Care of suede shoes

Suede shoes, in order to remain beautiful and have a presentable appearance for a long time, must undergo careful and careful regular maintenance. In fact, the nursing of special difficulties does not cause, it is enough to observe a few simple rules, and then suede shoes will serve you for a long time. But first let's see what types of suede are represented in today's market.

  • Suede types
  • Care instructions
  • Cleaning
  • Stain removal

Suede types

Suede is divided into two types:

  • Natural suede. It is made from the selected raw materials of the fatty tanning method, it is obtained from the skins of small cattle, as a rule, and the most valuable varieties are made from the elk skin. Advantages of this material include porosity, viscidity, increased softness, thanks to these qualities suede well passes air, but also water, but as it swells it becomes waterproof;
  • Artificial suede. To produce artificial suede, two methods are used: woven and non-woven.

Fabric method is more laborious, accordingly, more expensive. However, it gives an opportunity to get a high-quality material with good density.

With a non-woven method, a suede of lower quality is produced, but products from it have a low enough cost, which makes them quite popular.

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Of course, whenever possible, you should give preference to natural suede shoes, it not only has a more presentable look, but also allows your feet to "breathe", making the toe of each pair comfortable.

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Care instructions

The very first and most important rule you should remember is suede shoes intended solely for dry weather.

For this reason, you should not wear it in late autumn and early spring. Do not fit such shoes and for cases where you have too much to walk. Despite all its advantages, suede shoes are, rather, a front-door option.

To ensure that the suede retains its properties for a long time, shoes must be treated with special protective agents that have moisture-repellent properties before use. You can buy these funds in specialized stores. The protective agent is sprayed over the entire surface of the clean shoe until it becomes slightly moist. Then the shoes are dried for ten to twelve hours. Only after that shoes can be worn, because it will be protected from moisture and salt solutions, dirt and dust. Treatment with nanospray( this is the name of the remedy) should be repeated periodically.

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With care and cleaning of suede shoes, you do not need to make sharp and too pressing movements, especially for cleaning light suede shoes. Cleaning should be gentle and neat, then your pair will not lose its appearance.

In winter, it's easiest to clean suede shoes. For winter care, it is enough to scare the snow, wipe a couple with a soft cloth and leave to dry out in a place far from batteries and other heating appliances. If you need a deeper cleaning, you can use a special brush to care for suede shoes.

The rest of the time the cleaning will be a little more difficult, but, nevertheless, feasible for each of us. Summer care comes down to protecting suede from dust. Dry dusty suede shoes are easily cleaned with a flannel napkin or a special brush for suede. If the shoes are damp, before cleaning it must be dried without fail.

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Removing stains

If stains appear on the shoes, they can be removed at home with special stain removers for suede and nubuck. Also, stains can easily be removed using a special or regular school eraser. You can carry it with you, so that you can refresh the look of your shoes at any time.

For cleaning and care, it is also possible to use modern means, for example, a foam cleaner in an aerosol. It helps to deeply, but gently clean the fleecy material.

In this case, the brightness of the color and the structure of the fibers are preserved. To clean the suede, spray the foam from a short distance, helping it spread out with a silk or flannel napkin. After a few minutes, the foam is removed from the surface along with dust and dirt. After the procedure, suede shoes should be dried naturally.

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Keep an eye on suede shoes, use protective and cleaning agents on time, then it will last you a long time.

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