How to make a bracelet out of thread

Handmade jewelry and accessories were valued at all times, and in recent years they are gaining increasing popularity. Now jewelry is not so interesting as different earrings and bracelets made of threads, fabric and other materials. Such accessories can be purchased at the store, but they will be much more fun to weave by themselves. It's fashionable, stylish and emphasizes your personality. After all, every thing made by hand, has its own original features. Today we will consider several variants of weaving the so-called "baubles" or "friendship bracelets".

  • Bracelet "braid" of four strands
  • Bracelet in oblique weaving
  • Braided bracelet Chevron
  • Bracelet Infinity

To make such a bracelet you will need scissors, adhesive tape, a pin, a piece of cloth and colored thread. Most often we use mulina for weaving. You can buy and nylon threads, bracelets from them are dense, but soft and smooth. In some cases, lacing is suitable. For convenience of work, the threads, folded in one strand, must be secured. To do this, the strand is tied into a knot and fastened with a pin on a piece of fabric, or glued with tape to the table.

Bracelet "pigtail" of four strands of

The simplest version of weaving, resulting in a bracelet in the form of a two-color pigtail. Take 12 threads of floss or lace of two colors( in the picture blue and black) about 50 cm in length. Fold three strands of the same color, so that as a result you get four two-color stripes.

Arrange them one at a time in colors, tie one end into a tight knot and secure it to any surface. Now you can start to weave. First, twist between the two extreme strands of blue.

The black strands will now be around the edges. They need to be intertwined with each other in the same way.

Following this technique, tie the bracelet to the desired length, and at the end, fasten the knot.

This option is very easy to implement. Particularly beautiful is the combination of color contrasting yarns.

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Bracelet in oblique weaving

Prepare several threads of different colors. The number of threads will depend on the width of the finished bracelet. Colors can be selected in one palette to your taste or use different palettes. Cut the thread length of about 80 cm. Fold the ends of the threads together and fix it on the table with the help of an adhesive tape or pin with a pin to a piece of cloth.

By distributing the threads according to color, consider that this is how the color rows in the finished bracelet will go. Now you can start braiding the bracelet. Take the leftmost thread( red) and attach it to the next( pink) in the form of a four. So tie two strands in a knot. Pull the resulting knot to the bottom of the bracelet.

Now, with the same thread continue to tie knots with all subsequent threads. Tighten each knot to the base so that a diagonal row is obtained.

When you get to the end, the first thread will be at the extreme right. After making one row, start the second one with a pink thread.

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And so in turn you will use threads of all colors. In this technique, tie a bracelet of the desired length. You can tie double rows by tying two knots on each thread.

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Braided Chevron bracelet

Having mastered the technique of weaving diagonal rows, you can try to weave more creative patterns, for example, "herringbone".To do this, you need to prepare two strands of each color and fold them in such a way that each thread is on the opposite side. So at you it will turn out, for example a blue thread from the extreme right and left parties, and so on.

Start the weave with the leftmost thread. Tie a knot, attaching a blue thread to a white in the form of a four. Make knots on each thread in turn.

After reaching the middle, leave the left thread and go to the right extreme. So make the nodules first left to right, then right to left to the middle.

You need to tie the threads in the center with a knot.

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Next series begin to weave according to the set scheme.

When the broom of the desired length is ready, divide the threads into equal parts and weave two pigtails.

Use braids to tie the ends of the braided ribbon to the bracelet. Now you can put it on your hand.

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Bracelet Infinity

This technique is more complicated in execution, however you can understand it. For the bracelet you will need the threads of two colors( in the figure - blue and pink).Do 3-4 pieces of one and the other color about a meter long. Tie the threads into a knot and fasten them to the surface.

We need to start the weaving with threads of the same color. Take the left edge thread and make a knot, attaching it to the second string. Make the nodules from left to right in turn. It is necessary to make 5-6 rows. Then, in the same way, threads of a different color are interwoven from right to left.

When the two color strands are ready, they can be intertwined. Starting from the center of the bracelet, weave the left thread in the right row, and the right one in the left. That is, a blue thread tie a number of knots on pink threads, and vice versa.

As a result, you should get a transition of threads of different colors from one to the other. In this technique, continue to weave the bracelet to the desired length. At the end, make a strong knot and cut the rest of the thread.

You can use beads to decorate such bracelets. It is only necessary to include fantasy and to diversify the bracelet from threads with rare rows of rhinestones under the color of the bracelet itself, or contrasting shades.


Handmade jewelry was always liked. I'll try to make a bracelet myself. Thank you for the master class!


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