12 best home masks for the treatment of dry and damaged hair

Lack of vitamins, microelements or simply exhaustion of the body due to fatigue - everything affects the condition of the hair. As a result, brittle, dry, lifeless hair. But how to deal with this? After all, the standard of femininity has always been considered to have a thick, shiny head of hair. In the achievement of the ideal will help a proven home mask.

  • Based on castor oil and glycerin
  • Based on banana and avocado
  • Based on vegetable oil
  • Based on cognac
  • Moisturizing on olive oil
  • Enriched balm
  • Nutrient based on eggs and honey
  • Based on dry mustard
  • Based on yogurt
  • Kefirfor dry tips
  • Based on juice of onion
  • Mask with sour cream and horseradish

Based on castor oil and glycerin

The mask is a mixture of two tbsp butter of castor oil, one egg, a glass of glycerin andliters of apple vinegar. Apply this mask for the entire length of the hair for about half an hour, while it is necessary to provide additional thermal impact by wrapping the head with a towel heated with an iron or other means. You can also wrap the hair with a cellophane film, which will also produce a thermal effect. To wash off such mask it is recommended by an egg shampoo.

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Based on banana and avocado

The mask consists of one ripe avocado, one ripe banana, two full strings of honey, one st.l of glycerin and one part of castor oil and olive unrefined oil. Grind the ripe fruit in a blender or crush it with a fork into a smooth mash. Add all necessary oils to the mash, mix and heat the mixture in a water bath. Apply the mask to both the hair and the scalp for half an hour. Using a terry towel and polyethylene cap to create a thermal effect on the head, for the duration of the mask. Wash off the mask after half an hour with shampoo.

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Based on vegetable oil

Any vegetable oil: pumpkin, corn, flaxseed. But best of all with the task set to master the olive oil of the primary cold pressing. The components of the oil envelop the hair along the entire length, creating a protective film and restoring the keratin scales. In 5 tbsp of oil, you need to add juice squeezed from one lemon, then distribute the product over the hair, and after about 30-40 minutes, rinse the mask with shampoo. Repeat mask is once a fortnight.

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Based on

cognac For this effective mask for dry hair, you need to mix one egg yolk, half a cognac and 2 tablespoons of linseed oil. This mask should be rubbed with massage movements into the roots of the hair and scalp for half an hour before the procedure for washing hair. Wash the mask with shampoo. The mask perfectly nourishes the hair through the skin, restoring the necessary moisture balance. You can do the mask not more than twice a week.

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Moisturizing on olive oil

It is necessary to mix one st of olive oil, h l cognac and add the flesh of a burning red pepper on the tip of the knife. Olive oil acts as the main drug in such a mask, pores are opened with the action of bitter pepper, and cognac dilutes the structure of the oil, which greatly facilitates the procedure of its washing.

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Enriched balm

This is an ideal mask for dry colored hair. It is necessary to combine among themselves in equal proportions a shampoo for colored hair, castor oil and burdock oil. Such a mask should be distributed over the entire length of the hair and must be applied to the scalp. To put on a polyethylene hat. An important point - the mask will flow. Wash off the hair after 2 hours.

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Nutritious based on eggs and honey

It is necessary to separate the yolk from the egg, stir it with honey in the amount of one dessert spoon and squeeze out one garlic clove. In this mask, garlic acts as an activator of hair follicles. You can leave such a mask on your hair even throughout the evening, and do not worry that garlic will leave a smell, too little of it in the mixture for this. As a fixation of the action, it is recommended to rinse your hair with a nettle decoction at the end.

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Based on dry mustard

The mask consists of mustard dry powder, creamy fatty oil, mayonnaise with a high percentage of fat, olive oil. To prepare the product, it is necessary to mix all the components together in equal proportions. Apply the mixture to the scalp and hair roots. Avoid getting to the ends, it can overdry. To strengthen the effectiveness of the mask, the head needs to be insulated. Wash off after forty minutes with shampoo.

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Based on yogurt

In curdled milk contains all the necessary components for hair. In our time, homemade quality yogurt is hard to find. But you can replace it with yogurt with high fat content, into which you can add infusion from the leaves of plantain, which will greatly increase the efficiency. A noticeable improvement can be achieved in three weeks. Apply the mask better several times a week.

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Kefir for dry tips

You need to take fatty yogurt in sufficient quantities based on your hair length. Kefir needs to be slightly warmed and warm evenly distributed throughout the length of the hair. It is best to wrap your head warm and leave the yogurt on your head for the whole night. In the morning, rinse with shampoo. A smell will not remain. The course of treatment of dry tips is 10 sessions. You can repeat only once a week.

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Onion based on onion

Onions contain sulfur and phosphorus. These substances are suitable for strengthening and moisturizing the structure of the hair. If you mix a teaspoonful of juice of onion or garlic, lemon and vegetable oil, you will get an excellent cosmetic remedy, a mask for reconstructing the structure of dry hair. It is applied for about 20-30 minutes, rubbed into the skin in a circular motion, then washed off. To enhance the effect of this mask, you can rinse your hair with a weak vinegar solution.

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Mask with sour cream and horseradish

It is necessary to clean and wash the horseradish root. Grate the horseradish on a grater and put in a ceramic vessel to avoid oxidation. Add one large spoonful of fatty sour cream and stir. Apply the mixture to the scalp. The head is insulated with polyethylene and a terry towel. To sustain on a head a mask of 40 minutes and to wash off with use of shampoo.


What are hair masks and what are their benefits, I can say from my own experience. When the problems with hair loss began, then neither expensive curative French cosmetics, nor vitamins, helped to save her hair with the simplest hair masks from olive oil, onion and garlic. Of course, this is not a matter of one day, but the result will be! I know that many people refuse such masks because of a specific smell, but believe my experience, it's worth it!


I strongly advise against making masks from onions. I, after reading positive reviews, once made myself a mask, the smell was disgusting. But!the most terrible thing is that it was almost impossible to get rid of this smell. I was tormented for about a month! !As soon as the hair began to get dirty, even a little, they started to smell terribly, and no funds helped to remove this smell( I even used coffee, knowing how it can fight the smell).Thank God that I did not keep the mask for long, and one acquaintance passed with her for several hours and then suffered from this smell for half a year! And the effect of some I did not notice. I much prefer hair to rinse with lemon juice, after washing them with water with the addition of a small amount of soda.


I would like to make a small clarification to the prescription mask for hair from kefir. I encountered the problem of dry hair after clarification, I overconsisted the composition in the salon, my hair was thin, and after that the form was lost - it became dry, brittle, and the most unpleasant thing was steelThen I started to look for a way to help my hair recover, my friend advised the kefir mask that her grandmother used to make( then used curdled milk), but to make the yogurt "come alive" and show all its useful properties, it must be heated to 30 degreesin, smear your head, rubbing your head, rubbing a plastic bag on your head, wrapping in a warm towel and keeping at least 2.5 hours, then only will the effect. Repeat once a week, the treatment will depend on the condition of the hair, it took me 3 months to restore.

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