What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Cuba

The Caribbean Sea in the XVII-XVIII century was a haven of pirates, which brought him worldwide fame. Millions of tourists seek here in search of adventure, wishing to enjoy the beauty of a unique nature and soak up the rays of the hot sun on the best sandy beaches in the world. And most of them choose to holiday it is Cuba - the island of Freedom, located in the northern part of the Caribbean Sea. What is it worth to bring from here in order to preserve the memory of this hospitable and colorful country?

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  • Machete
  • National clothes
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  • Sombrero
  • skirts, shawls
  • Rum
  • Cigars
  • Spices
  • souvenirs with the image of Che Guevara
  • Fruits
  • jewelry and jewelry
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  • pearlsOf the fruit bones
  • Of the tortoise shell
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The drums of bongo are very popular in Cuba. This is a small double drum, which has roots of African descent.

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Of particular interest are paintings by Cuban artists. They are filled with bright juicy colors and carry the energy of heat and sun.

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Cuban coffee for two centuries is considered one of the best on the planet. All who once managed to taste the Cuban coffee, become his fans for life.

In the world markets, Cuban coffee is known as "Cubita".This variety is grown on the eastern slopes of the island and is prepared according to unique technology. The drink has a tender but rich taste with a honey tinge. Remember that "Cubita", bought outside the country, very remotely resembles the taste of coffee, cooked on the island.

Buy a quality product can be in the famous Havana store "Casa del Caffe" or in Russian "House of Coffee."Together with the famous "Cubita", such quality varieties as "Turquino" and "Arabica Serano Washed" are always sold here.

"Turquino" is a one hundred percent high-mountain arabica. The grains of this sort of coffee are fried in a special way, which gives it a unique flavor. Coffee has a rich taste with a slight sourness.

"Arabica Serano Washed" is made from selected grains, which are dried exclusively in the sun. Coffee of this sort is similar to the traditional Dominican.

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It's hard to imagine Cuban music without bright maracas. They are made of different sizes, but they all have an original color.

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Fans of cold steel can take with them from Cuba a machete - the famous knife for cutting sugar cane. In Cuba, it is used everywhere: with its help shear grass, smooth plaster, crack coconuts and do many other things. You can buy a machete in souvenir shops.

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National clothing

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As a gift to menfrom Cuba take Guayabera. It is a shirt that is part of a national costume. Cubans consider themselves authors of guayaabera, although similar clothes exist in other countries of Latin America.

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This is a straw hat with wide margins that perfectly protects from the rays of the scorching sun.

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Skirts, shawls

Women's wardrobe can be replenished with tunic-shaped Cuban dresses, colored skirts with ruffles and colorful scarves, which the cubes are skillfully tied to the head or thighs, or thrown over the shoulders.

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Favorite pirate drink is another business card of Cuba. The technology of preparing a strong drink was invented here by Don Facundo Bacardi Masso. And the rum «Bacardi» became famous all over the world. Thanks to him, other local brands appeared on the island - Caney, Varadero, Legendario, Havana Club.

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The drink is prepared on brown cane sugar and has an amazing aroma. In the bars of the island of Liberty you can always try world-famous cocktails prepared on the basis of the Cuban rum - Mohito, Cuba Libre, Daiquiri.

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Famous Cuban cigars have been produced on the island since 1492 and are considered the best in the world.

Among the admirers of Cuban cigars were Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Mark Twain, Sigmund Freud and Catherine the Great. The Queen of France, Catherine de Medici, used cigars to treat migraines, and John Kennedy, before imposing an embargo on Cuba, bought them for himself in the amount of 1,200 pieces.

For lovers of good tobacco, such a gift will be simply priceless. The most popular brand is Cohiba. These cigars are considered the most exquisite in the world and belong to the premium class. The legend of manual twist is the brand "Cohiba Lanceros".The variety "Romeo y Julieta Cedros de Luxe No" has a unique cedar wrapper. In general, the choice is very large, you need to try.

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In the food markets, you can find a large number of spices. The most popular of them is cumin. Use it when preparing dishes from rice. Cuban cuisine does not contain very sharp dishes. The red pepper used in the country is more sweet than bitter, except for the Scotch Bonnet variety. Make it from miniature pepper fruits, similar to Bulgarian.

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Souvenirs featuring Che Guevara

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In the area of ​​old Havana you can find a handicraft market where a huge number of various souvenirs with the picture of the commandant Ernesto Che Guevara are sold. The personality of the revolutionary is popular with many people on the planet.

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In Cuba, a huge number of fruits grow. It is worth paying attention to the Cuban mangoes. These fruits are especially sweet and juicy. Different from the usual taste have Cuban papaya and bananas. A basket of fruit gifts can be replenished with cannon, cherimoya, maracuja, fruita, maranhon, mamonsiyo, kaimitos and guanabana.

Find in Cuba you can have orange and purple sweet potato - a unique kind of sweet potato.

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Jewelry and bijouterie

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Of the corals

One of the pearls of the island are corals. Products from them are in great demand among tourists. Of particular value are ornaments of black corals, known as "Akabar."It is believed that they have magical properties and can save a person from ills and diseases.

But buying products from black corals is necessary with extreme caution. Counterfeiting can be distinguished by the color of the mineral. Under the sun, a natural coral of black color will have a red ebb.

Even more rare is jewelry with blue corals. In their work, jewelers use minerals over 50 years old. Corals of poor quality go to make jewelry. Buy jewelry can be in the boutiques of the company "Black Coral", located in many cities and hotels of the island.

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From pearls

You can bring original pearl necklaces from Cuba. Very often, pearls are used together with gold to frame corals.

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Of fruit seeds

An original souvenir can be a necklace of fruit bones. These are real works of art and on the island you can not find two similar necklaces.

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Turtle shell

Bracelets, beads, earrings and combs made of shells of turtles are no less popular among tourists.

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You can not export

  • It is prohibited to take out more than 100 Cuban pesos outside the country without a written declaration.
  • Cigars are allowed to be exported only if there is an invoice - a document confirming the purchase and not more than 23 pieces per person. In this case, they must be sealed in a package equipped with a special hologram.
  • The total cost of exported goods should not exceed one thousand pesos.
  • Jewelry can be exported only under a special license, which must be obtained in the jewelry store when buying the product.
  • It is forbidden to export books that are over 50 years old, as well as items of historical and museum value.
  • Songbirds and exotic birds, their feathers, animal skin, precious wood, precious metals and sea shells are prohibited to be exported.
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