How to wind spectacular curls on any length of hair at home

Women like wavy natural and voluminous curls. But many nature awarded direct hair. What to do? There are several methods for creating perfect curls. It is absolutely not difficult to make them at home. The main thing is to determine the kind that will be exactly to the face.

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  • Wavy
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  • Methods curling
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curls depending on the mood of the home, you can do curls of different sizes and shapes. Their main types will be considered further.

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When creating such curls, you should adhere to the following algorithm:

  1. Clean and dry hair divided into two halves by a horizontal parting. The upper part is fixed with a clamp on the crown.
  2. To start the wave is better from the bottom half. Screw strands of finely from the roots to the ends.
  3. When the strand is fully warmed, remove it from the curling iron, but do not untwist it.

  4. Similarly, thread the strands over the entire surface of the head.
  5. Gently comb every curl with a comb with sparse teeth.
  6. If necessary, fix the hairstyle with lacquer.
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This variant of curls really looks like a spiral. They can be very small, and large enough. Spiral curls well wrinkled on long and medium hair. To create them, you can use curlers, styler, spiral or cone curlers.

Technique of curling curls:

  1. Apply mousse for styling on clean dry hair.
  2. When using curlers, pick up the desired diameter and wind the strands in a vertical fashion.
  3. Using a curling bar, you must independently determine the width of the strand and start the curl from the roots.
  4. If you have a styler, just insert the strand into the device, and then he will do everything himself.
  5. It is better not to comb the finished curls, but to straighten them.
  6. If necessary, fix the installation with varnish.
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Hair that falls on the shoulders with soft waves will always emphasize femininity and will suit every occasion. Such a styling option can be created using ironing corrugation or forceps with three teeth.

Curling wavy curls:

  1. Clean and dry hair divided into strands.
  2. Pass the forceps along the entire length of each strand of hair.
  3. Straighten your hair with your fingers and fix it with lacquer.
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This type of ringlets looks like a small broken zigzag. This option is best for creating curls on medium hair.

For the formation of such locks at home, you can use both conventional hairpins and foil. The difference is that the hairpins are very small curls, so for long hair is better to take foil.

The technique of curling curled locks:

  1. The long strip of foil is twisted into a tight bundle and bent in half in the shape of a "hairpin".
  2. The hair must be dry and clean. Take a small strand and wind it alternately on both ends of the workpiece.
  3. Fix the tips with foil.
  4. Do this with all the strands.
  5. Each strand stranded on the hairpin, heated with a rectifier or a hairdryer.
  6. Wait until the hair cools down.
  7. Remove the foil and form by hand.
  8. Finished locks to fix with lacquer.
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Quite popular variant of stacking with the effect of wet hair. To achieve it is most simple on short and hair of average length. This is done with the help of special styling means.

Technique for creating curly hair:

  1. Apply to clean hair mousse.
  2. Comb the curls with a crest with small teeth.
  3. loading. ..

Creation technique for straight curls:

  1. Apply a large amount of mousse or gel for styling on dry hair.
  2. Crush them with your hands.
  3. Assemble into a bundle and blow dry with a diffuser nozzle.
  4. Remove the prepared stitches with your hands or gently comb with a wide comb.

To create wet curls on long straight hair, it is necessary to apply the product for styling and after drying, screw them on a curling iron. Carefully break the strands into smaller ones and lay them down. In this case, you need to use a styling gently, otherwise your hair will not look wet, but dirty.

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Such locks make the hairstyle very bright, and its owner is very effective. Large curls are best done on long hair.

Technique for making large curls in the home:

  1. Apply a styling agent to clean and dry hair.
  2. Use large diameter curling tongs to wind large strands from the roots to the tips.
  3. Comb the cooled curls with a thin comb.
  4. To fix the hairstyle with lacquer.
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The order of creating a Hollywood hairstyle:

  1. On mildly damp clean hair, apply mousse.
  2. Screw large strands on large diameter curlers.
  3. After 2 hours, dry your hair with a hot hair dryer.
  4. Allow the locks to cool completely and remove the curlers.
  5. With your hands, take out the large curls into smaller ones and slightly stretch them into shape.
  6. After achieving the desired styling, fix it with varnish.
  7. loading. ..

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Curl can be made in different ways. Consider the most popular of them.

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To make your hair look really beautiful at home, it's best to use a professional ployka. First, it has several modes of heating. And secondly, the wafer plate heats up evenly, which helps maintain the elasticity of the finished curls.

For fans of small curls, a tool with a diameter of at least 2 centimeters is suitable. Those who prefer medium-sized curls need a tool with a plate of approximately 2.5 cm. And a diameter of the heating element of 3 cm will ensure the creation of large natural curls.

The main rule of creating curls with a curling iron is to observe the temperature regime. Do not expose the maximum temperature of heating, otherwise the hair will become dry and brittle. Be sure to use a protective thermospray.

Curls are made in several stages with the help of a curler:

  1. Wash and dry hair.
  2. Apply a thermal spray and mousse for styling.
  3. Curly curls straighten with iron.
  4. Start curling curls better with the back of the head. Separate the strand, its end clamped with a plait and screw it onto the plate. The thinner the strand, the sharper and more noticeable will be the curls.
  5. Hold for a few seconds, then remove the curl from the curling plate and secure it with the clamp in a folded shape until it cools down completely.
  6. Finish curls to split hands, whip and sprinkle a little with lacquer.
  7. Stacking can be done without combing.

Long hair is best wound up to half the length. Short - to the very roots, and on the middle to leave a third of the length untouched.

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This tool will give beautiful voluminous curls to owners of any type of hair.

Hair before use ironing must be washed, dried and treated with a thermal shock. The temperature regime on the instrument must be at least 160 degrees, for thick and hard curls it is permissible 170-200.

To create curls with ironing you need a special technique:

  1. Separate a small strand, and fix the hair around the hairpins.
  2. Irrigate to hold perpendicular to the head, close to the skin.
  3. Clamp the strand near the root and wrap it around the ironing pad.
  4. Slowly, without sharp movements, pull the straightener down.
  5. At the tips perform a twisting motion.

If the first time you can not make curls on some strands, then repeat the procedure in 30 seconds. During this time, the curls completely cool.

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This is a long-lasting curling agent, which has a gentle effect and simple execution.

Today there are many varieties of curlers:

  • Plastic with a lid for fixing.
  • Rubber flat with rubber bands for fastening.
  • Soft, they are also called boomerangs, they make it easy to fix the curl, do not interfere with sleep and retain the shape of curls.
  • Thermobikes - plastic rollers with wax inside, which need to be heated in water.
  • Electro-curlers that work from the network.
  • Velcro - rigid cylinders with a surface to which the hair adheres. Suitable for use on wet hair.
  • Папильотки.

Hair curlers come in a variety of diameters, thanks to them you can make curls of any size.

It is necessary to curl hair by a similar method only after washing. While the head of slightly humid on it you need to apply mousse and you can start to wave.

It is necessary to separate the strands one by one and wind on the curlers from the tip to the root. To fix the hair on the curlers there is an elastic band, cap or clamp.

The longer the curlers are worn, the more curls remain.

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