What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Finland

One of the centers of innovation, the leader of the world consumption of coffee, the birthplace of Santa Claus, Moomin-troll and Angry Birds, the region with more than 150,000 lakes is all Finland, or Suomi, as the locals call it. The exotic northern color and the incomprehensible quirkiness of the locals are reflected in a number of wonderful inventions and products. What products should I bring from Finland and what should I focus on?

  • Alcohol
  • Vodka «Finlandia»
  • vodka «Koskenkorva»
  • Liquor «Minttu»
  • berry liqueurs «Lapponia»
  • Beer
  • Lures
  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Kuks
  • Delicate meats from venison
  • Clothing
  • for
  • saunas Accessories Fishred caviar
  • Sweets
  • Sweets
  • Sweets
  • Chocolate
  • Sweet cherry jam
  • Sweets with licorice
  • Cookies Domino
  • Souvenirs
  • Moomin trolls
  • Moose, deer
  • Finka
  • Jewelry and bijouterie
  • Berries
  • You can not take


Finnish alcohol has long been a benchmark for high quality and in great demand outside the country, despite the fact that its price is 42% higher than in other European countries.

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Vodka "Finlandia"

This is the most popular Finnish vodka, which, thanks to its quality, has gained worldwide fame. One of the main secrets of Finnish hot drinks is pure natural water.

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Vodka Koskenkorva

The name of the drink is due to a small Finnish town in which, starting from the mid-20th century, it was made from the purest glacial water and specially bred high-quality barley varieties: Kunnari, Sahana and Erkki.18200 pieces - this is the amount of grain used in the production of one bottle of this vodka, and the product itself is distilled 250 times.

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Liquor "Minttu"

Minttu - despite the strength of 35-40% degrees, this drink belongs to liquors. It has a pronounced sweet mint flavor and is made from a special kind of sugar that gives it a clear color. Minttu has its own legend: they say that if you drink a whole bottle of liquor, then the Snowman himself will come to visit, express his respect.

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Berry liqueurs «Lapponia»

Popular Lapponia liqueurs are made on the basis of berry raw materials, which grows in Lapland. The saturated taste of cloudberry, sea buckthorn, cranberries, cranberries and blueberries inspired the producers to create a drink based on bread wine, sugar and berries.

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Beer in Finland is represented by three companies "Hartwall", which is a part of Heineken, "Snebrychoff", the oldest brewing company founded by the Russian merchant Nikolai Sinebryukhov and owned by Sarlsberg, and the Finnish concern "Olvi".Local beer is very environmentally friendly. The most popular varieties are the bright LapinKulta camp, the tart Karelia, the beer with the aroma of KarjalaTerva resin, the bluecoats of Koff and Karhu and the famous OlviTuplapukki with traditional malt flavor.

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The tenth part of the territory of the country is covered with reservoirs, in which there are about 60 species of fish. Not surprisingly, one third of the population are fans of fishing. Most predatory fish Finnish fishermen catch on artificial bait, troll, which simulates the movements of a small fish. Kuusamo, founded by two friends, offers a quality spoon that guarantees a large catch. The most popular spoon-baits of the old school: Professor, Taimen and Riasyanen.

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Vitamins and dietary supplements

High quality of Finnish vitamins and food additives, affordable price, compared, for example, with German counterparts, make this segment particularly attractive for the buyer. Asking which vitamins to bring from Finland, pay attention to the products with the content of fish oil: Omega-3 and Triomega. To enhance hair growth, MollerKaunisIho is usually recommended, Mollermustikkauute and Visioopti nutritional supplement will help restore vision, and Fludent chewing candies will help strengthen tooth enamel.

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This is a wooden handmade mug on a leather cord, which is an indispensable attribute of the life of every Finn. It is believed that it brings good luck. Kuksu made from natural wood, most often from birch, characterized by great strength. In form, it resembles a small scoop: convenient to use, does not burn hands, moisture-proof, because it is impregnated with a special oil solution and pretty nice.

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Deli meats from reindeer

Finnish cuisine is endemic, most of its dishes can be tasted only in the territory of this country. And yet, some delicacies should be brought from Finland. First of all, it is smoked venison, typical for counters of the northern part of the country. Its tender meat has a unique taste and aroma, it is absolutely not fatty, and will serve as an excellent snack for beer.

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During the talk about clothes, in the head of every Finn there will be an association with the cult brand Marimekko. He is one of the unofficial symbols of Finland. This is a very high-quality and bright brand. It is distinguished by huge floral patterns, prints with poppies, bold combinations of shades.

If you prefer something more practical and reserved, at your service is the Finnish company Ruskovilla, which produces clothes made from natural merino wool. Merino sheep give very thin wool, the thickness of a regular sheep's fiber is 7 times thicker than that of merino.

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Tourists should pay attention to warm sweaters with national symbols and original slippers of reindeer fur.

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Sauna accessories

Essential oils, natural sponges, tar, brushes, hats with antlers, stoves, stones, fireplaces - you can rest assured that whatever accessory for the Finnish bath you choose, it will be of excellent quality.

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Fish and red caviar

Traditional Finnish delicacy is salmon and trout of weak prosalt called Graavilohi, which have a delicate taste.

Finnish caviar is different from Russian: it is salmon caviar, and not sturgeon or caviar of Sakhalin vobla. It can be of several types: slightly salted, salted and smoked. The best time for its acquisition is spring, it is during this period that the salmon begins to spawn. The company Disa'sFish is the leader in the fish industry market, strictly monitors the quality of products, so it's better to stop choosing the products of this particular brand.

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First of all Finland is associated with chocolate Fazer. The company of Karl Fazer produces many types of sweets, but the most popular type is chocolate FazerSininen, as well as chocolate Easter eggs MignonEasternEgg, for the preparation of which uses a real egg shell, milk chocolate KarlFazer, candy with grated walnut Geisha and jujube Pihlaja.

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Cloudberry preserves

Lakkaihillo cloudberry jam is popular among Finns and is very useful. Moroshka is the most expensive Finnish berry, its composition is rich in fatty acids: omega-3 and omega-6, as well as plant sterols and antioxidants.

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Candies with licorice

These are candies of black color with a brackish aftertaste. In the confectionery industry, the licorice root( licorice) is used, adding flour, sugar, syrup, water and charcoal to the composition. In addition to the famous sweets are also licorice cake and ice cream.

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Cookies Domino

Tourists should take Domino with them - a Finnish sandwich cookie with vanilla filling.

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You can not return from this amazing country without a couple of charming mummies. This is a kind family of fairy-tale creatures from the books of Tuve Jansson, superficially resembling plump white hegemotics. They are so fond of readers that figurines and soft toys with their images can be found literally on every corner. Their lovely muzzles adorn literally everything - from vases and lighters to clothes and interior items.

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Elk, deer

Figures depicting birds or animals are also very popular, especially moose, one of the symbols of Finland, and deer. Reindeer skins, horns and products from them will serve as an excellent decoration of the house.

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Finns are born craftsmen. So, the Finn is a solid and practical, extraordinarily sharp knife that perfectly fits as a gift to every man.

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Jewelry and bijouterie

Residents of Finland - the people are rather reserved and modest. Decorating themselves with jewelry or jewelry, they avoid excessive, believe that each piece of jewelry should tell its own personal story. Such requirements are met by the jewelry company Kalevala Coru, which creates decorations, inspired by the ancient epic Kalevala. Each piece of jewelry is like a piece of national history, transferred to stone or metal.

No less interesting is the Finnish costume jewelery that brightly and distinctively conveys the national flavor.

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Peas, blueberries, lingonberries - these unusual delicious berries abound in Finland. When transporting these magnificent gifts of nature, it is worth remembering that one person has the right to export up to 5 kg of vegetable products.

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You can not export

  • goods weighing more than 50 kg per person and costing more than 1500 euros;
  • flowers in pots without appropriate information on the purity of the culture and the absence of harmful microorganisms;
  • sturgeon caviar;
  • more than 5 kg of fish;
  • more than 3 liters of alcohol;
  • more than 12 liters of beer;
  • amount of personal funds, exceeding 10 thousand euros;
  • items of artistic and historical value without the seller's certificate;
  • products not thermally treated.
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