How to choose an electric hob

In order to choose the right electric hob from the wide range of products on the market, it is necessary to take into account all important characteristics, as well as to determine the necessary features and functions. This article will help you to choose the best option for you.

An electric cooker is installed in an apartment or house if there is no connection to the central gas supply. Such surfaces are operating from a three-phase electrical network.

  • Tips for choosing electric hobs
  • Installation type for hob
  • Hob panel material
  • Color hob burners
  • Control panel location
  • Types of burners and their number
  • Switch type
  • Dimensions
  • Useful functions of hobs
  • Recognition of the presence and size of dishes
  • Automatic boiling
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Timer for burners
  • Panel lock
  • Disconnection of burners
  • Kratime pause
  • Design "Domino"
  • Manufacturers of hobs
  • Care of electric hobs

Tips for choosing electric hobs

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Installation type of hob

Installation of an electric hob may be:

  • Dependent. Dependent surfaces are installed above the ovens and have a common control panel with them, that is, there are no separate switches for burners in such surface modifications.
  • Independent. Independent cooking surfaces are controlled from a separate panel, and can be placed absolutely independently of the ovens.

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Material of the burner panel

The surfaces on which the electric burners are located can be made of:

  • Enamelled metal. They differ in strength and low cost, but they are demanding in care and subject to the formation of chips.
  • Stainless steel. Have a modern and presentable appearance, but require careful treatment both during cooking and cleaning.
  • Cast iron. are original and not very widespread because of the rather high cost, they have high performance characteristics. Of the cast iron, individual elements of the surface-gratings-can also be performed.
  • Glass ceramics. Costly surfaces, characterized by high durability and a presentable appearance.
  • Tempered glass. Surfaces from the middle price range, harmoniously blending into the interior of the kitchen, decorated in any style. Require accurate handling.
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Color of the burner panel

If you want the hob to have an original color, choose the panels from enamelled metal - they have the widest color range. Surfaces from other materials have a set of colors that is limited by the characteristics of the material.

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Control panel layout

Manufacturers offer two variations of the panel layout - in the front and side. The second option is preferable, since this arrangement makes it practically impossible to accidentally depress the controls, and also simplifies the care of the surface.

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Types of burners and their number

The number of burners and their types depend on the overall dimensions of the surface, as well as on the intended purpose of the surface. The more advanced burners are installed in the electric hob, the higher the cost. As a rule, the surface has two or four burners, excellent in their technical characteristics:

  • Cast iron burners. Also wear the name of "pancakes".They are characterized by inertia, long heating and long cooling. Are exposed to damages of mechanical and thermal character. Among the advantages - only low cost.
  • Ceramic( glass-ceramic) burners. are characterized by high power and almost instantaneous heating up to the set temperature. Ensure a constant temperature and uniform heating. Require the use of dishes with a perfectly flat and flat bottom.
  • Induction cooking rings. Provide fast heating and precision heating adjustment, characterized by high power. They are safe because they do not heat themselves. Among the drawbacks - the use of dishes from a limited list of materials, as well as high cost.
  • Burners Hi Light. The corrugated ribbon of special alloy installed in the construction of such burners ensures very fast heating.
  • Grilling plate. Is a grate with heating elements located in the lower part. Can be installed only on wide surfaces.
  • Burner WOK. A hotplate specially designed for use with a WOK pan. Has a concave shape and increased power.
  • Express burners. Characterized by greater power compared to other burners. Designed for the fastest cooking. Marked with a circle of red in the middle.
  • Burners with oval heating zone. Installed in glass-ceramic surfaces. Convenient for cooking in a non-standard dish( utyatnitse, tray for fish).
  • Two-circuit and three-circuit burners. Have adjustable heating zones, which are two or three circles. Using them, the user can include a heating area of ​​smaller and larger diameter.
  • Halogen Hobs. Differs large capacity, instantly heat up and cool down. The full power is dialed instantly after power-up.
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Switch type

Electric hobs are equipped with switches:

  • Swivel. They are installed on inexpensive cooking surfaces, they are small handles.
  • Heated. Make the surface more secure by the inability to accidentally turn on, and also simplify the care of the surface.
  • Sensory. They are installed on the most expensive models, are considered to be the most functional and easy to manage.
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The size of the hob in each case is determined separately, it depends on the size of the place for its integration. Manufacturers offer a wide choice of overall dimensions, so it is not difficult to find a suitable panel.

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Useful functions of

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Recognition of the presence and size of utensils

A special built-in sensor detects the presence of dishes on the surface. If the cookware is missing or displaced from the center, the heating zone is automatically turned off. Some models of electric hobs can also automatically select the width of the heating zone.

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Automatic boiling

The automatic boiling function greatly facilitates and speeds up the cooking process. Under the hobs is a sensor, whose purpose is to determine the temperature of the heating of dishes and at the right time to reduce the capacity of the burner to the level necessary to maintain heat.

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Residual heat indicator

Glass ceramic panels often have residual heat indicators that are designed to ensure the safety of the user( the indicator does not turn off until the surface temperature of the burner reaches a safe level) and also to save energy( thanks to the indicator it is easy to determine whichthe burners have not yet cooled completely to use its warmth to keep the dish warmed up).

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Timer for burners

Using the timer, each user can program the cooking time. The functionality of the timers differs from the model of the surface to the model, the simplest ones give an audible signal after the program of cooking the dish is completed, the more functional ones turn off the hotplate automatically.

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Panel lock

Lock the control panel, if the surface has such a function, you can simply press a special button. This function increases the safety of the surface, since it can not be turned on accidentally, nor can children use it.

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Disconnection of burners

This function is responsible for automatically turning off the burners if the user does not perform any operations on the surface for a certain time.

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Short-time pause

A special button on the panel allows one-touch to transfer all the burners to the heat-keeping mode. When you press it again, all the settings are activated again.

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Design "Domino"

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Electric cooktops with a design of "Domino" are small in size and are special modules that can be combined in various variations as desired by users( for example, standard cookers are supplemented with a grill or WOK burner).

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Manufacturers of hobs

If you want to purchase a quality electric hob, pay attention to the products from:

  • AEG;
  • Bosch;
  • Samsung;
  • Zanussi;
  • Hansa;
  • Siemens;
  • Whirpool;
  • Kaiser.
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Maintenance of electric hobs

The rules for the care of electric hobs are determined by the material from which they are made:

  • Enameled metal must be treated with tools that do not contain abrasive particles. After each cooking process, rinse the surface with a dishwashing solution, applying it with a soft side of the sponge.
  • Stainless steel is easily cleaned with a solution of dishwashing detergent or baking soda. If the surface of stainless steel is glossy( not matt), special chemicals are used to give it a shine.
  • Cast iron is unpretentious in the care, it is enough to clean the surface of it several times a month with salt. You can also use specially designed for the care of cast iron means.
  • Glass ceramics and tempered glass should, if possible, be cleaned exclusively by means of care that does not contain abrasives and gently cares for the material.

Taking into account all the features of electric hobs, and also having studied all the nuances of their choice, choose a quality model from a well-known manufacturer from the middle price category.

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