Oatmeal diet

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Oatmeal diet will help you not only to lose from 3 to 5 kilograms per week, but also to cleanse the body, normalize the intestinal microflora. This result is achieved due to the remarkable properties of oats - a useful and tasty cereal, which for a long time is included in the diet of mankind.

Description of the oatmeal diet

The very oat diet for weight loss is very simple. Three times a day you need to eat oatmeal porridge, and you can use it in any amount.

In breaks between meals you can eat unsweetened fruits( green apples, oranges, kiwi, etc.) and non-starchy vegetables, also in any quantity, but not overeating, not allowing a sensation of overfilling of the stomach. At the same time between eating and eating fruit should take at least two hours.

You can also drink as much as you like, but not earlier than half an hour after a meal. Preference of drinks to give simple water, but also teas, green and herbal, mineral water, unsweetened juices and fruit drinks are allowed, occasionally you can pamper yourself with black tea and coffee.

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The duration of the diet and its "rigidity" directly depends on how you will cook oatmeal. If you cook it on water and without any additives, then the duration of such a diet should not be more than a week. But it is preferable to have a softer version of the diet, when the porridge is brewed, according to your taste and desire, then on the water, then on low-fat milk, it can be slightly poured and add dried fruits( raisins, dried apricots), sweeten with sugar, honey, jam,-your butter butter.

In addition, between meals, in addition to the above vegetables, fruits and drinks, you can drink half a cup of low-fat kefir. This variant of the diet can be observed up to a month.

Rice cleansing before the start of the

diet Before starting the oat diet, rice cleaning is recommended in any of its variants.4 tablespoons of rice soak overnight in cold water, and in the morning cook for an hour. You should get a jelly, which must be drunk and after that, do not eat or drink for 5 hours. After that, you can eat in its usual way, but try to limit fatty, fried, flour dishes and sweets. The last meal should be 5 hours before bedtime, after which you can only drink plain water. The recommended duration of such cleaning is 1-3 days.

There are no special contraindications for oatmeal porridge, but before using it, it is advisable to consult with a doctor, especially if you suffer from any chronic diseases. By the way, oatmeal diet can be useful for some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, but specific recommendations in this case should only be given by a doctor.

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