Tsvetotyp Spring

If you have determined that your color pattern is Spring - you have inherited from nature a delicate and gentle type of beauty. Women of this color type are charming and charming. They are particularly feminine and represent the very spring.

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Features of the color type Spring

The main distinctive feature of the spring color is the thin, soft, light and transparent skin of its owner. Most often the shade of the skin of the female Spring is slightly yellowish, ivory or bronze-golden, often with golden freckles and moles. Such skin very quickly tans, and even quickly blushes, therefore representatives of this color type differ a special blush.

Their natural hair is always light, from straw to golden honey, but never dark. Often they slightly curl, forming around the head of a woman-Spring a kind of solar "aura".

The eyes of a woman-Spring gray, blue or gray-green, almost turquoise, sometimes golden brown.

This is a warm color-type, and there are no sharp contrasts in the appearance of the woman-spring.

Color-type Spring is divided into three subspecies:

  • warm Spring;
  • light spring;
  • pure Spring.
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Warm Spring

Warm Spring is a classic representative of this color, it is not accidental that it is also called true, real Spring. A warm warmth of the hair( straw, light-red, light brown, golden), eyes( blue, gray, brown) and leather( golden-beige, porcelain, ivory) is a special feature of warm spring.

This colorotype is characterized as warm, sunny, clear, transparent, bright.

The most successful colors for a warm spring are:

  • camel;
  • is golden brown;
  • light blue;
  • light orange;
  • purple;
  • creamy white;
  • ivory;
  • color of milk chocolate;
  • egg shell color;
  • is orange-yellow;
  • caramel color;
  • coral.

Least lucky colors for a warm Spring:

  • black;
  • cold berry shades;
  • fuchsia.
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Light Spring

Undoubtedly, the main definition of light Spring is the adjective "light".This spring subtype is characterized by blond hair( blond, fair-haired, light-brown with light yellow), light eyes( watery-green, light-blue) and light skin( light peach, ivory with golden freckles).

This colorotype is characterized as light, warm, natural, light, sunny, open.

Light Spring is Spring, turning into Summer, and for it the shades of summer color are perfect. But the key word when choosing the ideal color is the word "light".

The most successful colors for light spring are:

  • yellow-green;
  • light gray;
  • soft blue;
  • powder pink;
  • is a camel;
  • sand;
  • cream;
  • light beige;
  • caramel color;
  • warm corn;
  • is golden yellow;
  • the color of champagne.

Least successful colors for light spring:

  • fuchsia;
  • black;
  • is dark brown;
  • Burgundy.
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Net Spring

Clean or bright Spring is a mixture of Spring and Winter. It is characterized by brightness and contrast( expressive eyes, radiant skin color, bright hair color).But unlike the pure( bright) Winter, the spring colorotype always remains warm, and the hair, eyes and skin color of pure Spring will always be lighter than pure Winter.

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Most often in clean Spring, bright eyes are greenish-blue, pure blue, golden-teas or green, hair - golden, copper-golden or light brown with yellow, and the skin - ivory, beige or peach.

This color is best suited bright and clean colors, but the dark and pale extinguish its natural radiance.

The most successful colors for pure Spring are:

  • pure red;
  • lime color;
  • saturated turquoise;
  • is bright pink;
  • mint;
  • warm lilac;
  • the color of the mallow;
  • cornflower blue;
  • aquamarine.

The least successful colors for pure Spring:

  • pale blue;
  • beige;
  • dirty brown shades.
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Wardrobe of color type Spring

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Spring is a subtlety, tenderness, lightness, and the wardrobe of a woman of Spring should be appropriate - no massive ornaments, no sharp contrasts and shocking flashy outfits.

The fragility and subtlety of this color is accentuated by calm clothes with clear and concise lines of light flying and flowing fabrics, such as silk, cambric, satin, thin jersey, viscose. A successful choice will also be cashmere, suede, velvet, flax and flannel.

For a casual wardrobe for a woman-Spring, trapeze dresses, tight trouser suits, stylish blazers in combination with narrow trousers or pencil skirts are perfect. For rest, simple tops with skirts or shirts with jeans will be good, and for the evening - perfect outfits of straight silhouettes with clear lines and concise dresses without fancy details.

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Make-up for color-type Spring

A woman-spring should remember her natural charm and charm of naturalness, so make-up should be made gentle and airy. Too contrasting colors on the face of a woman-Spring will look unnatural.

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Tonal foundation, powder and blush for the color-type Spring

So, the most suitable tonal basis for the woman-spring is a liquid ivory or peach warm cream that will be barely noticeable on the skin and will give the impression of its transparency. For the foundation for evening make-up, you can use a tonal basis of a gently golden hue. But white, lilac and cold pink tones should be avoided, becausethey can give the woman's face a spring color type unhealthy appearance, make it pale and dull.

Powder for a woman-spring is also necessary to choose warm tones. The best option - from light beige( for light skin) to bronze( for swarthy skin).The worst variant of the color of the powder for the spring color is cool colors with silvery sheen and cold pink colors.

Blush for a woman-Spring is best suited for gentle transparent shades:

  • peach;
  • apricot;
  • salmonids;
  • light coral.

Not suitable:

  • brown;
  • bright pink;
  • cold beige;
  • cold gray shades.
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Shadows, carcasses and pencils for the color-type Spring

The beauty and tenderness of the eyes of the spring color is emphasized by the shades of such shades:

  • amber;
  • is transparent-aquamarine;
  • turquoise;
  • dark olive;
  • khaki;
  • of lavender;
  • brown;
  • gold;
  • lemon;
  • sand;
  • Ivory;
  • bronze;
  • color of milk chocolate;
  • creamy, with golden tint.

At the same time, women of the spring color type should avoid using contrasting dark shadows, especially black, violet and dark blue hues, as well as pink cool tones that will give the eyes a swollen look.

With regard to the color of eyeliner, for the daily make-up of women of spring color, the most suitable are pencils of brown, green hue and khaki color, and for the evening - bright emerald, gold and turquoise hues. At the same time, you should avoid pencils and bridges of black color, which on the delicate skin of the spring color will look unnecessarily sharp.

The same rule applies to the selection of mascara. So, the most successful color of the mascara for the daytime make-up of the woman of Spring is dark brown and brown, and for the party - emerald green and turquoise.

Please note that the colored carcasses look natural only on women of the spring color.

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Lipstick for coloring Spring

Women-Spring will not be approached by sharp and distinct contours in the lip liner. It should be remembered that soft and smooth transitions of hues are typical for Spring. Therefore, it is best to use lip gloss, not lipstick dense texture.

The most suitable color for lipstick for spring color:

  • pinkish-beige;
  • red-coral;
  • is golden;
  • apricot;
  • red poppy;
  • light pink;
  • light coral;
  • fiery scarlet with a golden tint.

Least suitable color for lipstick for spring color:

  • of red wine;
  • lilac-beige;
  • of cold pink shades.
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