Review of brands of bed linen. What is fashionable now?

  • Bedding Vasilisa
  • Linens Mona Lisa
  • Bedding Cotton Paradise
  • Bedding Touch
  • Linens Elf
  • Linen Art Design
  • Bedding Jaroslav
  • Bedding Casanova
  • Bedding Ellina
  • Bedding Domilfo
  • Bed linen Togas
  • The sizes of bed linen in the table: euro, family, 2-bedroom, 1,5-bedroom, children's
  • What kind of bedding is better to give?

Each of us likes to receive and present gifts. There are a lot of offers now to make the present especially pleasant and necessary. Shops, focused on the sale of gifts, a lot, but you always want to choose such a surprise that it would bring benefits and was original.

Today elite bedding is comfortable, durable, pleasant to touch and bewitchingly beautiful. The choice for the material is very extensive, there are even variants of bamboo. Such a gift will suit the most demanding and demanding person.

A beautiful kit will always be in place and come in handy in the family. Once the choice was limited, on sale mostly met monochrome and white sets, which were difficult to call gifts. Now everything has changed.

Learn how to choose the right bedding:

A fashionable underwear set made in a modern style, today can offer different brands. But what kind of bedding is the best, and what is actual now? Let's figure it out.

Vasilisa bedding

Ivanovo products are known both in Russia and abroad. These bed sets are pleasant with their soft structure. All products, regardless of the fabric, are produced exclusively from quality materials.

The trademark "Vasilisa" is pleased with the remarkable quality and strength of the products. They withstand a large number of washings, do not fade and do not stretch. The bed is made of different fabrics: coarse calico, linen, satin, poplin.
  • Linen - very strong, resistant to tensile loads. Has a smooth, pleasant surface, it is well erased and long serves.
  • Linen from modern poplin is made mainly from long-fiber cotton with the addition of artificial fibers, less often in production use silk on woolen basis. Bed linen from it soft to the touch, with a slight matte shade. By strength it is not inferior to linen from calico or flax.
  • Calico used most often. She is strong, and her skin is breathing. It is good to sleep in summer and winter. Coarse calico has a dense weaving of yarns, which gives it exceptional strength and durability.

Bed linen Mona Lisa

Collection "Mona Lisa" is in the lead in the modern sales market. Knowing about the thorough testing of product quality, buyers with great pleasure buy the collection MONA LIZA.

Fabric designers have made every effort to emphasize the European style of products, its quality and individuality. This collection is characterized by comfort, original style and harmony of modern motifs. A new collection of bed linen "Mona Lisa" will inspire you to change the design of the bedroom.

The collection is made of silky soft satin fabric( 100% cotton), which makes it possible to repeatedly wash and dry without losing color and resizing. The combination of a stylized geometric pattern and plant motifs makes satin bedding refined.

Bedding Cotton paradise

History of the brand "Cotton Paradise" began in 1992.In 2002, the brand name was registered. Having many different awards and diplomas, the company does not stand still, but constantly improves and increases its range. For this, the company has everything: both the studio and the experience in this field.

The factory produces products that comply with GOST, using a safe German dye, which allows to keep the colors bright even after repeated washing.

A bed from the manufacturer "Cotton Paradise" is currently in great demand, especially buyers prefer "family" kits. They are made from coarse calico, poplin or satin and consist of:

  • 2 pillow cases,
  • 2 duvet covers,
  • one large sheets.

Fabrics used in these kits are durable, do not stretch, do not shed after washing. Each hostess will be happy to have such a practical kit at home.

Bedding Touch

Bedding from the manufacturer from Turkey "Touch" is a sample of European quality. More than 50 years it is in demand in the Russian market of bed linen. Always packed in a practical and elegant packaging, it makes it possible to present the kit as an expensive gift. The design of the drawings is to the liking of the Russian buyer.

"Touch" produces both full-size and children's underwear with bright prints of Disney, Barbie and other favorite children of heroes. The collection for adults pleases with a variety of colors and drawings made in high quality.

In its production, the company uses the best materials:

  1. Jacquard is a fabric that is woven with a large pattern. Its composition can include both natural and man-made fibers, often it resembles a tapestry. Jacquard bedding weakly reacts to a sharp change in temperature and almost does not stretch when washing. The material is expensive, because it is labor intensive in production. It is not recommended to wash at high temperatures, bleach and squeeze.
  2. Perkal is a fabric of increased strength from untwisted threads. Do not miss feathers and feathers. Made from black cotton, very soft and pleasant to the touch.
    Perkal is a great choice for customers who want inexpensive high quality linens.
  3. Ranphos is a modern fabric, a new achievement for the textile industry. It uses a thinner cotton thread, but with a diagonal weave, which gives the material a smooth and durable finish. Thanks to its natural composition, the fabric absorbs moisture well. She does not rush very much, which makes the dream calm. Modern manufacturers are increasingly using this material in their production.
  4. Satin Delux.

Bedding Elf

In Russia, bedding "Elf" is known for more than 20 years. All this time, consumers are offered products of only high quality. In recent years, "Elf" - one of the leading suppliers of bed linen, with a capacity of about one and a half million products per year.

  • The new fabric and new collection of microsatellite linen pleases customers with a silky surface and weightlessness.

Collection Sateen Stereo Panno, made of new fabric, is elegant and impressive with a variety of colors and modern design. The collection is wrapped in a decent package with a unique 3D pattern. All products of the company can be purchased separately, picking up your kit and choosing an individual coloring.

  • Warm bed linen, made from terry imported fabrics, is 100% cotton.

The kit includes a pillowcase, sheet and duvet cover. This is a very convenient kit to use: a pillowcase and duvet cover on the locks, and a sheet with an elastic band that prevents it from sliding out of the bed and leaves it always flat. The fabric is soft and warm. The body just rests under it. The packaging is very decent: a suitcase with a PVC lock. Coloring kits are very different, for every taste.

Any collection of bed linen "Elf" will bring you into the house a good mood and a sweet dream.

Bedding Artdesign

Consumers highly appreciate the quality of linen produced by Art Design, as every year the products under this brand take first place in the international contest "The Best Fabric of the Year".

The company's products are famous for their originality.

  1. Bed-clothes "Winter-Summer", with a warmed sintepon duvet cover, warms you on a winter night.
  2. The bed linen of the collection "DE LUXE" from poplin, featuring velvety surface and an excellent author's design, attracts attention.
  3. Children's kits are also of interest. The design of the drawings will give the kids a good mood and entice them into the world of adventure and fairy tales. The children's theme is so interesting that it will appeal to any child. Each kid will find his favorite hero from a fairy tale. Sets are made of calico or poplin.

What bedding is best - it's up to you. Any of them will bring a good sleep, and a cheerful mood.

Bedding Yaroslav

The trade mark "Yaroslav" is a concern consisting of several enterprises which under this brand produces various products in the form of home textiles since 1995, occupying the leading positions in this segment of the market.

Towels, blankets, blankets and bed linen are the incomplete list of the company's products. To date, Yaroslav offers more than 700 products. The assortment is constantly expanding, and the quality of products is constantly growing.

Bedding "Yaroslav" produces in popular sizes:

  1. half-assorted sets,
  2. double sets,
  3. family with two blankets,
  4. are increasingly in demand and sets of euro-sizes.

Bedding is made from cheap cotton fabrics, as well as from expensive ones: satin jacquard, satin mako.

  • Satin Mako includes very thin cotton threads with a unique combination of transverse and longitudinal fibers. Applying high technologies in cleaning cotton and weaving threads, you can achieve an excellent result and get airy cloth in quality and appearance not inferior to the lightest satin.
  • Bedding made of such material is smooth, gentle, easily passes air and absorbs moisture. And most importantly, it does not electrify, does not collect and does not create dust and is hypoallergenic.
  • For manufacturing, high-quality cotton is used from Egypt and Pakistan - these are the best areas for cotton production.

Buying products of the trade mark "Yaroslav", you give yourself and your loved ones fabulous nights and good health. This can be a monophonic bedding, and with a bright pattern, but everything - always high quality.

Bed linen Casanova

Russian textile company "Casanova" for more than ten years offers on the Russian market bed linen of elite quality. She is the leader in making bed linen from bamboo and satin.

Beautiful Italian design, perfect sewing of bed sets, high-quality and elegant packaging make each set from "Casanova" an exquisite gift for any person.
  • The softest bamboo bedding is made of high quality materials with the addition of natural cotton thread.

The bamboo thread is very thin, so the material is obtained with the shine of the silk, although it does not slip like it. Products from it has a bactericidal property, which is retained after a large number of washings.

It is especially good to buy this underwear for people who are prone to allergies, as the material does not cause skin irritation. The tissue keeps the heat well, maintaining a comfortable temperature for sleeping. And most importantly - does not absorb odors. Only one drawback with such products: it is somewhat more expensive than cotton options.

  • Satin bedding from the manufacturer "Casanova" has a high quality and strength of the fabric and can withstand a huge number of washings, preserving its original appearance. And the use of a twisted cotton thread in the front makes it smooth and gives it a matte finish.

Gift sets beautifully fit into elegant, festive, stylish packaging. They will be just a chic gift for any occasion.

Bedding Ellina

We purchase bed linen in order to get a full and healthy sleep, to replenish energy. Modern textile technology offers many options.

"Ellina" is one of the best suppliers of this product, which has been on the textile market for more than 15 years. During this time, it surprises and pleases its customers with new and diverse collections of bed linen. You can even purchase versions with original 3D prints.

The complete sets of company "Ellina" are made only from natural fabrics which do not irritate a skin, do not cause an allergy. The paint used for the laundry does not remain on the skin, and the material does not shed during washing.

Longevity is another excellent quality product of "Ellina".After many washings, the fabric remains the same, without stretching and not shedding. Bed linen is made of various natural materials:

  • satin,
  • bamboo,
  • jacquard,
  • poplin,
  • ranphos,
  • coarse calico,
  • tapestry satin,
  • tansel.

Unknown to many, the tansel is created from wood material. It feels like satin and much softer than cotton. After washing in the machine, the bed sets from the Tansel dry quickly. The material does not crease and for a long time retains its original appearance.

Buying linen "Ellina" as a gift, you bring joy to close people. It will help to sleep with people with sensitive skin. Pleasure yourself and your family with products from "Ellina"!

Bedding Domilfo

"Domilfo" offers its customers a wide range of bed linens from different fabrics of high quality.

The most important thing is to make the right choice so that the dream is healthy and strong. A healthy sleep is a pledge of health and good mood.

  • In order for the body to rest comfortably, it is necessary to pay attention to the fabric of the linen kits. To do this, touch the fabric and imagine how you will be placed on it. How do you like it - nice or not? The fabric should be soft and, at least, pleasant to the touch.
  • Any hostess will like it if the fabric is well washed and does not collect dust. Strength is also far from the last indicator and, perhaps, one of the main. If the fabric dries quickly after washing, then this will not be superfluous.
The design of linen, made in a modern style with bright and high-quality paints, is an ornament and addition to the appearance of the bedroom.

Bedding "Domilfo" meets all the requirements of the most experienced customer. You will be offered options not only for adults, but also for children.

"Domilfo" - a bed sets of various fabrics: panel satin, silk, elite satin, royal satin, tansel, jacquard. Unfortunately, here you will not find linen products, but Tansel is no worse.

Bedding Togas

  • One of the leaders of the textile market - "Togas" - has been proudly bearing the name of the founder of the company for more than 80 years. Ilias Togas built and launched the factory in 1926, beginning to sew uniforms for soldiers of the Greek army.
  • The high quality of production of uniforms made him a name, and in the 70s the factory started producing bed linen with exquisite embroideries. The case of Togos senior was continued by his son.
  • In 1991, Togas entered the international market and became the leading supplier of home textiles. And two years later the office of "Togas" was opened in Russia, in Moscow.

Today's Togas is the empire of textiles. Its assortment makes more than three thousand names, and it constantly grows. Comfort and quality distinguishes the company's products.

"Togos" since the beginning of its work is a trendsetter for bedding.

Sleeping clothes are available for all tastes and with different designs. Panel satin, silk, elite satin, royal satin, tansel, jacquard - all this you will find in the assortment of bed textiles.

Company "Togas" invites you to the world of beauty and delicacies of bed linen. A personal approach is what you feel when you buy a product from this company.

The sizes of bed linen in the table: euro, family, 2-bedroom, 1,5-bedroom, children's

Dimensions are in cm Dimensions of a bedroom set of Dimensions of a double bed linen Dimensions of a bed set Euro Dimensions of a family bedding set Dimensions of child bedding for newborns
Duvet cover 145x215 175x215 200x220 2pcs.145x215 110x140 or 100x150
Sheet 145x215 195x215 240x220 240x220 110x150, 120x180 or 120x60( on the rubber band)
Pillowcases: 2 pcs.70x70 2pcs.70x70 2pcs.70x70 or 2 pieces.70x50 2pcs.70x70 45x45 or 35x45

Choosing bed linen as a present for loved ones and friends is a pleasant concern for them, but quite a difficult job for you. There are many options for buying such a gift, and everyone deserves attention.

So much variety in color, design and material that you just get lost. But the most difficult thing is to choose the right size for bed linen.

Kits from the manufacturer from another state by the standard do not match the size of ours. Sometimes the parameters of bedding and between manufacturers of one state differ. This is the main difficulty in selecting such a gift.

Both in Europe and in America there are standards for the size of bed linen. In Russia, these dimensions are called "euro".The dimensions of the bed sets of these countries do not coincide either with each other, nor with the Russian dimensions. And this means that the American pillowcase does not fit the European pillow, and the German duvet cover - to the Russian blanket.

In the correct version, the duvet cover can exceed the length of the blanket by 5 cm, and the sheet can be wider than the mattress by 80 - 100 cm. Specialists say that the choice should be based on the size of the duvet cover.

When choosing a gift, you need to take a centimeter with you and pay attention to the packaging, which indicates the size of the laundry.

And another tip: pay attention to the pillowcase , its shape:

  • it is square or rectangular,
  • French pillowcases are often in the dimensions of 65 x 65 cm,
  • German - 80 x 80 cm,
  • Spanish pillows make a size of 70 x 50

Based on the sizes, usually distinguishes five types of bedding sets:

  1. half-torn,
  2. double,
  3. double "Euro",
  4. family,
  5. for children.

Their dimensions are indicated on the packaging, which greatly simplifies the choice.

What kind of bedding is better to give?

What kind of bedding is better for a loved one? You just need to find out what the person who you are going to give presents prefers. His favorite color and material are kits.

How to choose a bed set if you ask no opportunity?

  • The preferred color is usually visible on the clothes that a person wears.
  • With the drawing, you can also quite easily understand, knowing the fascination of this person.
  • We choose the fabric on the basis of an event for the sake of which we buy a gift:
  1. Bed linen, even the usual, is now wrapped in a beautiful package in the form of a book or suitcase, which is convenient to give. Not everyone will immediately understand what kind of gift, so beautifully everything is decorated.
  2. Silk bedding like its beauty and color saturation, but not suitable for daily use. This is a beautiful gift for a special occasion.
  3. But there is also a golden mean - satin bed sets( silk and cotton).It is made from artificial silk outside, and the inside is made of cotton. It turns out simultaneously and beautifully, and firmly, and pleasantly to the touch.

We talked about the popular brands of bedding textiles. And what is better for you, choose yourself.

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