How to organize a food for a working woman

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In the life of a modern woman, most often one does not have one - time. She always somewhere in a hurry: to cook, feed the family, take the child to a kindergarten or school, and send her husband to work. .. And this is only the morning, and there is still so much to do! The woman does not have time to change everything, and the clock already shows six o'clock in the evening. The day flew by unnoticed, and every new day is hammered in exactly the same way. Rarely, who does not face such a situation.

In such a furious rhythm of life, it's hard to find the time to eat right. Of course, everyone has an hour of lunch time. But almost always this time goes to another. And it turns out that the woman who has been piled with a heap of affairs, with a sober phone in one hand and a sandwich in the other, is running. And then he finds himself in the queue for a gastroenterologist, a nutritionist or a dentist, and he reproaches himself for his careless attitude towards himself.

Is it possible to organize a proper diet at such an intense rhythm of life? Can. This will help you with simple advice.

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  • Have breakfast. And remember, breakfast is not a piece of chocolate with a cup of coffee! Even if it seems to you that you can not eat a crumb, start gradually getting used to full breakfasts. Start a work day with a toast with cheese, a boiled egg, a cup of milk soup, a bowl of cereal or a servant of omelet.
  • Look in the drawer of your desktop. What is there? Biscuits and chocolates? Throw out without regret - take care of your figure. When you are busy with something, you do not even notice how you eat a chocolate bar or a packet of something crispy, and then it is put off by wrinkles on the waist and the priest.
  • So, got rid of chocolate. Now you can put an apple, an orange or grapes in the empty box. In general, fruits for the season. They are much better suited for snack than sweets.
  • Do not drink coffee in litters. It, of course, invigorates, but also at the same time harms your heart and stomach. And if you drink it with cream and sweets, it is also full of threats. If you want to cheer up, drink ginger tea or mate.
  • Try to find time for dinner. And if you could cut it, then avoid pizzerias and snackbars. It is better to find in the vicinity of your work something reminiscent of the dining room, where food is prepared, similar to the home. And eat the first dishes at least every other day. Your stomach will thank you. If you can not get out of work, then ask the service for the delivery of meals to the office. And again, avoid the pizza. It is better to give preference to the same popular sushi and rolls.
  • On the gatherings with colleagues, again, monitor what you eat. At such times, you want to pour a glass of champagne and eat another small sandwich. By the way, about champagne and other sweet fizzy drinks. In the opinion of nutritionists, it is better to throw them out of their diet at all, replacing them with juices. And if at a party they offer alcohol, then drink a good wine or cognac.
  • Do not forbid yourself to eat after 18.00.The benefit of such a restriction is beneficial only to those who go to bed no later than 21-22 hours, that is, a very limited number of girls. If you want to eat at night, then drink a glass of kefir a little fat or eat fruit. But from the dumplings and chops in the middle of the night, there will not be much use.

Stopping the extra snacks and starting to eat well, you will notice in a month that your weight and shape will change for the better.

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