How to make flowers from plastic bottles with your own hands

Today, the decoration of premises with the help of objects made with their own hands becomes very popular. One of the materials that can be used to make jewelry is available in almost every home. It's about plastic bottles. Today we will try to make beautiful flowers out of this all available material. Such flowers you can use to decorate the apartment or recreation area in the suburban area.

Method of making flowers with nail polish and beads

In order to make flowers from plastic bottles, you will need:

  • plastic bottles;
  • scissors and sharp knife;
  • nail polish;
  • beads for decoration.

The volume of the bottle depends on the desired size of the finished flower. One product is produced from one bottle. Before starting work, the material should be thoroughly rinsed.

So, take a sharp knife and cut the bottom of the plastic bottle by about 5 cm in height. This distance is necessary for the formation of petals.

Next, with scissors, correct the edges of the future product, remove any irregularities. Gently cut the bottle straight on the ribs. As a result, you should get flower petals. Remove the extra pieces so that there is a distance between the petals.

Colored nail polish must be coated on the inside of the flower. For coloring, you can also use acrylic paints, but the varnish is more practical and looks more attractive. After painting leave the product to dry for about 5 minutes.

For the core of the flower, drip some glue on the bottom of the finished product and apply the beads. Such lovely flowers can decorate the interior in the room.

Method for making flowers using felt-tip pens and open flames

For the production of this version of colors you will need:

  • plastic bottles;
  • markers;
  • open fire.

Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle in the same way as in the previous version. Scissors shape the petals, cutting out excess areas of plastic on the contour of the ribs of the bottle. Color the petals of the workpiece, for example, with a red felt-tip pen, and the bottom of the bottle-the core of the flower-in yellow or any other color.

Now you need to form beautifully curved petals. To do this, light the candle and gently bring the flower to the flame. From the heat, the plastic will begin to melt, forming a beautiful bend. In this case, everything depends on the accuracy of your movements. Try not to melt the plastic, otherwise get uneven petals.

Draw each petal in turn. As a result, you should get such beautiful flowers from plastic bottles.

Now we will start making stamens. To do this, cut a piece of 4-5 cm wide from the rest of the bottle, cut it from the side to get one strip. Then make small incisions, forming the stamens of the flower. Between them should also be a small distance, so you need to cut out excess areas of plastic. Using a felt-tip pen, paint the workpiece.

loading. ..

Next, you again need an open flame. First, you need to fuse the stamens slightly to make them look more natural.

Then take the workpiece by the base and, holding it above the flame, fold it into a tight roll.

The core of the flower is ready, it remains to glue it to the product itself.

To decorate the core of the product on the bottom of the workpiece, you can also glue a button or a stopper from the bottle to which the prepared stamens are attached.

Products from plastic bottles are great for decorating a garden. The plastic does not burn out in the sun and is not afraid of humidity. Having mastered the technique of making flowers from this material, you can show your imagination and create on your site a real ever-flowering flower bed.


I knew that many interesting things could be made from plastic bottles. But flowers have become for me a discovery, I will definitely try one of the proposed options.

  • Jun 01, 2018
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