How to sew an ottoman from plastic bottles

At many houses deposits of unnecessary plastic container are collected. Baklaks and bottles can be found creative use in everyday life. You can even create furniture elements from them. We offer you to familiarize yourself with two master classes on the creation of puffs from plastic bottles. Such unusual elements of the seats perfectly fit into any interior, and the process of creating them can attract all members of the family.

  • Puff from bottles
  • Puff from

padded Puff from bottles

Materials needed:

  • 40 plastic bottles with a volume of 1.5 liters;
  • stationery knife;
  • Scotch tape;
  • paper adhesive tape;
  • scissors;
  • upholstery fabric;
  • thread, needle, sewing machine;
  • foam rubber or knocked off sintepon;
  • thick cardboard from the magazine box.

Before starting work it is necessary to wash and dry all bottles, and then tightly tighten them with stoppers.

From the lid measure 1/3 of the bottle and wrap it with a paper tape in one layer. With a stationery knife, cut the bottle in the middle of the strip of adhesive tape.

It turned out two parts of the bottle. The neck needs to be pushed into the bottom of the bottle to the very bottom. And in the resulting design, insert one more whole bottle. Place the joint tightly glued with adhesive tape.

Such actions must be carried out with all bottles. Staple separately, three bottles of each other with adhesive tape.

All triple designs must be folded together and securely fastened with adhesive tape.

On the side of the plastic frame attach a thick sheet of cardboard, and on top and bottom foam rubber or sintepon.

You also need to glue the sintepon on top of the cardboard. To fix the sintepon is best with a sticky tape around the puff.

The size of the resulting design, you need to sew a cover from the upholstery fabric and put it on the ottoman.

By this principle it is possible to make padded stools of different size and shape. In each variant, only the fastening of the bottles will differ.

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Puff from the

bag Required materials:

  • 2 plastic large bottles from under the water;
  • scissors;
  • upholstery fabric;
  • Sintepon;
  • thread, needle, sewing machine;
  • adhesive tape;
  • chipboard board;
  • leather or imitation leather.

The bottles need to be cut off. Insert the bottles into each other and glue the seam with adhesive tape.

To strengthen the seat base, you need to attach 2 circles of chipboard to the bottles. Circles cut the size of the diameter of the bottom of the bottle.

The received design carefully wrap tape.

Attach foam rubber to the seat.

Wrap foam all the construction of the puff.

loading. ..

Leather or leatherette cut a circle for the bottom bottom of the puff.

From the selected fabric for upholstery, you need to sew the cover to the size of the puff and put it on. Padded stool, bottom view:

Padded stool, top view:

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