The correct use of levomycetin against acne on the face

Acne is not always associated with adolescence. Often they are able to appear in the future. The reasons for this are many, and not about them will be discussed. Consider all proven methods of treating acne with the use of levomycetin in different forms. This antibiotic has proved itself at a high level.


Properties and benefits
  • Application of tablets
  • Application of ointment and solution
  • Drying mask
  • Preparation of the talker
  • Properties and benefits

    Levomycetin has a wide range of actions. This multifaceted antibiotic is available in the form of a solution for alcohol, liquid in the form of capsules, as well as in the form of tablets and ointments. The main advantage of an antibiotic is its resistance to the production of bacteria against it by immunity. If bacteria get used to other similar drugs fast enough, the left-handed muscle remains unshakable much longer.

    It is bacteria that are the main causes of acne. With the use of this antibiotic, the fight against bacteria begins relatively faster, since it is more easily absorbed by the body many times over.

    The drug does not allow microbes to multiply, thereby reducing the amount of acne, and also due to antiseptic properties it removes inflammation. This drug contains salicylic acid, it helps to strengthen the disinfecting properties.

    Levomycetin and salicylic acid are contraindicated for those suffering from eczema, psoriasis, fungal diseases, future mothers, and during breastfeeding.

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    Application of tablets

    For tablet application, first dissolve tablets with water to a mellow consistency. Take the cotton swab and pinpoint the problem areas of the skin with this substance. To enhance the effect of the action in the mixture, you can add one drop of tea tree oil or the floor of the aspirin.

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    Applying ointment and solution

    If you decide to use the drug as an ointment, it should be applied to acne areas, seal them with a patch and only rinse with warm water in the morning. Apply ointment exclusively to affected areas. For sensitive skin, it is better to choose a one-percent ointment.

    Alcohol solution is very caustic and bitter, so a few minutes after the spot treatment, the face must be cleaned with a tonic.

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    Drying mask

    You can prepare a universal mask using the drug in tablets. Soak them in water, add a spoonful of camphor oil and apply the mixture on the skin, and apply a gauze bandage on top. After half an hour wash with warm water without soap. This mask is suitable for large-scale inflamed skin, it is best not to use it if the inflamed areas are relatively small.

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    Preparation of the talker

    Recipe 1. Combine an equal amount of boric, levomycetin, salicylic alcoholwith one tablet of this preparation, preliminary having crushed it up to a powder condition. Every time using a remedy, do not forget to shake it carefully. It is necessary to treat the inflamed areas of the skin with a bolt.

    Recipe 2. Combine 4 tablets of levomycetin and 10 tablets of streptocide, grinding them to a powder, and add to the mixture a solution of 2% salicylic acid in an amount of 30 milligrams and camphor oil in an amount of 80 milligrams.

    Recipe 3. Combine the tincture of calendula( 30 milliliters), aspirin and levomycetin( 3 tablets each).It is recommended to apply the drug pointwise to the inflamed areas, to dry them and prevent an increase in their number.

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