Which air humidifier should I choose?

If you are looking for an air humidifier, and do not know which of the models on the market are better, we will help you to choose this useful and efficient device. The device will not only make the air in the room sufficiently moist, but also improve its other parameters( for example, reduce the concentration of dust and harmful substances).In this article, we will talk about what characteristics and characteristics of air humidifiers should pay attention to.

  • types of humidifiers
  • traditional moisturizer
  • steam humidifier Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • Tips for choosing a humidifier
  • Service area
  • Power consumption
  • Water tank
  • water consumption
  • Running time
  • Management: mechanical or electronic?
  • Power source: mains or battery?
  • maximum noise level
  • Dimensions
  • Useful functions humectants
  • hygrostat
  • Preheating water
  • demineralized cartridge
  • Ionization
  • Ozonizer
  • Adjusting humidification
  • Controlled evaporation intensity
  • ON indicator
  • low water level indicator
  • timer
  • display and remote control
  • Backlightcases
  • Aromatization
  • Manufacturers of humidifiers

Types of air humidifiers

All humidifiers can be divided into three large groups:

  • traditional;
  • steam;
  • ultrasound.
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Traditional humidifier

The design of traditional humidifiers is as simple as possible - the built-in fan drives air through a humidified filter( usually paper), which makes the air humidify and slightly cool. Often, paper filter cassettes have antibacterial impregnation, allowing to solve the problem of an increased concentration of bacteria in the air.


  • low cost;
  • easy operation.


  • low productivity;
  • dependence on the humidity level in the room;
  • necessity of frequent change of tapes.
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Steam humidifier

The steam humidifiers are more complex, the main elements are submerged electrodes. When the voltage is applied to the electrodes, the water starts to boil and evaporate, respectively, the air in the room is moistened due to its saturation with steam.


  • high efficiency;
  • multifunction( the device not only moisturizes, but also cleans the air of dust and bacteria);
  • ease of use( the device shuts down automatically when the water level in the tank reaches the minimum mark).


  • insecurity( in case of violation of the operating rules, you can burn yourself with steam);
  • high power consumption.
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Ultrasonic humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifiers are considered to be the most high-tech devices. The principle of their action is based on the method of splitting water into tiny particles as a result of its passage through a vibrating plate. Dry air, passing through these tiny particles, is saturated with moisture.


  • high efficiency;
  • the ability to work in a wide range;
  • security.


  • need to use filters for additional water purification;
  • the need to use distilled water in the absence of filters.

Despite the fact that some models of humidifiers sufficiently moisturize the air, cleaning it in parallel, it is advisable to use special devices - climatic complexes - to obtain maximum results both for moistening and for cleaning.

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Tips for choosing

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Maintenance area

This parameter is the maximum room area in which the humidifier can effectively moisten the air. Modern humidifiers can work both in rooms with a small area( up to 10 square meters), and in large( up to 200 square meters).

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Power consumption

The power consumption of the humidifier will depend on the power consumed by the device. The lowest power is produced by traditional humidifiers, the largest - steam( up to 2 kW).The more powerful the device, the more electricity it consumes.

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Volume of water reservoir

In the humidifier design there is a container in which water is poured for moistening. The larger the volume of this tank, the less often you will have to fill it with water. The capacity of the container can range from several hundred milliliters to several tens of liters. The volume of the humidifier tank is selected depending on the area of ​​the room. For example, for rooms up to 20 square meters, a humidifier with a reservoir of 5 liters is sufficient, for large rooms - not less than 7 liters.

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Water flow

This parameter indicates the amount of water that is released by the humidifier into the air in one hour. Its value also depends on the power of the humidifier. The larger the room, the more moisture should evaporate the device to maintain the desired level of humidity. The minimum value is 5-7 milliliters per hour, the maximum is 4000 milliliters per hour.

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Duration of operation

The operating time of the device is directly related to the volume of the water tank and the flow of water. The time of continuous operation of devices can be from five to eighty hours.

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Control: mechanical or electronic?

The cheapest models of humidifiers have mechanical control - to set the modes, the user can turn the device on and off by pressing the buttons and switching the levers.

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More expensive models have electronic control. It not only facilitates the operation of the device, but also allows you to program it for a specific job or to choose a suitable program from the pre-installed ones.

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Power source: mains or battery?

Most air humidifiers work from the network - it is advisable, because they are powerful enough devices that consume a large amount of electricity. Only compact low-power humidifiers can be operated from batteries, designed for small rooms. The market also presents models that can work from both the network and the batteries.

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Maximum noise level

As household humidifiers are installed in residential areas and operate even at night, their noise level should be minimal. Manufacturers offer models with a noise level of up to 65 dB, but for comfortable use, humidifiers with a sound level of no more than 35 dB should be selected.

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The size of the humidifier depends on the size of the water tank, which in turn depends on the area of ​​the room. The larger the area of ​​the room in which the device will operate, the larger its overall dimensions will be.

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Useful functions of

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Hygrostat is an air humidity sensor whose task is to shut down the device when air reaches a specified humidity level in the room. As soon as the humidity level decreases, the hygrostat activates the device again. Normal operation of the steam humidifier is not possible without using a humidistat, take this into account when choosing a device.

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Water preheating

Preheating water is a function that some models of ultrasonic humidifiers are equipped with. The water sprayed by ultrasonic humidifiers has room temperature, if there is no built-in fan, which means that harmful bacteria and microbes will not be destroyed. If the water is preheated, the device will also produce a disinfectant.

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Demineralizing cartridge

The main purpose of demineralizing cartridges, which are equipped with humidifiers - softening hard water and reducing the content of inorganic substances and salts in water. The air becomes cleaner, and the device itself is protected from scale.

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A humidifier with an integrated ionizer saturates the air not only with moisture, but also with negatively charged ions that further purify the air. Water, filled in the reservoir of the humidifier, is saturated with ions, and then sprayed into the room. Due to negatively charged ions, dust particles settle to the floor.

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Ozonation system helps to clean humidified air. Ozone is a powerful natural oxidizer, which destroys virtually all harmful organic compounds, providing a powerful disinfecting effect. Devices with ozonizers maintain the required level of ozone in the room.

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Adjusting the humidification direction

The arrangement of some humidifier models provides the possibility of adjusting the position of the humidifier nozzle, so that the direction of steam can be changed.

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Evaporation rate adjustment

In some models, it is also possible to adjust the evaporation rate of water. The more degrees of intensity, the more opportunities to select the optimal mode of operation of the device under specific conditions. Modern models with hygrostats automatically determine the humidity level in the room and also automatically adjust the intensity of evaporation.

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Power on indicator

The on / off indicator is a special light signal that indicates the correct operation of the device.

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Low water level indicator

Low water level indication in the tank can be light, sound or combined. With this signal, the device reports the need to replenish the volume of water. The indicator of low water level is a warning signal, because when the water level drops below the permissible mark, the humidifier is automatically switched off.

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The timer enhances the comfort of using the humidifier, since it allows you to program the device on and off.

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Display and remote control

Many models of humidifiers have a small display, which shows information about the mode of operation of the device, the duration of operation and other important parameters. The display enhances the comfort of using the humidifier, as does the remote that is often included in the kit.

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Backlight of the case

Backlighting of the case is a decorative function that makes the humidifier not only a functional but also an aesthetic element of the interior, especially in the dark.

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Most models of humidifiers provide the possibility of air aromatization - it is enough to pour aromatic oils into the tank made of oil resistant materials.

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Manufacturers of air humidifiers

Qualitative and reliable as well as functional air humidifiers can be found in the product line from:

  • Boneco Air-O-Swiss;
  • Timberk;
  • Polaris;
  • Ballu;
  • NeoClima;
  • Electrolux.
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Choosing the right humidifier, you can keep the air humidity in the room at a sufficient level, and also ensure yourself and your family members a comfortable stay in the room.


The ultrasonic humidifier became just my salvation, the air became moistened, and it became much easier to breathe. The price is certainly not small, but this device is worth it, almost forgot about the dust at home.

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