Ideas for a photo shoot for pregnant women

Photosession during pregnancy is usually held already in the eighth or ninth month and is called "Waiting for a miracle."By itself, such a survey resulted in a separate genre of photography, in which there are their own themes and rules. Wide and the choice of worthwhile ideas, which will depend on the location of the survey.

  • Standard options
  • House
  • The studio
  • location shooting
  • Nature
  • The theme room or place

Standard options

Depending on weather conditions and the general state of health of the expectant mother, the photo shoot of this kind usually carried out in comfortable surroundings: at homeor in the studio.

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Native walls will be suitable decorations for a photo shoot only in the presence of a good interior. This can be an ordinary, fancy design, but it should cost to get into the frame. So, against the backdrop of a beautiful kitchen interior, the living room you can beat the ideas of touching romance.

It is desirable that the future dad participated in the shooting. Then the content of the frame will be thematically complete.

So, any pleasant household subjects, display of care will approach. For example, a husband prepares you tea, you drink tea with him, you eat sweets with him, cook together. Such a survey is done in the form of a series, and is often drawn up as a collage.

It will be good if you together spend a photo session in an already equipped nursery. Porassmatrivaete bought things baby toys. Appropriate

any manifestation of tenderness: hugs, kisses, holding hands, caring( for example, the husband conceals your blanket).

It is always welcome to participate in the shooting of your children.

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studio Within the studio shooting is rare to capture serial photoshoot. Most often the studio is suitable for high-quality single photo portrait. But they must also have tenderness.

In this case, denudation is allowed. You can stay in one underwear.

Common variants:

  • the husband hugs from behind in the field of a pussy;
  • you smile, stroking your stomach. In this case, it is desirable to look at the stomach;
  • the husband kisses the abdomen;
  • , you put your hands together on your stomach so that the heart turns out.
For studio shooting, you can prepare in advance: order clothes with a thematic print, for example, with jokes of the abdominal area.
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location shooting

Away genre often implement ideas, popular or simple romantic themed walk, all kinds of productions.

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In nature

Photoshoot with your husband. For her, you can choose different variations of romantic scenarios. For example, the idea of ​​colors, when you are walking around the city, go on these benchmarks in the form of flowers and, in the end, you are met at the end point of your husband with a huge bouquet. Also you can take a beautiful children's book with you and read it to your baby, sitting on a bench in the park, or on an improvised picnic outside the city.

If you have time and opportunities, moved to the place of shooting, for example, some of the attributes of the living room, you can take a floor lamp, a bedside table, two chairs or sofa, suit, table with two chairs. In the end, you should get the effect that your living room is in the middle of nature. In the frame this idea is very effective and harmonious.

In such a situation, a talented photographer will be able to beat a lot of ideas of your pregnancy, and if you take attributes such as, for example, balls and knitting needles, frames for future photos, all accessories for a beautiful table setting, pillows, plaid, thenIn general, the finished photo session will also acquire a special warmth, coziness, tenderness, which can also be made through the use of these accessories in the frame.

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For a themed photo shoot, you can also arrange a boat trip along the river. The boat can be beautifully decorated, you can add comfort, making up places for sitting with plaids, taking with them pillows, a small basket with provisions and so on.

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In the thematic room or place of

This can be any positive, child-related place.
Photoshoot can be done on the playground, in the games rooms, in the entertainment center, especially where there is a large crowd of guys.

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You can go to the amusement park, ride the ferris wheel, children's carousels, trains, etc..

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