How to sterilize baby bottles

With the advent of the baby in the family of the majority of parents, especially the young, there are many questions about the care of the newborn, because caring for the child includes many nuances. And, above all, ensuring its maximum safety. Responsible mom and dad understand that their crumbs are absolutely defenseless in front of the terrible world around them, and their task is to protect it, including from harmful bacteria and dangerous microbes. And for this you need to minimize their number in the environment of the baby, whose immune system in the first months of life is not sufficiently developed. Careful parents try to do everything as rightly as possible. Including - to sterilize baby bottles.

  • Why to sterilize bottles
  • How to sterilize baby bottles
  • How to boil baby bottles
  • Steaming
  • Sterilization in a microwave
  • Sterilization of baby bottles in a multiwool
  • Using chemicals
  • How old a baby needs a sterile bottle

Why to bottle a bottle

Some parents are wondering: but why, in fact, do it? Is it necessary to sterilize baby bottles? Maybe I should wash them thoroughly enough? Naturally, washing children's dishes and especially bottles should be carefully. However, this is not enough, because in such a nutrient medium as baby food or breast milk, harmful bacteria and microbes develop very quickly. They can be destroyed only by exposure to high temperatures or special chemicals. So you can not do without sterilization. How to properly conduct it?

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Methods for sterilizing baby bottles

There are several ways to sterilize plastic and glass baby bottles - modern and proven for years. The most effective and popular ones are:

  • boiling;
  • steaming;
  • sterilization in a microwave oven;
  • sterilization in the dishwasher;
  • sterilization in multivark;
  • sterilization with a special chemical solution.

As you can see, there are many options, and each parent can choose the one that is available to him. Consider each of these options for sterilizing baby bottles in more detail.

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Boiling of baby bottles

The simplest and most reliable way of sterilization is boiling of baby bottles. It does not need any special devices or equipment, and the result is guaranteed. It is enough just to put the children's dishes( carefully washed!) In a clean pan with cold water and bring the water before boiling. An important condition for proper sterilization is complete coverage of baby bottles with water. You can put on them a cup or a plate on top of them so that the plastic bottles do not come up.

Boil the children's dishes from 3 to 10 minutes, then cool and use. It's great if for this method of sterilization you will have a separate kitchenware. Then the disinfection will be more reliable.

The only disadvantage of this method of sterilization is the deterioration of the rubber and plastic parts of the dishes as a result of steam and high temperature exposure. So if it is important for you to extend the period of their operation - you can resort to processing of baby bottles with steam.

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Steaming is an equally reliable method of sterilizing baby bottles, but it is more gentle for children's dishes. You can carry out such sterilization using the "grandfather" method over water boiling in a saucepan, or you can use a modern convenient device - an electric sterilizer or the most common steamer. In the first case, you can put the children's dishes( naturally, most carefully washed) in a regular clean colander placed above the pot with boiling water, and keep the dishes over the steam for at least 10 minutes.

The second, simpler and more reliable method of sterilizing baby bottles with steam is in a special sterilizer. This wonderful invention greatly simplifies the task of parents and guarantees the protection of the baby from harmful microbes. It is enough to place prepared( well-washed) baby bottles in a sterilizer filled with water and leave them under a tightly closed lid for 10-12 minutes. True, there are several important secrets to the application of this method. First, for the best effect, it is recommended to put the bottles and nipples down, and secondly - to open the sterilizer after complete cooling. Otherwise you can get a steam burn!

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Another convenient option for processing children's dishes by steam - in a conventional steamer. Everything is simple, like all ingenious! You just need to put the bottles down with a neck, pour water into the steamer and turn on the unit for at least 15 minutes.

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Sterilization in microwave

There are special sterilizers for children's bottles and for microwave ovens. They are very easy to use. But if you do not have such an adaptation - for sterilization in a microwave it will come clean glassware, which can accommodate the dishes of the baby and fit in the microwave oven. You only need to pour a little water into it, place the bottles and turn on the oven for the maximum power for a few minutes. However, there are some nuances here: in this way it is impossible to sterilize bottles that have metal parts-the caps from the bottles need to be untwisted, and the nipples to be removed.

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Sterilization of baby bottles in the

multivarket It is equally convenient to sterilize baby bottles in the multivark. To do this, carefully place carefully washed dishes on a special steam-cooking disk, pour water and turn on the appropriate steam mode. Some models have a special mode for sterilization. In this case, decontaminate children's dishes with the help of multivarkers will be even easier.

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Using chemical agents

If you do not have the opportunity to sterilize baby bottles and other dishes of the baby in the ways described above - use special tablets that kill dangerous microflora. Following the instructions, dissolve these chemicals in water and place in it thoroughly washed dishes for half an hour. Producers promise the nontoxicity of these soluble tablets, but it is better not to abuse this method of sterilization.

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Up to what age the baby needs sterile bottles

You should understand that the dishes of the baby, and especially the bottles, should always be clean. But so carefully cleaned from microflora and sterilized them, as described, it is necessary at least until the child reaches one year. It is to 12 months, as experts promise, that the baby should develop immunity to harmful bacteria.


Good afternoon! I tried to sterilize the bottles first with steam. This method is not very much like, because you have to wait a long time and constantly monitor the process. Now I sterilize the bottles only in the multivark. Very convenient, and most importantly - it's safe!


Здравствуйте!And I advise you to try Japanese household chemistry for washing bottles, for us it became a panacea for allergies!🙂


Wow, very interesting, share what is called? And with how much you began to use it.

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