What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Minsk

During the trip to Minsk tourists will enjoy immersion in the world of a unique and original culture, eventful history, magnificent nature and cordial hospitable people. And in order to prolong the pleasant impressions of the trip to the capital of Belarus, it is best to take a piece of this beautiful country with you in the form of a nice souvenir. Belarus is famous for its craftsmen, national cuisine and absolutely unique color.

  • Alcohol
  • balms
  • Vodka
  • infusions
  • Beer
  • Boots & Hats
  • Wood
  • Products from a rod
  • products
  • straw products from flax
  • Potatoes
  • Pottery
  • Cosmetics
  • Clothing
  • National costume
  • Knitwear
  • Underwear
  • Sweets
  • Souvenirs from Belovezhskaya Pushcha
  • Crystal and glass
  • Watch "Beam"
  • Jewelry and bijouterie
  • You can not take out


Almost any food"Minsk Kristall" Hinnom or specialty store Minsk, the huge choice of alcohol distillery. The assortment includes, both strong drinks, and fragrant balms and tinctures of local manufacture.

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Excellent local balms "Wizard", "Belarusian", "Minsk Kryshtal Lux" and "Belovezhsky" are popular with tourists.

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Belarusian vodka is a recognized leader among the alcohol brands represented in Belarus. Among the most popular brands: "Lime with honey", rye vodka "Bulbash Hlebnaya", as well as wheat vodka, prepared on the basis of spring water.

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Tinctures of

It is worth paying attention to tinctures of "Batkova", "Belovezhskaya", "Belarusian Zubrovka" and "Toutayshaya" trademarks cooked on local herbs and characterized by a special taste and aroma. But the undisputed leader is a strong tincture of "Krambambul", which is made from vodka with honey, propolis and spices and has healing properties.

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The oldest brewery in Belarus is the Olivaria plant. Foam drinks of this enterprise are not inferior in quality to European and Russian counterparts. The plant produces about two dozen beer brands under the brands "Brovar" and "Alivaria".

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Boots and hats

It's very easy to give your friends a warm welcome by buying genuine valenki in Minskand hats. In the ancient Belarusian town of Dribin live craftsmen who make valenoks of excellent quality. In such felt boots, even the fierce cold is not terrible. Valenki and warm hats can be bought in many shops in Minsk.

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Wooden products

Belarusian craftsmen make a lot of useful things from wood - furniture, carved toys and all kinds of figures, beautiful dishes and elegant caskets. The choice of wood products, indeed, is great.

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Products from vines

Willow vine is a wonderful material for handicrafts, from it you can make not only pleasant and useful little things for the house, but even unique furniture. In the souvenir shops of Minsk, a large number of wicker baskets and pots, breadcrumbs and caskets, baby cots and bast shoes are presented. The special properties of the vine make the products from it not only original, but also very eco-friendly.

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Straw products

Baskets and statuettes, figurines and toys, straw hats, as well as panels and cute dolls are made from straw of the master of applied art in Belarus. You can find unusual interior items, wicker made from straw.

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Linen products

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The subject of particular pride of Belarusians is flax, which is considered to be one of the best fabrics in the world. Made from natural fibers, linen clothes will delight coolness in the heat, and in winter warm. In addition to clothing made from linen, a lot of useful things are made, from tablecloths and towels to elegant blouses.

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During a trip to Minsk, it is simply impossible not to remember the main Belarusian brand - a potato. This product can be found in local markets in a huge range, and take with you, especially if you are traveling by car.

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Belarusian potters carefully store a lot of ancient secrets of working with clay, so the taste of the dish cooked in such earthenware becomes excellent. In addition to dishes, master ceramists make children's toys, musical instruments, decorative figurines, mugs with national ornaments. You can find ceramic products with images of the main sights of Belarus.

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Choosing souvenirs from Minsk, choose the Belarusian cosmetics. A range of "Belita" cosmetic products is produced in Minsk. You can buy cosmetics for body, face and hair care. The company also produces household chemicals and much more. Products of the Belarusian manufacturer in Minsk can be found in specialized departments or branded stores.

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A very popular Belarusian brand is the clothes of the trade marks "Elema", "Your Line" and "Men's Line".These companies are located in Minsk, so it is not difficult to find brand stores.

You can buy dresses and skirts, shirts and trousers, men's and women's suits, as well as jackets, coats and raincoats. Clothing from Belarus is of high quality with quite democratic prices.

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National costume

In Belarus, you can buy a rather unusual souvenir in the form of a national costume. Traditions are carefully preserved here, so a lot of goods are produced with traditional ornaments. At the heart of the costume is a snow-white linen shirt embroidered with embroidery, which can be brought as a gift to both men and women.

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In the vicinity of Minsk, in the city of Soligorsk, is located the enterprise "Kupalinka", which produces knitted goods. Already about half a century the masters of this company produce excellent knitwear, which is popular. In addition to clothing for all ages, you can buy quality thermal underwear and school uniforms.

A huge number of sewing companies are located in Brest, and their products are presented in stores throughout the country, and their clothes can be purchased both wholesale and retail.

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The representatives of the fair sex are certainly familiar with the Belarusian brand "Milavitsa".This company produces underwear of excellent quality, as well as swimwear and knitwear. In Russia, you can also find Milavitsa branded stores, but the price in Belarus will be more economical.

No less popular brand of underwear is the company "Serge".The company is located in Minsk and offers its customers underwear for adults and children, clothes for sleeping and playing sports, there is a line of outerwear.

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The easiest way to answer the question is what to bring from Minsk from the products. In the Belarusian capital is located the plant "Kommunarka", which produces candy, chocolate, cocoa and caramel. This factory exists more than hundred years. Products "Kommunarka" will please anyone.

The most popular candies of this factory are: "Alenka", "Grillage on peanuts", "Little Red Riding Hood", "Souffle", "Capital" and "Chocolate Bottles".You can buy completely exclusive confectionery products created by hand.

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Souvenirs from Belovezhskaya Pushcha

It is worth to bring a bison figure from Belarus, especially if you are traveling around the famous Belovezhskaya Pushcha reserve. The bison is considered a symbol of Belarus, and all kinds of figures and images of these mighty animals can be found in souvenir shops.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha is not only a unique nature reserve, but also the location of the estate of Santa Claus where you can plunge into a fairy tale and take with you a piece of this fairy tale in the form of a memorable souvenir.

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Crystal and glass

An excellent gift will be crystal products made at the Borisov plant. Fine figurines of birds and animals, stained glass windows, crystal wine glasses and glasses, vases and salad bowls and much more can all be found in the shops of Minsk.

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Watch "Ray"

Famous Soviet watches "Luch", "Dawn" and "Vympel" were produced at the watch factory in Minsk. Nowadays the enterprise continues a half-century tradition and produces watches of the brand "Luch".You can buy a legendary wrist, pocket or table clock as a present.

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Jewelry and bijouterie

Jewelry created by the hands of Belarusian jewelers is very popular among connoisseurs of beauty for its high quality and elegant execution.

The most famous jewelry brands "DIVIA" and "Zorka", which offer their customers a wide selection of rings, earrings, necklaces, brooches, pendants, pins, ties, chains and bracelets made of gold and silver and inlaid with precious and semiprecious stones.

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You can not export

  • historical values;
  • rare plants and animals;
  • archaeological materials. For their transportation, you need a special permit from the Ministry of Culture;
  • scrap of non-ferrous and precious metals;
  • explosives.
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