How to choose a chiffon dress

Chiffon is a very light and airy material, which is ideal for sewing a dress both loose and fitted. Fashion, using this material, stands on top of its development and constantly brings something new into the already existing variety. Make your evening, wedding or everyday image irresistible with this outfit.

  • Fashion styles
  • Color dressing solution
  • Options for full women

Fashion styles

Pay attention to the classic version of the dress made of chiffon. Usually in this version there is a skirt-case and a short sleeve or its complete absence. The length of the classics reaches the middle of the knee, maybe just below or slightly above the knee.

Also to the classics is a dress with a flared skirt and a three-quarter sleeve.

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In the same model there may be a shortened sleeve or it may be absent, and the linethe waistline will either be slightly overstated or observed.

At the present time, the stylists are classed as exclusive dresses, but for everyday use they are used less often, except for the summer season.

Very popular in a variety of styles of cocktail dresses retro style. It is inherent: a dedicated waist line, medium length, flared skirt, as well as decor elements with frills and ruffles. The neck in these dresses is most often decorated very discreetly.

As a rule, the dresses in the floor of this material are rather restrained in the design. The asymmetry of lines is popular. An additional decor is popular. Basically, these are various details of unusual shape( ruffles, frills, creases).

And also you can use embroidery, rhinestones and multi-layer frills, as full-fledged elements of evening dress decorating.

Open dresses still remain relevant, allowing to emphasize the beauty of the female body. It is often possible to meet open or "lowered" shoulders.

The most popular for long dresses are the following styles:

  • with an accent in the decollete;
  • with an emphasis on the waist line( in antique style);
  • trapezoidal and asymmetrical styles.

In the trend outfits with additional details, of which it is worth highlighting the sleeves "flashlights".Volumetric forms in recent times can often be seen in fashion collections.

Very comfortable and from this no less elegant version is a dress with magnificent hem, voluminous sleeves and an accentuated waistline.

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Color solution for

dresses One-color dresses are always fashionable and elegant. In the current season, promises to be in the trend of a cold color scheme with the dominant blue and green hues.

The color scheme can be very bright and flashy, and smoothly turn into soft pastel colors.

The trendy solution is the prints in an abstract style.

Gradient reception( smooth transition of one color to another) is actual.

Also, peas and other popular patterns have not lost their relevance.

White and black classic pea variants are welcome, as well as colorful pea prints.

Flower print always takes place in any women's apparel, also in evening dresses.

The most trendy colors for evening dresses have always been and will remain red and black, and their combination.

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No less trendy is purple. And the most popular colors from light are considered to be pink, coral, lilac, milky, beige and orange.

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Options for full women

Thanks to the airiness and lightness of the material, such dresses will help visually adjust the imperfect figure.

So full ladies should choose styles with the length just below the knee or to the middle of the knee. Ideal and length in the floor. The saving will be an overstated waist, and also the cut of sleeves in three quarters.

Also an excellent option for full ladies will be a version of dresses with multi-layered lush hem.

The color of the dress can be anything, most importantly, to hide the shortcomings of the figure, choose a variant with a dark lining( this will help visually narrow the figure).

Correctly made cutout or decor in the chest area, allows you to attract the attention of others to this area, thereby removing unnecessary attention from unwanted sites. Choose models with a shallow V-neck or a little oval.

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