How to get rid of small white dots on the lips under the skin

The condition of the lips is directly related to the general condition of the body. Like hair and nails, lips can signal us about certain problems or deficiencies of vitamins and nutrients. Often in the period of gestation or with hormonal failures on the lips, dots appear. To get rid of them it is possible only at the complex approach, having restored external and internal health of an organism.

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Why the

points appear Such formations on the lips, like white, yellowish points in the medical field, are called Fordis granules or seborrheic cysts. Granules - small, not more than 2 millimeters in diameter, can be based both on the outer and mucous parts of the lips and oral cavity. Similar formations on the upper or lower lip can be attributed to non-dangerous manifestations and cosmetic defects, but a visit to a dermatologist clearly will not be superfluous. The doctor will tell you about the reasons for the appearance of these points and possible solutions. Most often recommend fast and effective coagulation with a laser.

The reason for the appearance of points on the mucosa may be the usual metabolic processes of the body, in which case the white dots are just fatty or lipoma, which, in fact, is simply a clogged fatty cage. Zhirovik, although not a dangerous manifestation, requires that he be rid of both benign and neoplasm.

Lipomas have an unpleasant property of increasing in size in those periods when the body starts to actively store fat - during a cold or a hard diet. Therefore, removing it immediately, as soon as it was discovered - is getting rid of yourself in the future from more complex and difficult treatment.

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How and how to remove

Most of the beauty salons offer the service of removing such points by the laser method. At the same time, almost no trace remains on the site of the operation, except for the rapidly healing tiny scratch.

Some methods of traditional medicine are also well proven. Get rid of education will help leaf Kalanchoe. It should be placed directly on the lipoma and fixed with adhesive tape for an hour. The result will be visible about 6-7 days. It is necessary to conduct the procedure every day, without interruptions.

For cleansing the skin of the face it is also useful to make scrubs, many recipes are presented in the article

The second solution is associated with fatty fat. It should be melt to the maximum acceptable temperature and rub intensively into the lipoma until the fat is absorbed completely. With this effect, the result becomes noticeable immediately, and for complete elimination of the adipose tissue, only 3-4 procedures will be required.

The third recipe is based on wheat grains. A few grains must be chewed and apply this gruel to the formation. For convenience, you can wrap it in gauze. Then you should cover the place with parchment or a film or simply glue it with a wide adhesive tape. After a couple of days of such procedures, the white dots will first start to ooze with liquid, and then disappear at all.

Also, the lips and corners of the lips, on which the white dots appeared, can be processed with crushed garlic with the addition of unrefined vegetable oil - this rather intense effect will not leave very much the wives and traces very quickly.

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