How to wear beret correctly

Beret came into fashion during the Middle Ages, but for a long time was a purely male military headgear. And now takes is included in the ammunition of many troops. But he also associates with the irreplaceable attribute of the style of people of creativity: writers, artists, poets. The true fashion among women for this headdress originates in France of the beginning of the last century.

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With what to wear

Today designers offer to wear Beret and with a variety of styles of coats. Organically takes also complemented and various styles of raincoats. And, of course, this headdress will look with a dress of calm monochrome colors of different cuts.

Beret is suitable for both autumn and spring, but it is in the spring that this hat is the most relevant. In the spring, the beret can also be worn with short leather jackets, sleeveless coats and fur vests.

Suits takes and under a business suit of fine wool, complemented by thin knitted waistcoats.

The choice of beret for this or that image directly depends on the material from which it is made: wool, velvet, fur, openwork, corduroy or knitwear.

The material of the beret should be close to the materials that make up the ensemble. So, a thin knitted beret will fit under a knitted dress and a cashmere coat.

Well with berets, gloves of the same material or scarves are combined.

Cashmere beret goes well with a cashmere coat and knitted things.

Under a wool beret, you need to choose more dense and warm things made of fine wool or knitted.

Under beret knitted is better to pick up a knitted thin dress or a set of blouse, wide wool trousers and a knitted waistcoat.

If you prefer the style of "military", you can wear a small beret made of dense fabric with a jacket and boots.

Learn what to wear a coat of different styles

But the classic Beret model looks perfect with a skirt and a raincoat or a jacket.

Popular models of berets made of felt.

They perfectly hold shape and are suitable for creating an evening image.

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The right variants of the

Today in fashion retro style, and takes perfectly displays this direction.

If you like the notes of the 30s, it's a bit backward to put on a beret, bending one edge to one side, slightly covering one ear. The second edge should be flat.

There is also another way of wearing a beret. It refers to the 50th. The edges of the beret should be straightened, but the beret itself should also be slightly pushed to one side.

This method of wearing is good for a hairstyle with a bang.

The third way of wearing refers to the 40th year. In this case beret fields remain straight, the headpiece does not move to the side.

Suitable for wearing only in the case with perfect proportions of the face and a thin neck.

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