How to choose eye drops to improve vision

With the development of technology and technology in the modern world, increased eye strain. Working at a computer, a tablet, using smartphones, watching TV - all this led to the spread of diseases of the visual organ. What means will help protect the eyes from stress, dryness and irritation, and also help improve vision, read in the article.

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This shows eyedrops

There are many factors that lead to eye pathologies. The main ones are:

  • Loads on the organ of vision. Work at a computer or with documents for a long time.
  • Negative ecological situation at work or in the city( dust, smog, gas exhausts and other irritating factors).
  • Allergy to an external irritant that causes redness.
  • Dry climate conducive to the expansion of the vessels of the eyes.
  • Incorrect use of lenses.

  • Chronic diseases that cause redness in the eyes.
  • Injuries and damage to the organs of vision.
  • Vessel diseases.
  • Diseases of the organ of vision( iritis, glaucoma, cataracts, flies before the eyes, dry eyes and others).
  • Use of decorative cosmetics.
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How to use

There is a certain order of application of eye drops, on which the success of treatment depends:

  1. Wash hands with water and towel dry.
  2. Bury your eyes in a horizontal position or sitting with your head thrown back. Having taken the most convenient correct position, one must look at the ceiling.
  3. The lower eyelid should be pulled down with one hand and the other at this time to drip a few drops( according to the prescription).
  4. During the procedure, the vial with droplets should not touch the eye, as this can provoke infection.
  5. If along with the drops are prescribed and ophthalmic ointment, then first apply the drops, and then - ointment with an interval of more than 5 minutes.
  6. Having drenched eyes, it is necessary to blink - this will help get rid of excess fluid, then you need to get soaked in the corners of your eyes with a clean and dry napkin.
  7. Wash hands after the procedure.
After feeling a deterioration after taking the drug, you should immediately consult a doctor.

If for some reason you can not bury your eyes yourself, you can ask another person to help. In this case, you should ensure that it complies with all the requirements for personal hygiene described.

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The most popular method of treating pathologies of the organ of vision is the use of eye drops. These drugs are suitable not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of many diseases. Drops meet the same requirements: they are cleaned with special technologies, they contain a minimum number of active components.

There are several varieties of eye drops that qualify for the purpose of use: to restore the retina, remove redness and moisturizing, relieve stress, enriched with vitamins and others.

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Restorative retina

Such drops are of 2 types:

  • strengthening coat( used for dystrophy of the shell);
  • affecting the vessels( used for angiopathy of the shell).
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Retinning retina

Retinal dystrophy is a pathology that occurs due to metabolic disorder in cells that are deficient in nutrients. Factors that cause pathology are various diseases. Tobacco and other bad habits can also be the cause of the disease.

One of the methods of drug treatment is the use of such eye drops:

  • Tauron Bio ;

  • Emoksipin - drops for improving vision in glaucoma.

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These medicines have the same effect. The only difference is that after using Emoxipine there is a burning sensation and discomfort. Apply them only after consulting a doctor.

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Effects on vessels

Angiopathy is a pathology that occurs due to problems with the vessels, which contributes to the reduction of vision, and then to its loss. The development of angiopathy leads to diseases: disorders of the nervous system, increased intracranial pressure, diabetes, as well as bad habits.

To treat angiopathy, medications that help improve blood circulation are used:

  • Aisotin is an eye drop to improve visual acuity that promotes rapid regeneration and is used to repair the eye after injury.

  • Emoksi-Optik - drops that improve gas exchange, dilute the blood and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Restorations after various damages are also applied.

  • Quinaks - Eye drops for improving vision, facilitating the regulation of metabolic processes. They are also used in the treatment of cataracts.

  • Taurine - eye drops for improving vision, used in the treatment of cataracts and angiopathy of the retina. Drops contain an amino acid, leading to an acceleration of metabolism, rapid recovery of damaged cells;

  • Emoksipin is a drug that has a strengthening effect on the retina, protecting it from irritating factors( light and the like);
  • Tauron Bio - droplets that stimulate metabolism, normalize eye pressure, promote rapid regeneration after trauma. The active substance is taurine.
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With vitamins

For the eyes, as for the whole organism, vitamins are important. The necessary elements are contained in food, however, to supply the tissues with the required amount of vitamins will have to consume a lot of products containing these vitamins. To solve this problem will help vitamin drops, moisturizing and nourishing the eye.

Vitamins for the eyes are necessary for everyone:

  • for children;
  • the elderly;
  • to those who constantly interact with computers;
  • people suffering from diseases of the organs of vision;
  • people who use lenses.

Eye drops should contain the following vitamins and nutrients:

  • A - helps relieve tension, eliminates the dystrophy of the eye's shell;
  • B1 - improves conduction of nerve impulses;
  • B2 - improves metabolism in the tissues of the visual organ;
  • B6 - improves blood circulation;
  • B12 - helps reduce the risk of blindness;
  • C - helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels;
  • extract of blueberries - helps prevent glaucoma and relieve stress.

Vitamins for the eyes are taken not constantly, but in courses: after 3 months of taking, you should arrange a break for 1 month.

List of popular vitamin drops for adults:

  • Vizin;

  • Vita Yodourol;

  • Viziomax;

  • Prenacid;

  • Taufon;

  • Senkatalin.
For children, drops can replace the vitamin preparation Ogovit extract of blueberry .It provides the tissues with all the necessary elements and is used to prevent the development of various pathologies.

The positive effect of vitamin drops for the eyes:

  • promote muscle relaxation;
  • stimulate metabolism and gas exchange in the tissues of the organ of vision;
  • activates cell renewal;
  • interferes with the development of night blindness;
  • slows the development of serious diseases such as cataract and glaucoma;
  • perform lens cleaning.

Regular consumption of vitamins for the eyes and the use of vitamin drops - an excellent measure of prevention of pathologies of the organs of vision.

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Having a relaxing effect

Many problems with the eyes begin to appear due to the strain of the eye muscles. It is for this reason that at the first manifestations of problems with the intensity of the eye muscles, doctors prescribe drops of relaxing action.

Similar drops are recommended to apply before going to sleep, so that your eyes have time to relax and get all the necessary elements.

The most popular relaxing drops:

  • Innoxa - drops, which help to moisturize, relax and restore the eyes. Suitable for eye restoration after wearing lenses.

  • Atropine - used to ensure rest muscles of the eyeball.

  • Reticulin - used for overstrain of the eye muscles, as well as to moisturize the eyes and prevent cataracts.

  • Tropicamide - eye drops to improve vision, providing peace of the eye muscles. They are used in the diagnosis of the organ of vision, to prevent the fusion of the eyelids in the inflammatory process.

  • Eye plus - drops to improve vision, promoting stress relief, lowering of intraocular pressure. They are used to prevent glaucoma and cataracts, and also contribute to the gradual restoration of vision clarity;

  • Std. - drops, which help to relax the eye muscles and improve vision.
Before the installation of such drops, you need to remove make-up, drip 1-2 drops in each eye and lie down for at least 15 minutes or go to bed.
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Vasodilating action

These eye drops contain substances that help narrow the lumen between the walls of the vessels, which leads to a reduction in swelling and redness of the mucous membrane of the eye. They are used only for short-term use, as long-term use is addictive. Before using, consult a doctor.

The most famous drops with vasoconstrictive effect:

  • Vizin .Drops for the eyes that remove redness and swelling. It is not recommended to use more than 4 days, as there are side effects, there is an addiction.
  • Octia .Contributing to the narrowing of the vessels, remove redness from the eyes. The effect is noticeable after a few minutes. You should apply a few days 2 times. If there are no improvements, stop taking the medicine and consult a doctor.

  • Naphthyzine .Promotes rapid constriction of the vessels of the eyes, regardless of the nature of the redness( damage or allergy).It can not be taken for a long time, as addiction develops.

Therapeutic properties, contra-indications and prescriptions of artichoke application
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Dryness and redness of the eyes

Dry eyes occur for various reasons:

  • due to a long stay at the computer;
  • due to a long stay in the room with a working air conditioner or heater;
  • under the influence of age-related changes.

Regardless of the cause of dryness, moisturizing drops should be selected:

  • Irifrin - eye drops for improving eyesight, moisturizing the eyes and helping to reduce eye pressure. Used for examination of the fundus at a doctor's appointment.

  • Systein Ultra is an artificial tear. It is recommended to use when working at the computer and to rinse the cornea after operations.

  • Cationorm - is an emulsion that not only moisturizes the skin of the eye, but also fights with burning and itching in the eyes.

  • Oftan katachrom - Eye drops for improving vision, conducive to moisturizing the shell, are used in the treatment of cataracts.

  • OptoClean - drops for improving eyesight, which moisturize the skin of the eye, have antibacterial action. It is used to prevent the occurrence of pathologies associated with the eyes.

  • Visimitin - drops to improve the vision of Dr. Skulachev. The drug is used to moisturize the eyes, remove redness.

  • Zorro - Eye drops for improving eyesight, moisturizing and nourishing the eyes. They help to eliminate burning and dryness, are recommended by specialists with prolonged eye strain( being at the computer, in dusty and polluted rooms).

In addition to dryness, redness of the eyes can be caused by irritation. The most popular drops to combat this reddening:

  • Vizin. Clean tear is a preparation that quickly removes irritation.

  • VisOptic - is used to improve blood supply, remove redness when wearing contact lenses.

The listed preparations not only relieve redness, but also have an antiseptic and vasoconstrictive effect on the organ of vision.

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With myopia

One of the most common eye diseases at present is myopia, a pathology in which it is difficult to view objects at close range. Vision focusing is disturbed, and a feeling of fatigue arises.

In the event of this pathology, eye drops can be used:

  • Ujala is a preparation not only for treatment but also for the prevention of pathology. Helps cleanse the lens and relieve the strain of the eye, improves the nourishment of the eye, improves visual acuity. The composition of the drug has potassium, which has a positive effect on the cells of the eye.

  • Emoxipine is a drug that strengthens the vessels and protects the eye from external factors.
  • Irifrin is a drug that improves the flow of fluid in the eyes, eliminating dryness, narrowing vessels. It is recommended for the treatment of myopia.
  • Taufon - drops to improve vision, enhance the restoring properties of the organ of vision, fill the supply of amino acids, improve metabolism.
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With farsightedness

No less common is a disease like hyperopia. It occurs in children and in elderly people.

In the treatment of age-long-sightedness, eye drops are recommended:

  • Ithral;

  • High-Krom;

  • Taufon;
  • Quinax;
  • Oftan-katakrom;
  • Vita-iodurool;
  • Vizin.

These drops help to relieve tension, replenish the supply of nutrients.

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