List of foreign folk tales

Foreign tales tell of miracles and amazing people, as well as ridicule human vices. Good necessarily defeats evil, generosity and courage are rewarded by merit, and nobility always triumphs over baseness. We present to your attention a list of foreign folk tales that children of different ages will like.


The fairy tale "Ayoga" is named after a girl who was proud because everyone thought she was beautiful. She refused to go for water, and instead of her went a neighbor's girl. She also got a pie, which my mother baked. From the insult of Ayog turned into a goose, which to this day flies and repeats its name, so that no one with the other did not confuse.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

The tale of "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" tells the story of two brothers. One of them - Kasim, after his father's death became rich. And the other - Ali Baba quickly squandered everything. But he was lucky, he found a cave of robbers with treasures. Ali Baba took some good and left. When his brother learned about the treasure and went to the cave, he could not moderate his greed. As a result, Kasim was killed by robbers.

The Magic Lamp of Aladdin

The work "The Magic Lamp of Aladdin" tells about a poor young man and his adventures. Once Aladdin met a dervish, who introduced himself as his uncle. In fact, he was a sorcerer, who with the help of a young man tried to get a magic lamp. As a result of long adventures, Alladin managed to overcome the dervish and stay with his beloved princess.

Broke Princess

The heroine of the work "Brokeback Princess" once offended a hunchbacked beggar. As a result of the vicissitudes of fate, he became the husband of the princess. When she managed to get rid of the hated wife, then the girl remained a hunch. The princess enters the castle of the prince in a golden cloak. As a result, she gets rid of the hump and becomes the wife of the prince.

Jack and the beanstalk

"Jack and the beanstalk" is the story of a poor boy who lived with his mother. Once he traded a cow for magic beans. Rising to the stem, which grew out of beans, Jack took the gold, duck and man-eater harp. When the last time the giant tried to overtake the boy, he felled a stem and killed an ogre. Then he married the princess and healed happily.

Pan Kotsky

In the fairy tale "Pan Kotsky" is told about a cat that the owner took to the forest when he grew old. There he was met by a fox. The cat named Pan Kotsky. Fox suggested that he become a husband and wife. The red cheat deceived the forest animals, who invited the couple to dinner, and cunningly made them afraid of the cat.

Why water in the sea is salty

The fairy tale "Why water in the salt sea" tells of two brothers. Once the poor begged the rich meat. He gave it, but sent his brother to the old Hyishi. As a reward for bravery, he received a poor millstone, giving everything he wanted. Having learned this, the rich man asked for a gift from his brother and did not want to return it. On a fishing mill, grinding salt, did not stop and sunk the boat.


In the fairy tale "Sinbad-sailor" tells about the amazing adventures of the hero. In one of the three stories tells about the island, which turned out to be a whale. The second tells of Sinbad's encounter with the bird Rukh and the amazing salvation of the sailor. In the third, the hero had to survive in a skirmish with a giant ogre.

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Trapped shoe

"Trapped shoes" - a fairy tale, which tells about the 12 princesses and their secrets. Nobody could figure out why the shoes of the girls who were closed in their bedchamber, were exhausted in the morning. Those who tried and could not solve the riddle, were deprived of their heads. Only the poor soldier managed to learn the secret of the princesses and get one of them as his wife.

Three pigs

From the fairy tale "Three Little Pigs" children learn about the need to think things out in advance. Towards the approach of cold weather, one of the pig-brothers - Naf-Naf built a solid stone house. But Nif-Nif and Nuf-Nuf built a feeble structure, which could not withstand the onslaught of the wolf. All three brothers are saved in the house of the prudent Naf-Naf.

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A wonderful pearl

"A wonderful pearl" - a fairy tale about a poor girl, Ua. She worked for the elder, who offended her. One day the girl was asked to save the daughter of the lord of the waters, which she did. As a reward, Ua received a magical pearl that fulfilled desires. A wonderful thing helped the girl get rid of poverty and live happily with her lover.

Why the hare has long ears

The hero of the fairy tale "Why the hare has long ears" is a small timid little animal. He overheard the moose talk with his wife, when he reasoned, whom to distribute the horns. And he asked the biggest horns for himself. And when the lump fell on his head, he became so frightened that he got confused in the bushes. He selected the horns of the horns and awarded the hare with big ears for what he likes to eavesdrop.

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Three oranges

A tale of "Three Oranges" about how the old woman of the royal son cursed. According to her prophecy, as soon as he was 21, the young man went to look for a tree with three oranges. For a long time he had to wander, but he found what he was looking for. Together with oranges, the prince acquired a beautiful bride and married her.

Gold shoe

In the fairy tale "The Golden Shoe" tells the story of the two sisters Mugazo and Mukhalok. The first was kind and obedient, but her stepmother did not like her. Mugazo had to experience many troubles, because it turned into a turtle, a bird, and a persimmon. But thanks to the intercession of the goddess, the girl remained alive and married the king.

Two greedy cubs

"Two greedy cubs" - an instructive tale for children. It tells about two brothers cubs. One day they went on a trip together. When the cubs were hungry and found the head of cheese, they did not know how to divide it. Because of their greed, they trusted the cunning fox, who deceived the cubs.

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Jug with gold

The work "Jug with gold" tells of the poor plowman who gaveland we lease to a neighbor. When he worked in the field, he found a jug of gold. Unable to agree on who owns it, the Pahari turned to the tsar. However, he saw only snakes instead of gold. Only the sages helped to resolve such a contentious issue.

Poor man and brothers-winds

"Poor man and brothers-winds" - a fairy tale about two brothers: poor and rich. One was simple-minded, but had little good. The other is rich, but greedy. Once the poor man had to turn to the winds, which left him without flour. They gave the man, but he could not save the gifts. The brother appropriated them dishonestly. But the winds helped the poor man not only return good, but also taught the mind.

How the Sun and the Moon went to each other

"How the Sun and the Moon went to each other" - this is a fairy tale about why the night star reflects light. When the moon came to visit the Sun, she gave the star on a dish. Preparing for a return visit, the King of Light ordered the tailor to sew a dress from the clouds for a present. But he refused, because the Moon is constantly changing shape. Then the sun allowed to use its rays for the night light.


The tale "Muzhichok-Burachok" is named after the main character. He was an ordinary plowman, but he was superior to any sage by savvy. Learning about this, the pan did not believe the stories of the people and decided to check up the man. He called Burachka to him and puzzled him. But he used his wit and proved that he was smarter than Pan.

Pot of porridge

In the fairy tale "Pot of porridge" is told about a good girl. Having met an old woman in the forest, she treated her with berries, for which she received a magic pot. This miracle crockery filled with delicious porridge as soon as the right words were uttered. When the girl was away, her mother took advantage of the pot, but did not know how to stop it. As a result, porridge flooded the whole city.

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