Temperament - choleric

Impulsive, passionate, hot, unbalanced, responsive to the situation rapidly - this is how you can characterize a person who has a temperament-type temperament choleric. Despite the fact that often such people have to "lower steam" they can be restrained and reasonable.

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    Characteristics of the character

    Choleric is an unbalanced but strong type, he can cope with significant mentalloads, but such a person has increased the level of irritability and instability. Representatives of this type are easy to get, they are aggressive, often spit out emotions on others, but if they meet them they can quickly calm down and cool down. Innate leadership qualities contribute to the fact that choleric people tend to be winners in everything, it is important for them to attract attention, they are in constant movement. You can notice the choleric by expressive facial expressions and sharp feverish gestures, they often chatter and consider the attack the best defense.

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    Simple test

    There is a simple procedure for determining the type of temperament choleric, just note the inherent qualities of the following.

    1. Active.
    2. Angry.
    3. Initiator.
    4. Stubborn.
    5. Leader.
    6. Noisy.
    7. Dominant.
    8. Hardy.
    9. Rivaling.
    10. Forgetful.
    11. Energetic.
    12. Active.
    13. Intolerable.
    14. Excitable.
    15. Impulsive.
    16. Impatient.
    17. Spitfire.
    18. Restless.
    19. Aggressive.

    Do not expect a complete coincidence, because often in one person there are traits from at least two temperaments. If you have more than half of these qualities, then the temperament type of choleric is predominant.

    Learn also the features of phlegmatic temperament http://woman-l.ru/temperament-flegmatik/
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    Characteristics of

    By nature choleric are sociable and contact is easy, but they want to remain leaders.

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    Choleric child

    A choleric child often fits, trying to get what he wants, often he becomes the center of the family, and the rest of his members revolve around him. Despite this, for the manifestations of the slightest attention such children become grateful, they are sympathetic and affectionate when everyone is happy. Such a child is able to express violently any reactions to surrounding events, he will be delighted with the trip to the circus, and for any prohibition the reaction will be a cry and crying. In collective games, he prefers to be a leader. In adolescence, the hyperactive manifestation of emotions will prevail, which is why a typical choleric can be considered an aggressive teenager-hooligan.

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    Choleric woman

    Ambitious, strong, strong-willed so you can describe a woman-choleric. She is not afraid of everything new, which is easy to learn, likes to lead regardless of whether she is in the family or at work. An ideal housewife will not come out of it, such women rarely sit at home, they are trying to conquer the peaks and are ready to accept any interesting work. Next to the woman-choleric must be a pliable, calm, patient and softer man, phlegmatic type of temperament will be the ideal option for her husband, because such a high activity only he can withstand.

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    Choleric male

    A choleric male in the family will dominate and will not allow the wife to command them. He is a representative of the stronger sex and behaves accordingly, cares about the welfare and safety of the family. A choleric father can become a despot, he will demand unconditional obedience from children, but he is also characterized by a display of sensitivity, love and care.

    A male choleric person can become a tyrant in a family, then the child will suffer most. You can not change the character, but you can try to correct it.

    A representative of this type needs followers whom he can command, so in school such individuals often gather a large company around themselves that is ready to follow and obey. They are not lonely, so they are sociable and often have many friends. Thanks to the organization and speed of reaction, choleric men quickly advance along the career ladder and often become successful in business.
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    Choleric extrovert

    Characterize extrovert can be the predominant process of excitation over inhibition. And choleric persons are typical unstable extroverts, because they are aimed at the outside world, always strive to be in the spotlight, therefore they are extremely sociable, but at the same time uncompromising and often spill out on their surrounding their negative emotions.

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    Choleric introvert

    The introvert is a secretive person, he is not inclined to share his experiences and thoughts with others, he does not openly express emotions. Such people avoid large and noisy companies, they never contact people first. Based on this characteristic, we can assume that the introvert and choleric is something so incompatible that it is extremely rare to meet such a person.

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    Pluses of temperament

    The choleric always pre-analyzes the situation before inserting his "five cents" and this can be attributed to the pluses of this type. This type of temperament is punchy, it can even be called an innovator, because excessive activity makes you strive for more. Such individuals are able to quickly make important decisions due to the high concentration of attention. A creative approach to work provides an opportunity to expand activities.

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    Cons of temperament

    As for the minuses of this type, such people often do not finish the business to the end, because one thing it takes them a long time to deal with, and the range of interests is wide. Choleric is active, but being in constant movement, often gets tired and does not understand it, because of this emotional breakdown occurs.

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