Options for women's clothing in the style of French Provence

The history of this style began in the 50s 60s of the XX century in France. It was at this time that people began to pay more attention to nature and reach for it, tired of noisy megacities and modern rhythm, preferring naturalness and tenderness. Style has common roots with boho and ethnic currents.

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    A distinctive feature of this style is the lightness in the image as a whole, the airiness, simplicity and comfort. The emphasis in the image is put on romance, which is why the style is best displayed in the dress and it is in the warm season.

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    This romantic style is all airy, translucent, lacy. Clothes made of linen, chiffon, knitwear, fabric should be soft and more often of natural origin. Absolutely do not combine rigid fabrics, which can clearly keep the shape. Provence implies ease and freedom of movement. Actually lace, various openwork matings in different designs.

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    Color combinations express calmness. In priority, pastel colors, which speak of peace and tranquility. This is suitable for floral small prints without obvious contrast, small peas, drawings with floral ornaments. The shades are muffled, as if burned in the sun. Milky and white palettes, medium tones with a pod, all beige with a mixture of gray and lavender. Bright screaming palettes are out of place here.

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    In the Provence style, there are no too short styles, the length of the midi and maxi is welcomed. Multilayered, free cut, does not shackle the movement, which creates the impression of lightness. There may be flared skirts with an inflated waist, a waistcoat or a cardigan in the same style. A typical monochrome set is welcome. Baggy knitted garments for a cool season are also used.

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    Wedding Fashion

    The style is perfect for working out a wedding dress and the image as a whole. The dress of the bride in this style can have a length from the knees to the maxi, and also have a moderate asymmetry( the length of the front is shorter than the rear).In the decoration of the dress, lace and moderate embroidery prevail. The style of dresses is fitted and with a slight A-silhouette.

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    The skirts fit a flared shape and free cut. Can be combined with a denim jacket, waistcoat or jacket, cardigan.

    A knitted dress can work in tandem with a knitted beret.

    Sarafans are light, flying, with an overstated waist, you can add a lace bolero to them.

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    Effectively look dresses in which the sleeves are made of delicate guipure or lace lace.

    Also suitable are shorts and trousers of loose cut from a thin fabric.

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    Shoes in the Provencal style should be made of genuine leather or suede in brown, beige and natural pastel colors. A bright palette and high hairpin is not allowed. You need to choose a low platform, the heel should not be rude.

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    Accessories of style include thin bracelets, chains, baggy style backpacks, fringed handbags, shawls and scarves of openwork, berets, hair bands, wreaths of artificial flowers, artificial flowers as jewelry for hair,for the finishing of belts, hats and brooches, thatched golden hats.

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