All wedding signs and superstitions, traditions and customs

Wedding is an important and solemn event, requiring sometimes long and exhausting preparation. To ensure that everything went perfectly on this day, it is necessary to adhere to certain traditions and customs that have been formed by the people for centuries. Observance of wedding receptions and rites strengthens marriage, brings happiness and well-being to a young family.

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  • Attire
  • Dress
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  • Jewelery
  • Shoes
  • Bouquet
  • For the groom
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  • witnesses Guests
  • For unmarried
  • After the wedding
  • In a leap year
  • By seasons
  • By months
  • By days of the week
  • By dates and holidays
  • By the Moon
  • Weather
  • What can not be given
  • Pregnant and children onholiday

Before the wedding

When preparing for the event, you must remember the following traditions:

  • The young people should spend the night before the wedding in different houses.
  • On the eve of the wedding, the groom's nose itches - the guests will be full and satisfied.
  • Fortunately, the night before the wedding of the bride, you should put a mirror under the pillow, and put your nightdress on inside out.
  • Before the wedding, the fiancé can not exchange photos - it's for parting.
  • A girl should not knit any clothes to her lover before the wedding - this heralds a tiff.

  • The groom should not be sheared on the eve of a wedding or a wedding so that the children do not get sick.
  • If the bridegroom, bride or guests sneeze on the morning of the wedding day - this brings good luck.
  • If a bride helps to dress up a woman happily living in a marriage for more than 7 years - this is a good sign, foreshadowing a long family life.
  • Looking in the mirror, the bride should not allow her friends to stand in front of her - so as not to take away a loved one.
  • If the bride is crying on her wedding day - this is fortunately.
  • The groom stumbled on the threshold of the house called - just around the corner one more wedding.
  • Taking the bride from the parental home, the groom should not look back.
  • After the bride's redemption and before the registrar's office, no one should pass between the young ones.
  • Bride and groom can not cross the road, otherwise they are waiting for quarrels and strife. If there is such a possibility, the witnesses must go slightly ahead of the named ones.
  • To ensure that the bride's family life is a success, she needs to drop an old shoe after it.
  • Wedding car with a bell - to a fun life.
  • Alarm on the way to the place of celebration of the wedding - to scare away the evil spirit.
  • When the bride goes to the registration or the wedding, her mother must at least symbolically wash the floor so her daughter does not return( not divorced).However, you can not wash the threshold in the house - this is to dissolve the marriage.
  • The longer and more complicated the road to the registry office, the happier will be the family life.
  • Young, who are going to sign, you need to stick in the clothes pins - this will protect them from the evil eye.
  • To walk before registering a marriage is an unkind sign.
  • Meeting on the way to the registrar's funeral procession, you need to go the other way.
  • If the bride and groom are to eat one chocolate bar for two before they start a wedding, they will have a sweet life.
  • Arrival of young people to the place of marriage registration ahead of time - to a long and happy life together.
  • Go to the wedding with a toothache - to get married with the disease.
  • When receiving a parental blessing, the bride and groom should stand together on the rug or embroidered towel - then they will live in harmony with each other and with their relatives.
  • On the day of the ceremony, none of the guests and strangers should be corrected for young clothes so that they will not lose their luck.

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Transfer of the date

To change the date of the wedding to a later date is a bad omen, giving trouble to a young family. Transfer to an earlier time is entirely acceptable.

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For the bride and groom

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During registration

  • Young should not look into each other's eyes during the ceremony - this heralds treason or mutual hostility.
  • The bride has a left palm during the wedding - to the rich life of the young, the right - to the guests and the fun in the house.
  • Making a mistake while taking an oath is a good sign.
  • The first person to step on the wedding towel during the ceremony will be the head of the family.
  • Sprinkle newlyweds leaving the registry office or church, rice, wheat or wheat - to family income. Spread the candy - in front of them stretches the road to a sweet life.
  • The wedding should be held before sunset, otherwise family life will not work out. However, one should not be too rash - the marriage concluded in the afternoon is considered more successful.
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  • After the wedding and before the feast, the young are greeted with bread and salt, that is, with a wedding caravan. Bake it the day before the celebration, it should be done by women who happily live in wedlock, not widows and not divorced. Wheat and rye are used for baking a loaf. Rye must be only the bottom - the lower loaf of the loaf.
  • Before entering the banquet hall, young people are feeding each other a caravan, sprinkled with salt and symbolizing the last time they pestered each other. At the same time, who breaks off a bigger piece, he will later be the head of the family.
  • Guests of the wedding loaf are not allowed, it is only for the young. You can not throw it out either - you can bake bread and eat it later.
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Feast of

  • During the wedding feast of the newlyweds it is better to plant on one bench - this means a joint life. In their place, no one but themselves should sit.
  • For a happy family life, the bride and groom must break the plates and together step over the fragments. If the dish is broken only by the bride, the union will be unsuccessful.
  • There were 2 spoons in the saucepan - you need to prepare for another wedding.
  • If someone from the newlyweds wants to take a piece of food( for example, sweets or patties), you need to take not one but a couple, so that the family does not have any strife.
  • Young overturned or poured a full glass - her husband would drink.
  • Newlyweds have one plate - to experience financial difficulties.
  • Spouses ate one spoon - to a quick quarrel between them.
  • A wedding cake is cut by a young wife, while the husband supports a knife. The first piece of the husband presents his wife, the second - the wife's husband. Then parents and guests.
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  • If the rings are smooth, without stones and notches, then the family life will be smooth, without strife and stumbling blocks.
  • When choosing a ring with a stone, you should know that the emerald symbolizes tender love, ruby ​​- passionate, diamond - a long one.
  • If the bride's ring is wider than that of the groom, the husband will have a frail constitution( he will not have an oblique sazhen in the shoulders).
  • Combining marriage with parent rings means repeating their family relationships. This can be done if parents have already celebrated a silver wedding( 25 years of marriage).It's good, if you use rings of golden jubilees( 50 years) for betrothal.
  • Only married couples can try on wedding rings, otherwise the couple's betrayal is possible.
  • Wearing rings before the wedding is not worth it - it is fraught with bad luck or the transfer of the wedding day.
  • Wedding rings should be taken to the place of marriage registration by the groom or witness - the bride "memory of a girl".
  • For the bride to love more, the bride needs to put on his engagement ring to the base of the finger.
  • Drop the ring - to part.
  • After the rings are put on, the box from them is given to a young unmarried girl. The one who gets the box, will get married next.
  • The wedding ring can not be removed from the hand or lost - this is a bad omen.
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  • To drink from wedding glasses it is necessary to the bottom - then the young family will not know sorrows and tears.
  • After drinking from glasses, do not break them - fragments bring misfortune, and the whole glass is a money amulet, bringing prosperity to a young family. Keep the glasses in the family.
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For the bride

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  • The wedding dress of the bride must consist of obligatory things: something new - a symbol of well-being in marriage, old - support from friends and family members, another - goodwill for a young family, white- purity and innocence, blue - fidelity of the spouse.
  • The bride should not have things of green color, this bears the turmoil in family life.
  • In shoes under the insole you need to put on a coin, and in underwear - bread crumbs and a little sugar. According to a sign, so it will be easier for a woman to lead a household, and the husband will always be full and calm.
  • See yourself in the mirror in full wedding attire - to the hassle.
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  • To choose a dress is necessary in the company of mother or girlfriends. Before the wedding day, the groom should not see the attire of the bride.
  • The dress should be piecework, and not consist of a separate corset and skirt, otherwise the life of the couple will be separate.
  • No one can try on a wedding dress, much less wear it. If you have to take it at the box office, you need to change something and change it for the bride.
  • The bride wearing a dress before the wedding also should not - this heralds a breakdown ceremony.
  • If an unmarried girl wears someone else's wedding dress - she is not destined to get married.
  • You can not wear a dress above the knee. The long dress symbolizes a long marital life.
  • Poke flowers on the waistband - to heavy delivery.
  • You should not wear a wedding dress over your legs, otherwise your husband will leave.
  • The dress must have an even number of buttons, otherwise the husband will change.
  • If the button has flown off, it should be sewn with two stitches - then be with your lover all your life together.
  • On the hem of the dress you need to make a pair of stitches with blue threads - this will protect you from the evil eye.
  • If the dress was torn at the wedding - the mother-in-law will be angry.
  • Even after the wedding dress can not be given to anyone. It should not be sold, but stored so that the marriage was strong.

The color of the bride's dress also matters:

  • Snow White - symbolizes God's grace. Suitable only for first marriage.
  • Silver or gray - the marriage will be short-lived.
  • Red - in family life there will be many conflicts.
  • Blue - to the rapid cooling of relations between spouses.
  • Blue - the husband will have a mistress.
  • Green - the marriage will be cash-strapped.
  • Yellow - the couple will live together for 6 years.
  • Gold - the union will be rich.
  • Brown - will have to share the acquired.
  • Black - to early widowhood.
  • Pink or purple - means a long love.
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  • Veil is the charm of the bride, it can only be replaced with a wreath.
  • The longer the veil, the longer the marriage.
  • Short veil - the children will be sick.
  • To get married without a veil - the bride is waiting for suffering and deception.
  • When leaving the parental home for a wedding or registration, the bride should cover his face with a veil - this will save you from the evil eye.
  • To get married in a hat - to a short-lived marriage.
  • Only the husband before the wedding night can remove the veil from the bride.
  • Veil fell - unfortunately.
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  • The bride should not have jewelry made of real pearls - according to popular beliefs, pearls bring tears.
  • To attract good luck, to put on the earrings the bride must be a happy married married girlfriend.
  • Chained chain - to break family ties.
  • It should not be worn on this day, no rings, other than engagement.
  • The decoration that fell from the bride is an unkind sign.
  • Ornaments to the interior can not be borrowed or rented.
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  • Shoes of the bride must be closed on the toe and heel so that happiness does not flow out of the house.
  • To get married in sandals - family life will be barefoot.
  • You also can not marry in shoes with lacing - this is for lack of money.
  • The bride must buy shoes without the groom.
  • Old shoes on the bride bring good luck in marriage.1-2 days before the ceremony in shoes it is possible to be like.
  • To break a heel on your wedding day - family life will be limp.
  • To lose a shoe - to the rupture of marriage.
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  • The groom should not give anyone a bouquet of the bride until he gives his betrothed.
  • The bride should not part with the bouquet, it can be given in the hands of the mother or witness, and also put in the vase in front of him during the feast.
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For the groom

  • If the groom puts paper money in his pocket, family life will prosper.
  • Crowned in a butterfly - will change.
  • White, gray or light shoes on the groom - his life will be painful and short-lived.
  • Young marries in boots - will be beat.

The color of the groom's costume is as important as the dresses:

  • Black - symbolizes marriage for love.
  • Gray - the wedding is hasty, but the marriage will be lengthy.
  • White - to the suffering of the groom.
  • Blue - the husband will be unfaithful.
  • Blue - symbolizes squabbles of a monetary nature.
  • Green suit - marriage to people laughing.
  • Red - the life of the groom will not last long.
  • Brown - will be a strict husband.
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About the witnesses of

  • If the witnesses at the wedding are divorced, the marriage will not be prolonged.
  • In the witnesses to the wedding, you can not invite a husband and wife, otherwise their marriage will fall apart.
  • A man who has witnessed more than 10 times, never marries himself. This applies to a girl who has taken part in weddings for more than 7 girlfriends.
  • The witness's dress should be gold, pink or blue - this will attract good luck to the young couple.
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For guests of

  • A good omen is an odd number of guests at the wedding.
  • The invited should rejoice and congratulate the young people, the more sincere they do it, the happier the life of the newlyweds will be.
  • Come on the holiday you need to touch the bride and groom - shake hands, kiss. So they take over a piece of luck.
  • Guests should not wear black clothes at the wedding.
  • During the feast after each toast, the newlyweds are shouted "Bitterly", forcing them to kiss - thus, the sweetness of the kiss softens the bitterness of vodka.
  • Unexpected guest at the wedding - to prosperity in the house of the young.
  • Guests must pass the gifts to the newlyweds through a towel or in the hands of witnesses.
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For unmarried

  • In order to marry a bridesmaid, the bride must give her the pillow on which she was sitting during the gatherings, with the words: "I give a pillow to my girlfriend so she could stay in my place as a bride."A girlfriend needs to sit on a pillow, and then store it.
  • The girl, who at the celebration will try to eclipse the bride, in the future, waiting for trouble.
  • The task of the bridesmaids is to get a ransom from the groom and his friends - for a full life called.
  • An unmarried girl who accidentally stepped on the hem of a bride's dress, will soon be married.
  • If an unmarried man touches the rings of the young, he will soon have a family.
  • If an unfamiliar man during the holiday spilled an unmarried girl champagne on a dress - she will soon be wooed.
  • A girl who caught a bridal bouquet at her wedding, will marry next.
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After the wedding

  • If the newlyweds look at one mirror after the wedding, their life will be happy.
  • Under the threshold of the newlyweds' house you need to put the lock, and when they cross it - lock it and throw the key in the water. Then the marriage will be long and successful.
  • In order for the family to be in agreement, the young husband must bring the bride in the house on his hands.
  • For the wealth of the newlyweds, on the wedding night they should be put to sleep on the sheaves collected from rye ears, the number of which should be odd.
  • During the preparation of the bed for the newlyweds, the pillow should be laid with cuts on the pillowcases to each other. In this case, consent will prevail in the house.
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In a leap year

If in February of this year not 28, and 29 days, it is considered unfavorable for the creation of a new family.

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  • Wedding in the spring portends a strong love that does not fade with the years, a happy family life.
  • In the summer - a joint life will be fun and joyful.
  • In autumn, the union of the young will be strong and indestructible.
  • In winter, financial difficulties are possible. The exception is snow on the day of marriage.
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By months

It is desirable that the wedding is held in that month, in the name of which there is the letter "p".Each month has its significance:

  • January - heralds an early widowhood.
  • February - to marry this month foreshadows to live in harmony.
  • March - will have to go to a foreign land.
  • April - in the relations there will be changeability.
  • May - you can detect treason in your own home. In May, get married - all my life to suffer.
  • June - to a happy marriage, the honeymoon will last for life.
  • July - family life, started this month, will be sweet and sour.
  • August - foreshadows a good relationship, the husband will become both a lover and a friend.
  • September - marks a quiet and peaceful family life.
  • October - tensions will develop in the family.
  • November - promises a rich life.
  • December - to strengthen relations, long love.
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Days of the week

Each day of the week is patronized by the ruling planet, which influences the future life together:

  • Monday-Moon helps create a strong emotional connection between the spouses.
  • Tuesday - militant Mars can provoke quarrels.
  • Wednesday - marriage is patronized by Mercury, contributing to communication, finding compromises.
  • Thursday - Jupiter accompanies luck and receiving material profit, but promises and a thorough analysis of each conflict situation.
  • Friday - run by a planet of love Venus and is considered the most successful day for a wedding.
  • Saturday - Saturn brings responsibility and stability to the relationship. The right day for marriage contracts.
  • Sunday - the Sun protects the marriage, bringing warmth and understanding to the relationship, but emphasizing the individuality, not the unity of the spouses.
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By dates and holidays

  • A good omen is the matchmaking for the Trinity, and the appointment of the wedding day for the Protection( October 14) is the patron of the family.
  • The Assumption Post( August 14-27) is an unfavorable time for a noisy wedding. In this period, you can simply sign, a little postponing the celebration of the event.
  • To be married to Apple saved( August 19) - to a long and happy family life.
  • Wedding on the bride's birthday or the day of the week in which she was born is a bad sign.
  • 13 number - is considered an unlucky day for the wedding, if it falls on Friday.
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On the Moon

The closest to the Earth, the heavenly body will also help plan the wedding date:

  • At full moon - family life will be a full cup.
  • The descending moon - all the sorrows and tribulations will go away.
  • In the new moon - to a new happy life.
  • With a growing moon - wealth in the family will grow rapidly.
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  • Sunny clear weather promises a happy and easy life.
  • If the day of the wedding was sunny, and suddenly it began to rain - a young family will be secured.
  • There was a thunderstorm or a storm - to uneasy relations. Thunder is a harbinger of difficulties.
  • Snow, hail, or blizzard symbolize honesty in a relationship.
  • Strong frost will strike - the first child will be a boy, strong and healthy.
  • The rainbow is a happy sign.
  • Cloudy or fog - uncertainty in a relationship.
  • The wind for the wedding symbolizes the windy life of the newlyweds.
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What not to give

  • Forks, knives and other sharp objects are for quarrels. To mitigate the negative effect of the omens, the donor needs to give away the coin, as if buying out a gift.
  • Watch. This item counts the time of family life - while the hours go by, there is a marriage.
  • Bedding, towels. Affect the intimate life of the spouses, they must choose or make them independently.
  • Paintings, icons, antiques - these items can be presented before or after the wedding. Icons need to be consecrated in the church.
  • Mirrors are magic symbols.
  • Jewelry - can only be presented to each other by newlyweds.
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Pregnant and children on the holiday

  • If the bride marries in position, she should protect the child from the evil eye - tie the belly with a red ribbon so that it can not be seen under the clothes.
  • A pregnant bride should not choose a snow-white dress - a symbol of purity and innocence. Preference is given to a beige or pink shade.
  • How many pregnant women were at the wedding, so many years the newlyweds will not have children.
  • Children at the wedding mean hassle, as well as a happy and long family life.
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