The stone jadeite and its properties

Jadeite is a rare stone, unique physical properties and beauty of which were valued by different peoples for several millennia.

  • Jadeite deposits
  • mineral properties
  • magical properties Jadeite and zodiac signs
  • Application of the gem
  • Interesting facts about the stone
  • How to distinguish the natural jadeite from a fake
  • Stone Care
  • Photos of jadeite stone and its products
  • Stone history

    Jadeite was first used in China 5000 years ago. However, then this beautiful green stone was intended exclusively for members of the imperial family. Only for the first person of the country, jadeite made dishes and sleeping accessories, and in addition, the mineral was used for facing the imperial pairs.

    In the American continent, deposits of jadeite were discovered in 2000 BC.Maya and the Aztecs used this mineral to make ritual figures and necklaces.

    Pliny the Elder, Theophrastus, Dioscorides and even Confucius described the medicinal properties of jadeite in their scientific works.

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    In the VI century, jadeite was actively used in Chinese medicine. Powder from this stone was prescribed for heartburn, asthma and even with diabetes.

    In the Middle Ages, jade is a little depreciated and became available not only for the emperor, but also for the rich Chinese. At that time there was a saying: "If you allowed yourself to leave the house without jadeite, then you have no right to call yourself a decent person."

    In the 19th century, jadeite gained popularity in Russia thanks to K. Faberge, who made jadeite of various jewels for the royal court.

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    Description of mineral

    Externally jadeite is very similar to jade - it is a solid solid opaque or translucent stone with a bold or glass shine. But the composition of jadeite is completely different, besides, unlike jade, the color gamut of jadeite is diverse. Although it is commonly believed that jadeite has an exceptionally green color, minerals of white, yellow, red and even blue are found in nature. However, the most highly appreciated are the transparent green specimens.

    It is believed that the name of the stone "jadeite" comes from the Spanish word combination "piedra de jad", which means "rock of the side", because up to the 19th century jadeite was treated with lumbar pains. The final name was given to the stone by the French scientist A. Demur, who in 1863 introduced the term "jadeite" in his works.

    In China, the stone is called "Hi-sui", although in the world such a name has not become widespread.

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    Jadeite varieties

    In nature, jadeite is quite common. Distinguish the following varieties of gem:

    • Chloromelanite is a kind of jadeite that has a saturated dark green or black color. It consists of a silicate of sodium, aluminum and iron.
    • The Imperial is a kind of jadeite of delicate emerald green color. The stone is translucent and has a fine-grained structure. One of the most expensive varieties of jadeite.
    • Utilities - a kind of jadeite of bright green color. The mineral is opaque. Sometimes there are white matte and shiny black specimens of this variety of jadeite.
    • Commercial is a kind of jadeite that has a matte green color and is distinguished by the presence of transparent veins and spots.
    • Albit jadeite is a kind of jadeite that has a rich bright green color. A distinctive feature of this variety of mineral is a unique black pattern of dots and veins.

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    Chemical composition and physical properties of the stone

    Jadeite is a sodium and aluminum silicate by its species.

    In nature, jadeite is formed under high pressure and low temperature conditions. Under the influence of these factors, a granular monomineral rock is formed.

    There are three theories of the formation of jadeite: metamorphic( formation in mesozone conditions), magmatic and hydrothermal-metasomatic. Chemical formula of the mineral: NaAlSi2O6.The basic chemical composition of jadeite includes:

    • SiO2( silicon dioxide) 54-60%
    • Al2O3( alumina) 16-27%
    • Na2O( sodium oxide) 9-16%
    • FeO( ferrous oxide) up to 6%
    • CaO( calcium oxide) 0.4-13%
    • MgO( magnesium oxide) 0.3-8%

    In addition to these compounds, the mineral combines more than 60 chemical elements in its chemical composition. However, its main impurities are: calcium( Ca), magnesium( Mg), manganese( Mn) and chromium( Cr).It is these chemical elements that determine the color range of the stone, which can include violet, gray, blue, pink, brown, white, black, yellow, and red.

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    This natural mineral has a cryptocrystalline structure and a fibrous fracture.

    In nature, jadeite aggregates have a glass or greasy luster. In addition, the mineral has a granular monomineralic rock. The hardness of the stone is 6-7 units on the Mohs scale, and the density is 3-3.5 g / cm3.

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    Jadeite deposits

    Jadeite is a rare gemstone.

    The main deposits of jadeite are in China, Japan, Mexico, Guatemala, the USA and Kazakhstan.

    In Russia, this mineral is mined in Khakassia, Western Sayan and the Polar Urals.

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    The healing properties of the mineral

    The unique mineral affects its healing properties.

    Jewelry with jadeite helps with:

    • headache;
    • toothache;
    • for insomnia;
    • asthma;
    • cardiovascular disease;
    • cough;
    • liver disease.

    An unbound mineral is a good catalyst. It also stabilizes blood pressure and cures infertility in women.

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    Magical properties of jadeite

    In ancient China jadeite predicted diseases and even death with the help of jadeite. So, if the stone lost its pristine shine, then soon they expected the disease of its owner, and the omen in the stone served as a sign of death.

    Contemporaries believe that this natural stone allows you to find peace of mind and peace.

    Also jadeite acts as a reliable shield against life's troubles and problems. The owner of jadeite always finds the right solution for even the most difficult tasks.

    Statuettes made of stone serve as a reliable mascot of the hearth. He prevents family quarrels and even helps to reassure young children. Families who have jadeite in their home notice that relations with their families have improved, and quarrels and misunderstandings have become significantly less.

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    Jadeite and zodiac signs

    Modern astrologers recommend jadeite to people born under the signs of Virgo and Libra. They will help create a strong family relationship, as well as give self-confidence.

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    But Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn stone brings some misfortunes. Jadeite will make them lazy, less responsive and less affectionate.

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    Application of gem

    Due to its unique properties, jadeite has found application in many areas:

    1. In construction and interior design. Jadeite has incredible strength and increased thermal stability, so even from the ancient times served as a decoration in the baths and saunas.
    2. In Stone therapy. In the modern world, the mineral is actively used both in cosmetology and in massage parlors for a unique face and body massage.
    3. In the jewelry business. Jeweler's craftsmen use this precious stone not only for making various rings, bracelets and earrings, but also as a material for making vases, boxes and candlesticks.
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    Interesting facts about the stone

    • In China, there is a belief that jadeite is the stone of the gods and the predecessor of all the precious stones of the world.
    • Indians used jadeite as a talisman from all diseases. To do this, they made jadeite belts and used them daily.
    • There is a legend that when Cortes made his way through the Aztec empire, he and his team took everything: emeralds, silver and even gold, but missed the most important thing, namely, jadeite. Then the leader of Montezuma said: "Thank God they do not know about jadeite," because this gem was valued much more than any gold and silver. The Aztecs worshiped the stone and believed in its divine origin.
    • In China, geologists discovered a specimen of a gem whose total weight was 160 tons. This jadeite had a bright green coloration with cream, blue and red inclusions. This is the largest unprocessed jadeite in the world.
    • Of the processed jadeites, the largest is a stone weighing 750 carats. Its cost is 2 million dollars.
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    How to distinguish between natural jadeite and forgery

    Jadeite is one of the most expensive and rare stones on the planet, therefore, when buying a stone to distinguish a natural mineral from a counterfeit, remember the following:

    1. Polished jadeite has a special microstructure,it looks like an orange peel.
    2. After processing, the stone acquires a noticeable glass shine.
    3. Especially distrustful buyers can be advised to use a refractometer. The refractive index of jadeite is 1.65-1.66 units.
    4. Natural stone rarely has a uniform color, often it has various inclusions.
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    Stone care

    1. Products from jadeite should be stored in a soft cloth and in a separate case.
    2. Avoid strong mechanical shocks.
    3. The stone should be protected from direct sunlight, excessive humidity and dust.
    4. Stone cleaning can be done twice a year, but do not use chemicals. It is best to produce it with the help of warm water and soap. After the procedure, it is necessary to wipe the stone dry.
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    Photos of jadeite stone and its products

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