29 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

Each year, together with their spouses, brings new feelings and events to their relationship, and at the same time strengthens their love affair. And every anniversary of a joint life, lived by a husband and wife in peace and harmony, is worthy to celebrate. But for this it is important to know its name and traditions. What kind of wedding is celebrated in 29 years of marriage, what kind of congratulations is better to prepare for the spouses and what should they give?

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What is the name of the wedding

Traditionally the 29th anniversary of the marriage is called the Velvet wedding.

This name is very symbolic, because for a couple who lived together for 29 years, the real velvet season is coming - the children grew up, the most difficult times were left behind, the passions by that time subsided, and they were replaced by warm and tender feelings.

In addition, velvet itself is a rather unusual fabric. His properties are the best symbolize the relationship of spouses who lived together for 29 years:

  1. Velvet - the fabric is soft and delicate. So the relationship between the spouses is characterized by tenderness and gentleness, without which it is simply impossible to save the marriage.
  2. In ancient times, velvet was quite valuable material, only very rich, chosen people could afford clothes from. Undoubtedly, the spouses who have lived together for nearly 30 years are also elected people.
  3. Despite its softness, velvet is a dense fabric. So the couple were able to keep tender feelings for each other and make their marriage lasting.
  4. Velvet is associated with a certain status, wealth, respect, honesty and respect. All these qualities are inherent in the 29-year-old marriage.
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How to celebrate

Velvet wedding is a real gift for the spouses who managed to turn the print of the first years of marriage into a luxurious velvet fabric. So it is traditionally customary to celebrate it widely and on a grand scale.

It's best to celebrate it in a restaurant with a classic interior. Even if the Velvet wedding is celebrated at home, the celebration should be organized with dignity.

For the 29th anniversary of the wedding, all those who have become close to their spouses during their years of life are invited.

What are the traditions of the Velvet wedding, which symbolizes 29 years of marriage?

There are not many of them and they are connected mainly with the dresses of the "newlyweds" and decorating the premises for the celebration:

  1. To the festive day, the wife should sew a small heart from velvet fabric and embroider the names of the spouses on it. From now on this thing should become another talisman of the family.
  2. On the wedding day, the couple wear outfits with velvet elements. A wife can wear a smart dress made of velvet or at least decorate her outfit with a velvet rose or ribbon. A butterfly or a tie from this noble fabric will suit a husband.
  3. Velvet should be present in the decor of the house, and in the design of the table, creating an atmosphere of luxury and coziness. It can be vases, decorated with velvet, tablecloth, napkins and chair covers.
  4. The night preceding the Velvet wedding, the couple must spend on a bed lavishly covered with the petals of the most delicate velvet rose.
  5. During the celebration of the Velvet wedding, the couple must remember and repeat their very "first dance of the young".
  6. Congratulating each other with a velvet wedding, the couple must kiss at least 29 times.

If you want to celebrate Velvet wedding in a special way - you can arrange a real royal reception. To do this, it is necessary to sew up velvet "royal" robes in advance, and guests - to prepare royal congratulations and gifts! If there is a desire and opportunity - you can make a throne for the "royal couple" and other attributes.

Pay attention to 30 years of living together http://woman-l.ru/30-let-sovmestnoj-zhizni-kakaya-eto-svadba-pozdravleniya-i-chto-podarit/ what a wedding, congratulations and what to give

Gift for the wife

Thinking about what is best to give to his wife for a velvet wedding, you need to remember the symbol of the celebration. Women like velvet and products made of it, so you can choose to:

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  • handbag from velvet or velor;
  • shoes, decorated with velor;
  • velvet dress;
  • jacket made of velvet;
  • velvet dressing gown;
  • cape from velvet;
  • slippers made of velor;
  • velvet or velor accessories;
  • soft toys made of velvet;
  • souvenirs in the form of hearts.

From friends as a gift for 29 years of wedding are quite suitable:

  • crocheted velor or velvet cushions;
  • velvet-wrapped caskets;
  • velvet tablecloth;
  • velvet curtains;
  • velvet-covered vases for flowers;
  • figured figurines;
  • paintings in velvety frames;
  • decorated with flock or velvet photo album;
  • covers for chairs.

If you buy a joint gift from the guests - it could be furniture, upholstered in velvet:

  • bed,
  • chairs,
  • sofa,
  • ottomans,
  • sofa,
  • couch,
  • chairs.

And the best gift to his wife on the day of the Velvet wedding from her husband will be a jewelry piece, presented in a box of velvet or a voucher for the sea in a special, velvet season.

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What to give to my husband

As a gift to my husband for a velvet wedding, you can give:

  • a luxurious velvet shirt;
  • velvet or velor vest;
  • velor bathrobe;
  • decorative pillows;
  • velor blanket;
  • plaids;
  • photo album, decorated with velvet;
  • photo frames, decorated with velvet elements.

If a man does not like velvet fabric and products made of it, he can present any gift packed in velvet paper. It can be:

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  • card holder,
  • expensive pen,
  • purse,
  • necktie,
  • cufflinks,
  • name flash drive,
  • headphones,
  • purse,
  • cigarette case,
  • glasses,
  • spinning.

The original version of the gift for the Velvet wedding will be the gin "Black Velvet".Another option - gifts with the number "29".This is both original and symbolic. Such engraving can be on glasses, mugs, and memorable cups.

You can present spouses with a velvet tree spike as a gift.

His joint landing will be an interesting moment of the celebration of the anniversary.

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And wonderfully complement the congratulations for 29 years of wedding beautiful poems on the anniversary of the Velvet wedding. For example, these:

At the wedding of your velvet season,
The passion has subsided, but feelings have survived.
Now you can not be said to be "in love",
. However, you can definitely - feelings were tempered.
Let love and respect always be
In the way of life you are escorted,
Let lucky and lucky fate be,
And feelings of tenderness always overwhelm.
For your marriage came a special season -
It is not by chance that velvet is called. Let life be a bright road,
And feelings of tenderness are full without a border. Let the velvet life become,
Luxurious, noble, soft, gentle.
So that in a boat of life together quietly floated,
In the seas of love and sweetness is boundless.
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