Signs and superstitions in pregnancy

Women during pregnancy are especially inclined to listen to people's signs and beliefs, as this gives them a certain psychological calmness. In the representatives of the weaker sex, the maternal instinct awakens, and they become more suspicious, try to hedge not only on the medical, but also on the energy level "just in case".At the same time, many of the popular beliefs have real medical justification.

  • For early pregnancy
  • Early detection
  • Determining the sex of the child
  • Pregnancy for twins
  • What can not be done

To the soonest pregnancy

In anticipation of the joyful event of the long-awaited conception, women tend to see fatal signs in everything, especially if for some reasonreasons, it still does not come. The people have many tips how to attract a pregnancy:

  • More to communicate with pregnant women, charge them with energy, get into their cares and thoughts, put their hands to the stomach, feeling the wiggling of the baby and make up his wish for conception.

  • Drink a few sips of any liquid from a cup or glass from where the pregnant woman just drank.
  • Try on things for pregnant women.
  • Ride an empty stroller.
  • Popular in the people and a sign about the ficus, which must be placed in the bedroom of the couple who want children. There is an opinion that this plant has energy that promotes conception.
  • Bring in the house a puppy, kitten or any other pet of childhood. At the same time, if the animal is prone to fall below the threshold, it is a sign of an unplanned pregnancy.
  • The most "practical" sign that foreshadows pregnancy is to plan a lot of serious things for the coming year, for example, repair, long or long trip, luxury vacation, study, etc. The second option is to buy an annual supply of gaskets for critical days. According to the laws of Murphy, all the most important events happen at the most inopportune time.
  • More religious signs for pregnancy - visiting holy places associated with the energy of conception, as well as embroidering a special picture with the image of three little angels called "Almost perfect"( "Almost perfect").
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Early detection of

In ancient times, when medicine was not so developed, people's signs were known for the first signs of pregnancy before the critical days were delayed, the size and breast size increased, the appearance of an early toxicosis, the pulling sensations in the lower abdomen. Many of these signs already have medical justifications, explaining them by the first restructuring of the organism of the future mother.

Signs of early pregnancy:

  • Increased sexual interest in a partner, caused by the need to increase the production of pleasure hormones - seratonin, endorphin.
  • Sharp change of culinary preferences, predilection for certain products( especially pickles and marinades), an attempt to combine in food incongruous.
  • Exacerbation of smell, intolerance to some odors.
  • Appearance of acne or pigmentation spots on the face, about which they said that the child steals beauty from his mother.

From other signs for pregnancy can be designated:

  • Sleep with a large fish or watermelon.
  • Pets start to get used to a woman, especially cats and dogs, they even try to sleep nearby.
  • Pigeons often arrive in the house, build nests under the roof or on the balcony.
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Determining the sex of the child

Before the advent of ultrasound, it was equally interesting for people to find out what gender supplementation is coming in the family. For this, too, many signs were noticed.

By the looks of the boy will be, if:

  • the woman has a hairy belly, the hair of the arms, legs, over the lips has intensified( due to the fact that during the pregnancy the boy increases the amount of the male hormone testosterone);
  • the stomach sharply sticks out a cucumber;
  • mommy has a slow heartbeat;
  • the baby behaves quietly in the abdomen and does not spin;
  • the first trimester of pregnancy has passed easily, and there is no early toxicosis;
  • a woman during pregnancy walks with her left leg;

The girl will be if:

  • stomach during pregnancy is wide and slightly shapeless;
  • the future mother has on her face swelling and pigmentation spots( the girl steals beauty from her mother);
  • in mom fast heartbeat;
  • the child often jostles and behaves restlessly;
  • early toxicosis;
  • a woman during pregnancy walks with her right foot.
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Pregnancy of twins

There was also a number of symptoms, that the woman has a multiple pregnancy:

  • before or during pregnancy, a woman comes across or she eats eggs with two yolks;
  • in a dream often dream a lot of fish, twin things;
  • accidentally some things a pregnant woman gets 2 times more.
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What can not be done

There are a lot of prohibitions on different actions for pregnant women, many of them are just superstitions, but some have logical explanations. For the most part, they were designed to protect the health of mother and future baby.

What can not be done during pregnancy:

  • To talk about your situation to someone other than the closest, until it becomes noticeable. In such a simple way, they were protected from the evil eye, since miscarriages often occurred in the early stages.
  • Advance buying things to the kid.
  • Do "dangerous" household chores with sharp objects: patching, cutting, sewing. It was believed that if the mother is pricked or cut, the baby will have birthmarks on the corresponding places of damage.
  • Crochet or knitting needles, otherwise the child will be wrapped around the umbilical cord or a knot will form on it. Most likely, the sign is based on what was knit in olden times, sitting for a long time in an uncomfortable position, with poor lighting and in a little ventilated room.
  • To step over a broom, otherwise you can anger the living in it of the house-owner, who will arrange trouble.
  • Sitting on the doorstep of the house. It was believed that the threshold divides the worlds of the living and the dead. However, most likely, so simply guarded the pregnant woman from drafts.
  • To raise hands sharply or permanently, otherwise the child will become entangled in the umbilical cord. Doctors believe that such an action can lead to an untimely outpouring of amniotic fluid.
  • Cut your hair, as this can cause miscarriage or premature birth. According to ancient beliefs it is in the hair is the life force and experience of man.
  • Throw your foot on your leg while sitting. Doctors confirm this ban, because the woman's body is prone to varicose veins, and this posture worsens blood circulation. In ancient times, however, it was believed that such a posture of a future mother would result in the child being borned to be clumsy.
  • Sleep on the back, otherwise the child may suffocate. Doctors do say that it is undesirable to sleep on the back, as the lower hollow vein is pinched and the blood flow in the umbilical cord may be disturbed.
  • Play with the cats, otherwise the child will have many enemies. Today, this ban is explained more simply: cats are able to tolerate toxoplasmosis, and if this virus gets into the mother's blood, very unpleasant consequences can arise.
  • Draw or take pictures of a pregnant woman. According to beliefs, this helped to stop the development of the baby in a state in which his mother was imprinted.
  • During a fright clutch at the body and face. Because of this, the future child will have a birthmark on the face or body, in the place for which the mother will grasp.
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