Tattoos of famous people and their meaning

In most cases, tattoos for their owners have a special meaning, are important, convey all the traits of character. For some, tattoos are a way of self-expression, an opportunity to appear brighter, and for others - this is a lifetime in pictures, both one's own and those close to them. Do not be alien to tattoos and famous personalities.

  • Adam Levine
  • Aleksander Emelianenko
  • Alexander Skarsgard
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Harry Styles
  • Justin Bieber
  • Johnny Depp
  • Dmitry Nagiyev
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • David Beckham
  • Egor Creed
  • Ivan Ohlobystin
  • Ian Somerhalder
  • Lionel Messi
  • MileyCyrus
  • Megan Fox
  • Rianna
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Timati
  • Tom Hardy
  • Eminem

Adam Levin

American singer, songwriter and guitarist. A big fan of tattoos. Each of his tattoos has a special meaning for him, most often tattoos are made under the influence of the music career of the singer and the music itself. What is depicted on the body of the singer and what his tattoo means:

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  • 222 - figures on the forearm of the singer, means the number of the door of the first studio of the group Maroon 5.
  • X - the Roman figure on the left hand of the singer, means 10 years since the creation of the group Maroon 5.
  • The guitar is a symbol of the guitar player's career, the tattoo is noticeable for the audience, when the singer holds a microphone.

  • The trail of the paw is a tattoo on the back of the right shoulder. Tatu as a sign of friendship and love for his pet - a golden retriever.
  • Los Angeles - a memorable tattoo about your hometown.
  • A tiger - a beast crouching on the right hand, conveys the character of Adam Levin.
  • Pigeon in flowering branches - on the left hand, a symbol of the memory of the tragedy September 9, 2011.
  • An eagle on the chest and an inscription in Hebrew is a symbol of the singer's belonging to the Jewish people.
  • PTO in the heart - tattoo as a token of love for the mother.
  • The shark is the only fear in the life of a singer.
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Alexander Emelyanenko

A well-known fighter in mixed martial arts and sambo. Has problems with the law because of scandalous tricks. Most of the tattoos on the athlete's body are prison. They mean the following:

  • Eight-pointed stars - on the shoulders, mean denial, disobedience, on the knees mean that "I will not rise to my knees and will not submit."
  • Web - located on the shoulders, means the uncertainty of thoughts.
  • Phrase on the feet - means in translation that everyone has the right to have their own truth, but they do not have the right to communicate their truth to others.
  • Domes - a sign of criminal record.
  • Pirates - a sign of negativity and hatred of prison guards.
  • The grave cross is a symbol of death of relatives during the period of imprisonment.
  • The inscription "Gott mit uns" - in the translation "God is with us".
  • The inscription on the shoulders - "Give me a return ticket as a youth, I paid the full price for the journey."
  • Mother of God with a child - the memory of the correctional colony.
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Alexander Skarsgard

The actor is not a fan of tattoos and would never have applied them to hisbody, if his younger brother had not fallen ill. As a sign of devotion to fraternal friendship and love for the family, Alexander made a tattoo in the form of a bird on his left foot according to his brother's drawing. The brother recovered, and Alexander's tattoo has a profound meaning not only for the brothers, but for their entire family.

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Angelina Jolie

The craving for tattoos from the actress appeared at the beginning of her career. Now her body is adorned with a variety of tattoos bearing a deep meaning:

  • The dragon on the shoulder is a symbol of wisdom.
  • Billy Bob is the name of the beloved( now former) husband of the actress.
  • Coordinates and dates - the ciphers of the dates and birth places of all the children of the actress.
  • The inscription on the abdomen - "What feeds me, it also kills."
  • The letter h on the wrist - the tattoo is connected with the brother of the actress.
  • The hieroglyph on the shoulder is a symbol of death, it means that you have to live every day as if it were the last.
  • The inscription on the shoulder "A prayer for the wild at heart in cages" - as a sign of trusting with the mother, in the translation "I pray for the wild in the heart, prisoners in a cage."
  • The blue window on the back is a sign of the eternal fuss and activity of the actress.
  • Bengal tiger is a tattoo for luck and luck.
  • The cross at the bottom of the abdomen is a symbol of an active masculine principle.
  • Letter M on the palm - in memory of the deceased mother.
  • Prayer on the shoulder - in translation: "Let your enemies stay away from you. Let the acquired wealth be yours forever. Let your beauty be like the beauty of Apsara. Let the faithful follow you always, wherever you go. Let them serve you and protect you. "
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Victoria Beckham

All star tattoos are impregnated with tenderness and love for their family, relatives and friends. What is depicted on the body of the singer and what does her tattoo mean:

  • Stars on the back - 5 stars symbolize all members of her family, one star for each.
  • The inscription in Hebrew on the spine in the translation "My man belongs only to me, and I belong only to my man."
  • DB + Arabic inscription on the wrist - the initials of the beloved spouse and the phrase of love.
  • Two dates on the right wrist - May 8, 1997 - the first time David and Victoria made love. May 8, 2006 - the essence of the inscription is the same, only a sign of reconciliation after a long spate of spouses, when their relationship was on the verge of divorce.
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Harry Styles

On his body, the singer has more than 40 tattoos. Here are the most significant for him:

  • The inscription "Things I can" is a reminder of a certain list of things a singer can not do.
  • The ship is a tattoo on the singer's hand, performed in order to impress the girl.
  • The inscription "Might as well. .." - in the translation "Maybe. ..".
  • The inscription "I can not change" - in the translation "I can not change".
  • Letter A - on the elbow bend, the first letter of the mother's name of the singer.
  • The inscription "Can I Cry" - in the translation "Can I cry".
  • The inscription "Pink Floyd's symbol" is a symbol of the singer's group, in the translation "The Dark Side of the Moon".
  • The inscription "SMCL"( smile more, cry later) - in the translation "Smile more often, cry less often".
  • The inscription "Never gonna dance again" is divided into two words on both feet, in the translation "I will never dance again".
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Justin Bieber

The body of the young singer has about 30 different tattoos. Each of them has its own special meaning. Consider the most significant for him tattoos:

  • The eye on the hand - a charm for life.
  • The owl is a symbol of wisdom. The Roman numerals are the date of the birth of the mother.
  • A small gull on the belly - a tattoo passing from generation to generation in the male line of the singer's family.
  • A girl on her arm - a tattoo linked to the relationship of the singer with Selena Gomez.
  • The letter X is associated with religions and Jesus Christ.
  • Fish - a sign of good luck.
  • The head of an Indian is a symbol of your favorite hockey team.
  • The crown is a symbol of success and faith in one's own strength.
  • Hieroglyphs - a tattoo means music and the singer's affection for her.
  • The inscription "Believe" - ​​in the translation "Believe", a tattoo in honor of one of the albums.
  • Jesus on his foot is a sign of faith and religiosity.
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Johnny Depp

About actor's tattoos there goes no less fame than about Depp himself. Actor decorates his body tattoo almost from childhood. Here are the most significant:

  • Indian head - means the actor's affiliation to the Indian people.
  • The inscription "Wino Forever" - in the translation "Alcohol or wine forever."
  • The inscription "Lily Rose" - in honor of her daughter.
  • Heart with the inscription BETTY SUE - in honor of the mother.
  • Swallow Jack Sparrow - in memory of the shooting of "Pirates of the Caribbean".
  • The inscription "NO REASON" - in the translation "No reason".
  • Shield on the leg - a guardian for life.
  • The raven tattoo appeared with Depp and his friends after the inspiration with the film "Raven".
  • The rune of the sun is a symbol of protection against darkness and enlightenment of the crossroads of life.
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Dmitry Nagiyev

There are two tattoos on Dmitry Nagiyev's body. One of them is an inscription in a foreign language "Te amo es mecum", which in the translation "I love you. This is the truth, "and the second tattoo is in the form of a black Catholic cross. Such a cross is in Angelina Jolie. The actor himself does not talk about the meaning of this tattoo. It can be assumed that the cross is made as a symbol of an active male principle or has a direct connection with the Catholic faith.

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Dwayne Johnson

The actor has on his body only two tattoos, but they carry a very deep meaning. Tattoos are made in the Samoan style and are strong and even fatal.

On the forearm the sign of the red bull is depicted, it implies the zodiacal sign of Taurus, the sign of the actor himself.

On the left hand is a large tattoo, covering the forearm, shoulder, biceps, part of the chest and arms. On the tattoo is an image of coconut leaves - this is the value of the warrior, four faces are the actor's family, and the patterns carry the meaning of the future and the present time.

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David Beckham

The player on the body repeats almost all the tattoos of his wife Victoria Beckham. But, in addition, he has several more tattoos:

  • The word Love and the image of the swallow is a symbol of love for the family.
  • Jesus and cherubs are a symbol of his beloved sons.
  • A portrait in honor of the spouse is a symbol of inexhaustible love.
  • The inscription "Harper" is the daughter's name on the collarbone.
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Yegor Creed

On the celebrity body, almost all tattoos are carried by a religious trend, consider the most famous of them:

  • The inscription "FREEDOM" is stuffed in the back of the neck, in the translation "Freedom".
  • The inscription "Faith" - on the hand, in the translation "Faith", is made in honor of the sister.
  • Jesus Christ is a tattoo of a religious direction, a sign of faith.
  • Pigeon, angel and the inscription "Save and Save" speak for themselves.
  • Hands in the pleading position are another tattoo of religious themes.
  • The inscription "One life - one love" - ​​on both wrists, in the translation "One life is one love".
  • The inscription "Cum Deo" - in the translation "With God."
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Ivan Okhlobystin

According to the actor himself, his tattoos do not make much sense and significance. But there are several outstanding images on his body:

  • Skulls on the chest( left) - symbolize the sons of the actor, that they are always in his heart.
  • Blue-eyed dragon on the shoulder - shows the nature of the actor, kindness and ferocity.
  • A unicorn with a Celtic pattern in the leaves of marijuana - a reminder to the actor about his wrong past, about vices and addictions.
  • The horse is a symbol of speed and biker's past.
  • Cross - the memory of a lost friend.
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Ian Somerhalder

The mystery of the actor's tattoo is not disclosed. Sam Ian Somerhalder refrains from all sorts of comments on the tattoo account. The right hand of the actor has an inscription in a foreign language, "HIC ET NUNC", which means "Here and Now".The actor himself fully corresponds to the written words, he tries to do everything that is in his power right here and now.

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Lionel Messi

The legendary football player has the following tattoos:

  • Portrait of the grandmother - is located on the left shoulder blade, in memory of the most expensive person, who brought to life the footballer a lot of love and colors.
  • Baby's hands and heart - a tattoo on his left foot, an image in honor of his beloved son.
  • Jesus is on the right forearm, as a symbol of the faith and religiousness of the player.
  • Football composition - on the leg, a symbol of danger and attack in football.
  • Tattoo sleeve - on the hand, is dedicated to the Temple of the Holy Family.
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Miley Cyrus

The pop star loves tattoo art very much. Her body is decorated with more than 20 tattoos. Consider the most significant:

  • Portrait of a grandmother in his youth - in memory of his beloved grandmother.
  • The inscription "Rolling $ tone" - on the feet, in memory of the photo shoot for the magazine.
  • The inscription "Just Breathe" - in the translation "Just breathe."
  • Dream catcher - on the right side, as a guard and a symbol of protection.
  • Anchor - on the wrist, a symbol of limitless peace, security and safety.
  • The inscription "Karma" is a religious Indian meaning.
  • Equal sign - on the finger, in support of same-sex relationships.
  • The cross is on the finger, the symbol of faith in God.
  • The eye is on the finger, a symbol of protection from the evil eye.
  • Heart - on the finger, this sign is available to all members of the family of the star.
  • The symbol "OM" is on the wrist, a symbol of divine energy.
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Megan Fox

Tattoos for the actress have a very important meaning. She herself has repeatedly admitted that she is ready to refuse to speak in public only from her tattoos.

  • The text on the left side - in the translation "There lived a little girl in the world and she did not know the torments of love until the boy broke her heart."
  • Text on the right shoulder blade - in the translation "We will always laugh at the golden butterflies"( Shakespeare).
  • The yin-yang sign is on the left wrist, a symbol of contradictory features in the character of the actress.
  • A hieroglyph - on the neck, a sign of strength.
  • Portrait of Merlin Monroe - on her right hand, the idol of an actress.
  • The name of Brian Austin Greene's beloved husband is in the bottom of his belly.
  • The inscription on the right side - in the translation "Those who danced seemed crazy to someone who did not hear the music"( Nietzsche).
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On the body of the singer and actress there are more than 20 tattoos. We suggest you get acquainted with the most important for her:

  • Egyptian winged goddess - under the breast, a symbol of eternity and rebirth.
  • The cross - on the collarbone, carries a religious meaning.
  • The inscription "Thug Life" - on the fingers, in the translation "The Life of the Killer".
  • The sign of the zodiac of the fish is behind the right ear, the singer's sign.
  • The star - on the left ear, carries a secret meaning.
  • The inscription on the side is an inscription in Sanskrit, in the translation "Forgiveness, honesty, control and repression."
  • Stars - on the neck and on the back, a symbol of relationship with Chris Brown.
  • The Arabic inscription is on the left side, in the translation "Freedom".
  • The inscription on the finger "SHHH. .." - a call for peace and quiet.
  • Mirror inscription on the collarbone "Never a failure, always a lesson" - in the translation "Any mistake is a lesson".
  • The inscription on the neck »Rebelle Fleur» - in the translation «Rebellious flower», fully reveals the character of the performer.
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Scarlett Johansson

Celebrity tattoos are made with positive overtones:

  • Two circles and the letter A - the value of the tattoo is unknown.
  • Sunrise over the water - on the left hand, the symbol of the beginning and belief in the best.
  • Bracelet with a suspension and the inscription "I Heart NY" - a symbol of love for New York.
  • Horseshoe with the inscription "Lucky You" - on the right side, for luck.
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Counting tattoos on the performer's body is almost impossible. They represent a single whole picture for a star. But there are several tattoos that the singer considers the most vivid and significant in his life:

  • Skull with the inscription "Moscow City" - in the back, a symbol of truth and peace, and the inscription - the love of his native city.
  • The inscription "The Boss" - on the back, symbolizes the position of the artist in his environment.
  • The inscription "Black Star" - on the back of the palms, a symbol of the brand, a symbol of significance and prosperity, a love of rap culture.
  • Stars - on the elbows, a symbol of popularity and success.
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Tom Hardy

On the actor's body there are more than 20 tattoos. We suggest you get acquainted with the most important for him images:

  • Leprikon - Irish roots of the origin of the actor.
  • The inscription "II O &R "(To Observe and Reflect) - the life credo of the actor.
  • View of London with a Ferris wheel - a tribute to your favorite city.
  • The inscription "Figlio Mio Bellissimo" is an inscription dedicated to his son.
  • Number 1338046 - tattoo is related to the deceased friend of the father and the whole family of the actor.
  • The inscription "Till die SW" - in the translation "Before my death."
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The most significant tattoos for the performer:

  • The inscription "Ronnie RIP" in the picture - on the left forearm, in memory of the uncle who committed suicide.
  • Tribal - on the wrist of the left hand, a gothic bracelet.
  • The inscription "D12" - on both hands, the name of the artist's project.
  • The daughter's portrait is on the right forearm, as a token of love for her daughter, she is his muse and inspiration for life.
  • The inscription "Sit me" - on the right wrist, in the translation "Cut me", a symbol of suicides that haunt their family.
  • The inscription "Proof" - on the left hand, a tattoo in honor of a friend.
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