What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from the United Arab Emirates

Going to the Arab Emirates for souvenirs, it is important not to forget about such an integral part of shopping "in the eastern", like bargaining. An exception can only become the purchase of goods in supermarkets, where prices are strictly fixed. So, what can you bring from the UAE and Dubai as a gift?

  • Incense
  • Camel milk and cheese
  • Spirits
  • Caviar
  • hookah pipes, tobacco
  • carpets and cushions
  • compositions of sand
  • Cosmetics
  • Kaya
  • Oils
  • Henna
  • Coffee
  • Coffee Facilities
  • keffiyeh
  • Furs
  • Sweets
  • Nougat
  • Baklava
  • Rakhat-lokum
  • Dates
  • Sherbet
  • Spices
  • Camel statuettes
  • Shoes
  • Fruits
  • Hanjar
  • Electronics and gadgets
  • Jewelry and bijouterie
  • HDo not take out


An excellent present, capable of "enveloping" the enchanting atmosphere of the east will be bahur - incense in the form of balls or small figures emanating an unusually spicy flavor when heated.

It arises due to special treatment of agar wood, which gives off a rather unusual enzyme for the destruction of fungus on the trunk. Such "aromatherapy" will help not only to relax, but also activates the brain activity.

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Camel's milk and cheese

Camel's milk is one of the main ingredients for cooking cottage cheese, cheese and various desserts in the UAE.It is much richer in its vitamin and mineral composition than cow's, it has less casein, more sugar lactose, an ideal amino acid content.

Cheese from such milk has a gentle consistency and a mild salty taste. No less famous for ice cream from camel milk with caramel, date and saffron flavor. And chocolate from it not only has an amazing taste, but also does not cause any harm to the figure.

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Particularly popular are perfumes based on oils that do not contain alcohol and are very resistant. These spirits should be applied directly to the skin, avoiding getting on clothes, otherwise there may appear oil stains.

The palette of aromas admires the variety: it is possible to get a copy of a popular brand, a classical Arabian aroma or to create an original composition in view of all wishes under the order. All spirits are poured into beautiful containers, and they can be purchased in perfumery markets or in specialized shops.

When choosing a fragrance, it is recommended to apply a droplet on the wrist to understand how it fits: often true oriental aromas, opening on the skin, seem very "heavy" and sharp. Popular and high-quality products of firms "Al Ghurair City", "Carrefour", and "Swiss Arabian" are considered.

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In the Arab Emirates, it is certainly worth buying several jars of high-quality black caviar. It is there, in one of the districts of Abu Dhabi, the world's largest farm for breeding Siberian sturgeon and producing caviar.

It should be noted that such products should be bought either in supermarkets or in specialized stores where the necessary storage conditions are observed, and the information on the package contains the shelf life, composition and energy value of the product. Do not "test fate" and save by purchasing caviar of unknown quality in the market.

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Hookahs, pipes, tobacco

An excellent hook from the UAE will be a hookah. The cost of it depends on the size and finishes: the more and the "richer" hookah, so it is more expensive. When choosing a product, it is more expedient to give preference to a glass container and it is necessary to check the tightness of all connections, and then pick up the tube, coals and flavored tobacco of different varieties. The choice of hookahs is great: they can be found both in the markets and in various shops.

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Carpets and pillows

In order to fill the familiar interior with a fabulous oriental atmosphere, it's worth to bring from the UAE a real Arabic carpet and pillows. The quality of these products is recognized throughout the world: the most highly valued handmade carpets of silk, no less colorful and factory products, among the variety of patterns, ornaments, colors and sizes, it is simply impossible not to choose something for yourself.

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The variety of pillows is no less impressive: square, triangular, rectangular, round, in the form of rollers, various colors, textures and degree of softness.

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Sand compositions

Wondering what to bring from souvenirs from the UAE, it is worth paying attention to various compositions from sand. The most popular and original is the "Bottle of Seven Sands", consisting of the sands of all emirates and a set of frames with pictures of sand layers. Such a thing will literally "touch" to the enchanting nature of the east.

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A real gift for women of any age will be real Arabian cosmetics and perfumes. Qualitative means for skin care and hair care, as well as decorative cosmetics can be found in the cosmetic department of any shopping center. However, there are three products that are simply necessary to be purchased in the United Arab Emirates.

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This eyeliner is made from antimony - black stone. It has long been believed that antimony promotes accelerated growth of eyelashes, making them thicker. In addition, this stone contains many micronutrients useful for the eyes and clearing them of any harmful effects accumulated during the day, so kayal is useful not only in the daytime - for beauty, but also at night - for health.

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Arabic oils are famous for their high quality and are widely used for various facial and body care procedures. Amla oil gives hair a chic shine and strength, argan strengthens nails and makes the skin of the face smooth and smooth, grape seed oil permanently keeps the skin young and supple.

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Henna can be used for coloring hair, after which they acquire a beautiful shade,become brilliant, lush and dense. The main shades of colored henna are golden, brown, black, Burgundy and machaon. Colorless henna can be added to scrubs for the body, so that the skin was smooth and silky.

Another way to use henna is mehendi( or mendi).This is a pattern on the skin of henna fine grind, which is applied from a special sachet in the form of a cone. All accessories for Mendi are sold in souvenir shops. Such an ornament is very popular among oriental women.

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The UAE offers many varieties of coffee and various mixes of this invigorating drink. The most popular among the local population is coffee with cardamom.

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Coffee accessories

In addition to the coffee itself, you can purchase as a souvenir an original Turk or dalpu - an Arab coffee pot with oriental ornaments. The price varies depending on the size, material and complexity of the patterns. The best are considered products from copper - coffee in them gets an incredible taste.

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This originally male headdress was designed for sun, sand or dust protection. It is made from natural cotton. The pattern of traditional kufia is a beveled cage of black, red or green on a white background.

Today there is a large selection of colors for this product, including monochrome ones, in which the pattern is formed by the interlacing of threads, and this garment is worn not only by the strong sex, but also by the girl, tying it to the head and neck. On our expanses such a scarf is called "arafatka".

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Fur products

It is very beneficial to bring furs from the UAE.A huge range of fur coats can satisfy any requests: here you can find both inexpensive Chinese products and luxury creations of famous fur brands. Consultants in specialized stores will help you choose the model, length and fur itself, which will advantageously emphasize your dignity.

As for the markets - the price for products there may be lower, but the quality of the product leaves much to be desired. Do not take risks, so as not to become the master of forgery under the guise of a brand name.

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You can taste the atmosphere of the East with the help of delicious sweets. You can buy them in specialized stores( Candylicious, Iranian Sweets) and in the markets, both in packages and by weight.

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This traditional treat is made from sugar, honey and fried almond, walnut or hazelnuts and can have both soft and firm consistency. Depending on the recipe for flavor tones, cinnamon, chocolate, candied fruit, dried peel, vanilla, dried fruits are added to the mixture.

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No less popular dessert is baklava, which is prepared from puff pastry with nuts in sweet syrup. You can buy it by the piece, by weight, or in a gift box.

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This eastern sweetness, consisting of sugar, starch and molasses - is a real source of energy. Depending on the recipe, it can be added berries, chocolate, nuts, vanilla, coconut, various juices.

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The dates

The dates in the UAE are incomparable pleasure from the taste of a ripe fruit that can be "hidden" in chocolate with the addition of honey, nuts or pistachios. You can bring a jar of date jam or dates in syrup. But it is important to remember that outside the state can not export more than 7 kilograms of dates.

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This sweetness is somewhat reminiscent of halva, but its taste qualities exceed it by dozens of times. This is a gentle fondant based on cream or milk with fruit, in which crushed nuts are added.

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A real gift will be real oriental spices. It is at local bazaars that you can experience an incomparable aroma, which is literally saturated with air. Spices can be bought already packaged, or by weight.

The most popular spices are cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, Somali frankincense, coriander, turmeric, barberry, saffron, kmin, orchid root, black lemon, a variety of dried herbs.

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Figurines of camels

Since ancient times in the desert in the desert, people survived only due to camels, so this animal was esteemed and treated with great respect. Evidence of this is the ubiquitous image of camels, and figurative figurines in the form of this animal are considered almost obligatory to acquisition. They are made of leather, glass, plush, stone, wood, plastic, metal, ceramics.

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United Arab Emirates are famous for quality footwear. You can buy a traditional pair of shoes on the market in Abu Dhabi or choose models from the latest collections of the world's most famous brands in a shopping mall in Dubai.

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When choosing a hotel, you need to look into the fruit market for exotic fruits: mangosteen, guava, mango. As a useful sweets containing vitamins, you can buy dried fruits, nuts, natural juices.

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Hanjar is a blade made according to an old model having a centuries-old history. Such a gift is not cheap - the high-grade steel of the blade itself and a richly decorated with a scattering of precious stones a gold or silver hilt look admirable.

Such daggers are sold in special souvenir shops, but in order to avoid problems at the customs, it is worth keeping a check from the store and packing the khanjar in luggage, not in hand luggage.

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Electronics and gadgets

One of the advantages of buying electronics and various gadgets in the Arab Emirates is their low price. In addition, new items appear here much earlier than in the CIS countries. When buying goods, an international guarantee is issued, which provides solutions to repair problems in the event of a breakdown.

Nevertheless, it is not worth pursuing low prices - sometimes under the guise of original branded goods, you can become the owner of a Chinese counterfeit. Secure yourself from such unpleasant "surprises" can be, buying electronics is only in specialized stores and carefully checking the documents attached to the product.

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Jewelry and bijouterie

The UAE is very famous for its gold jewelry. And the oldest gold market in Abu Dhabi, it's just impossible to leave empty-handed. In the market there are about 300 shops and shops, which showcases all sorts of gold jewelry in the best traditions of the East: flashy, bright and massive, with lots of large stones. All products are made of 875 gold.

Jewelry in which there are such precious stones as a diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby ​​and pearls are the highest price. A little cheaper - products with cubic zirconia, agate or garnet. Stones can be bought without rims.

Chains are sold on weight or on length( on them the necessary lock for which pay separately is established).If there is a desire, you can make an ornament under the order in the catalog, which will take about a week. As for costume jewelery, its choice is just as great, and you can buy products both in the market and in specialized departments of shopping centers.

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You can not export

  • anything that has historical and cultural value;
  • of wild animals;
  • fruits and seeds of palm trees.

When exporting carpets, jewelry and precious metal products, you must have checks confirming their purchase.

Products priced at over $ 250 are tax free.

As for the system for refunding the amount of value-added tax( tax-free), it is not in the UAE, in fact, like the VAT itself.

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