How to make and properly wind hair on curler hair curlers

Today, the papyolki is in the arsenal of almost every long-haired girl. These soft curlers can create a luxurious volumetric styling at home. Their main advantage lies in the convenience and ease of use, as well as in the possibility, in case of an acute need, to make them independently from improvised materials.

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      Advantages of

      Hair curlers that can be bought today in stores are soft, mostly foam curlers with a rigid wire base orflexible plastic. They have different sizes and diameters, they are convenient and easy to fix on the hair. Although the process of winding especially for beginners requires patience and time.


      • on the papillot can be slept, the head will not hurt, because they are soft;
      • hairpins, in comparison with thermobigi, ironing and curling, a more gentle way to curl;

      • curls, created with the help of papillotok, last long and keep in shape;
      • similar curlers can be made by yourself.

      The shortcomings of the papillotok can be considered a long time of use, which is necessary to create curls and the fact that the curls do not always turn out perfectly even and neat.

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      How to make a hair clip

      It is not difficult to make a hair clip at home, only it can take a long time.
      There are several types of self-made hairpins.

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      fabric A dense fabric flap needs to be cut into strips. The denser the fabric, the stronger, more comfortable the papillot. Strips will serve as the basis for winding strands, and their tips - strings.

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      Made of paper

      You can use ordinary paper, not the best quality, rough anddense.

      Pencil the sheet into equal strips, taking into account that the width and length of the strip will depend on the size and length of the finished curl.

      Sheet to cut into parts. Then these strips, twisted into flagella, will serve as the basis for curling curls.

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      From tissue and paper

      You can make paper and cloth wafers at the same time. The principle of their manufacture is similar, but these products will be much more convenient and more durable in use.

      Cut paper and cloth into strips. Each flagellum of paper wrapped in a tissue strip, the ends of which will serve as strings.

      In addition, the hair clip can be made from wire and foam rubber.
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      How to wind hair

      First of all it is necessary to determine the size and volume of curls. The size of the ready curl directly depends on the size of the hairpin - small curlers will create small curls.

      To achieve more volume, for curls it is necessary to take thin strands.

      Begin to twist the hairpins from the bottom of the hair.

      Algorithm for creating curls:

      1. Moisten a strand of hair with water or foam for styling. If desired, instead of industrial means of strong fixation, you can use ordinary beer.
      2. Screw the strand on the hairpin to the very roots, turning the hair inside.
      3. The ends are tightly tied or well bent at the roots, depending on the type of papillotok.

      Strands can be twisted not to the very end, but only up to half.

      To make the curls smooth and beautiful, you need to separate the same strands. At the same time, it is better to fix the bulk of hair with hairpins, so that it does not interfere.

      The longer you want to keep curls, the longer you will have to walk with twisted strands. Estimated holding time is 8-12 hours.

      To prevent the strands from breaking apart, it is better to put on a hat or net after winding on the hair.

      Thin short and medium hair can get too strong and the hair will look like a wool lamb.

      After untwisting curls should not be combed, otherwise the hair will be too fluffy and bulky. It is better to divide the curls with your hands or comb with very rare teeth, so as not to destroy the shape.

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