Patchwork technique for beginners

Patchwork is one of the favorite activities of modern needlewomen. Its advantage, thanks to which it has gained such popularity, is the simplicity of the work and the use of available materials, which in many cases even do not need to be purchased, because every needlewoman has segments of seemingly unnecessary fabric.

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technique In Russian, there is a more familiar concept for this technique, "patchwork" - "patchwork sewing".From this name the principle of creation of products - from flaps becomes clear also. Indeed, a single piece of fabric is sewn together from the pieces of fabric by the principle of a mosaic. The result of the work is a canvas with a new pattern, color scheme, sometimes texture. The joints of the flaps are necessarily seated on the underside of the product.

This technique is quite old, and it is difficult to determine which people are its ancestor, since appliqués, quilts and quilts from ancient times existed separately from each other among different nationalities.

One can say with some confidence that wherever a person had to work with cloth and skin, there was a need to use the remaining pieces and flaps after work, respectively, the patchwork flourished.

Today, of course, the skill "patchwork" is more developed. There were special tools and devices that make it easier for craftsmen to work and allow them to create truly beautiful products.

If you decide to master this art seriously, get a special scissors or a cutter-wheel for processing fabrics, which will significantly reduce the time of preparation of materials. Also, it would be superfluous to have a special mat with a marking that allows to ensure the accuracy of the cut.

Also in the course of masters of patchwork sewing a special ruler on which lines, sizes and marks for making corners of various degrees are made, which makes it possible to cut without templates prepared in advance.

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Making a bag

To create a bag in the "patchwork" technique, you need to prepare the materials first. You will need a certain number of squares from a fabric of different colors 5x5 centimeters in size.

When you prepare the squares, put one of the sides of the bag out of them, as shown in the picture.

Now the rows in each square have to be sewn together. To do this, stitch four squares at a time( one line).

After this, bend seams in the same direction in each strip, making sure that the seams in one row are bent in the opposite direction from the seams in the other.

Now you need to sew all three rows together, and then smooth the seams with an iron so they do not fray. Do the same with the remaining pieces of the other side of the bag.

In addition, stitch for decor and stronger connections.

After this, sew both sides with faces to each other and cut the two bottom corners. The billet for the bag in the "patchwork" technique is ready.

Now take a fabric of contrasting color and cut out of it strips three centimeters wide and 22 centimeters long. Fold the ends, wrapping once for half a centimeter, and then once again for half a centimeter, press. Fold in half, the wrong sides to each other. Sew them to the top of the future bag.

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Sew the braid handle.

Now cut two flaps of the required size for the lining. Sew them face-to-face with each other, leaving a hole underneath. Cut the two corners from the bottom.

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Place the received inner part inside the bag. Sew it.

This completes the work on the bag.

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