How to sew a lush American skirt step by step

American skirts were very popular in the 60-70 years. This style is gradually interpreted in modern fashion in the form of lush skirts of different lengths. It should be noted that this style is universal. So, a short magnificent skirt will go to all owners of slender legs. If you can not boast of it, then your option is a skirt 3-5 cm below the knee. For those who want to seem externally taller and slimmer fit high heels and skirts length in the floor.

  • Materials
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To implement this tutorial you will need the following materials:

  • fabric for the upper tier skirt American( nylon, chiffon, satin, lycra, etc.);
  • fabric for creating splendor due to the lower frills( chiffon, small mesh);
  • all kinds of decorative and finishing material - what you enrich the appearance of the skirt. Suitable ribbons, bows, beads of various sizes and shapes.

Finishing of the finished product can be performed only according to your wishes.

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sewing Features Add the first tier with tulle and frill.

We add a second tier with tulle and frill.

We make the third tier with a shiny frill.

Add a tier with a blue frill.

We make the last tier with a light ruffle.
Making the workpiece belt.

Sew the belt.

Initially, determine the length of the future product. For this, you will be assisted by a mirror. You need to put the fabric of the future skirt to yourself and looking at your reflection determine the desired length of the American skirt.

In this example, the length of the product is 55 cm.

Immediately decide how many tiers will be. Take into account, each tier should be longer than the previous one for a couple of centimeters. For example, if the top rim with a length of 55 cm, it means that the second under him should be already 57, the subsequent 59 and so on.

Then go to the patterns. By and large, sewing should start from the lower tier. Gradually, overlap and tie one another over the tier of the future skirt. The last upper tier will be the fabric chosen by you, which will act as the face of the product.

The skirt can be made on an elastic band of medium thickness( 2-3cm).

lower tier "American" can be made of chiffon, alternating it with the conventional cloth backing.

The lining fabric goes first, it is she who will contact the skin. Chiffon can cause usual irritation, prick, in other words, create discomfort. Therefore, it goes as a second tier.

The number of tiers determines the splendor of the ready-made American skirt. Having decided how many tiers and what splendor you want to get in the end, do not forget to chiffon alternate with the lining. Note that under the weight of the main facial tissue, especially if it is a heavy fabric, such as velvet or corduroy, the splendor will lightly settle.

loading. ..

After achieving the desired result, there is only redecorated already assembled product. Do not forget to always try it on at all stages of sewing, before it's too late to make corrections.

This skirt is already elegant in itself, so it is not worth it to overload it. Decide for what purposes you need this skirt American. When you decide its purpose( festive or everyday), then you should approach the choice of the decor of the product.

Based on their own wishes and preferences can be added to the finished skirt a number of walking on the bottom of the frills of the lung tissue. You can decorate the skirt with bows and stripes.

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