The double cascade is distinguished by small and short locks on the crown, while the lower locks are much longer. This version of the cascade is more suitable for thick and curly hair. The best addition to it will be a thick bang.

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