The technique of knitting socks with knitting needles for beginners

In the cold season it is very pleasant to walk around the house in warm knitted socks. Such grandmothers usually knit us, but in reality there is nothing difficult in knitting. In this you will help the technique of knitting socks with knitting needles for beginners, having studied which you can quite connect the socks yourself. To do this you need tools and a little patience.

  • Materials
  • Stages of operation


For knitting socks we will need:

  • 2 coils of wool yarn of medium thickness;
  • 5 spokes number 3.
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Stages of work

In order to learn how to knit socks on 5 spokes, you need to take measurementsfeet of the one for whom the socks will be intended. We measure the length of the foot and the volume.

We fix the thread on one of the spokes, making a regular loop. Then we take another spoke, the loop remains on the bottom. We wind the thread around the spokes, as shown in the picture, typing the necessary number of loops.

Take for example six loops and tighten the thread on the knitting needles as tightly as possible.

We begin to knit, poddevaya first loop and poking in her work thread. Thus, further we sew the first, and behind it and the second row. It will be enough to tie 3-4 rows without any additions.

Then comes into play one more spoke. You need to add the desired number of loops, adding on each side one loop through the row. We take our last working loop and thread the third needle into it, adding a loop. We send the whole series as usual. Do the same with the previous series, we sew it, adding a loop. We send another row without adding loops, doing this on two spokes.

Then we start adding, using four knitting needles. Take one spoke and tie the row to the middle. We leave this spoke, take a new one and bind a row to it. So you get knitting on four knitting needles.

We knit on the already obtained scheme. We sew one row, adding a loop, the next row we sew without adding. In our case we knit until there are 10 loops on each spoke. This means that the toe is ready.

We will no longer need to add loops, we will tie a sock from the ready toe to the future heel. Orienting on the leg, we knit until the beginning of the ascent.

When we reach the heel, it is not yet tied, but we remove the working thread. We take a piece of another thread and we sew a row on two spokes, using this piece. It is more convenient to do this with a thread of a different color.

We continue to knit a sock, tying the usual row over the thread you inserted.

We knit on, not adding anything. But since after the inserted thread you switched to knitting the elastic, its height must be adjusted. Be based on how much high socks you want to get ready.

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We sew the elastic band according to the scheme: two purlins, three facial. Under this scheme, we knit about 15-20 rows and finish the sock.

We finish the gum. We stretch the working thread through two loops and put the loops back on the spoke. Then we take it with one more loop and again we pass them through the working thread. We put the loop back on. So do to the very end.

Your sock is almost ready. It remains only to finish the heel. There are many ways, for example, how to knit a heel of a toe on spokes is one of those that newcomers can easily master. To do this, pull the inserted thread, getting a slot in the toe. Formed in the slots of the eyelet we put on four spokes.

Take the skein of threads and tie one row. Then we continue to knit the rows with each row, removing four loops. To do this, each time the first two loops are knitted together, we knit the row as usual and again we sew the last two loops together.

When there are four loops left on each spoke, pull them out and thread all the loops on one spoke. We knit in the same way, according to which we finished the elastic band.

Your socks are ready! It only remains to tie him a couple and your legs will not freeze even in severe frost.

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