Knitted masculine toy-typewriter with description

Knitted designer toys can easily become a great gift for anyone, because they will raise their mood to any one and will not leave anyone indifferent. A knitting machine can become either a favorite toy for a child or an excellent gift for a man, or a wonderful addition to the interior of a car or a real motorist.

  • Features and nuances of the process
  • Schematic of the product
  • We knit the machine "Lightning McQueen"

Features and nuances of the process

For knitting such crafts, it is best to choose natural cotton yarn.

And in order to get a sufficiently dense fabric through which the stuffing material will not come out, it is worth giving preference to a hook, but not to anyone, but to one that is smaller in size than the thread thickness.

As a filler, you can use any material that will give the toy the necessary shape, but needlewomen have recently increasingly opted for convenient materials such as sintepon or holofayber.

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As decorative elements you can use threads, ribbons, fabrics, felt, felt, beads and buttons.

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Schematic of the product

In accordance with the attached color schemes, it is necessary to associate 4 machine parts.

The middle piece is knitted with knitting needles or a single cloth from the hood to the bottom.
Two similar side parts will be more conveniently crocheted.
The bottom of the machine knits with knitting needles.

Spoiler is easier to tie with knitting needles.

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We knit the machine "Lightning McQueen"

For work you will need:

  • Spokes and hook;
  • yarn of several colors: red( 150 grams), white and blue( 30 grams), yellow and black( 10 grams);
  • sintepon or other filler;
  • eyes from an old unnecessary toy.

The finished toy will be large enough approximately 50 x 30 x 20 cm.

The contours of the mouth and windows should be sewn with black thread.

Then all parts of the body are stitched together and stuffed with filler.

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Use thin seams to pull the back and windshields to give the cabin a more voluminous shape.

The wheels of the machine are crocheted as a normal circle as follows:

  • dial 2 air loops. In the second loop, fasten 6 bars without a crochet, close the circle. Thus in the first row there will be 6 posts;
  • we make 2 lifting loops and further on 6 columns of the previous circle we sew 11 posts without a crochet( 2 posts from 1 loop).As a result, in the second row we get 12 columns;
  • in each following row, 6 loops should be added equally in the same way;
  • in the third row should be 18 columns, in the fourth - 24 bars, in the fifth respectively 30, and so on;
  • when you reach the required diameter of the wheel, tie 3-4 rows without adding loops. Then start to loosen the loops - now from one of two loops of each previous row, tie one bar out.

Each resulting but still unfinished wheel is filled with filler if possible.

It remains to sew a wheel and a spoiler to the car, and glue the eyes on the windshield and Lightning McQueen will come to life.

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