What crafts can be made from plasticine at home

For developing children's creativity, plasticine is ideal. It helps improve the motor skills of the fingers and hands, makes the child's imagination brighter, balances the psyche and teaches assiduity and patience. Ideas for modeling will never end. It can be animals, crafts and food for dolls, paintings from plasticine, flowers and much more.

  • Ladybird
  • Sunflower
  • Fish in the aquarium
  • Volumetric roses
  • Mermaid
  • Smeshariki
  • Bed


Slice the clay and roll the ball.

Make a cut in it.

On each side, attach 4 black dots to the wings.

For the head roll a ball of black plasticine, two balls of white for the eyes and two small of black for the pupils. Collect everything and make a cut of the spout and mouth. Twist the antennae antennae. Attach the head to the body.

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Make a core of a flat mug and a set of black balls.

Roll 13 yellow balls, form petals. Start spreading them one against one and make toothpicks with a toothpick.

Twist the rope from the green plasticine and place the stems. After form two leaves like petals.

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Fish in the aquarium

Wipe inside the jar with any degreasing agent, with alcohol.

Form the body of the fish and make a groove with a wooden orange stick.

Attach the fish to the inside of the can with the same side. Roll the rope from the green plasticine. Flatten them on the surface of the jar next to the fish, making algae. The jar can be filled with water at room temperature.

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Volumetric roses

For each rose, roll out the clay in a tape with a length of centimeters 15. Start twisting.

The edges of the resulting spiral should be slightly spread out, forming petals.

On the bottom of the finished roses make the green sepals.

On the surface of matches wind the green clay, plant flowers on these stems.

In a small cover, push the brown plasticine, insert the match-stems into it, form the green leaves and add them to the stems.

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Roll the oval from the flesh-colored plasticine. It will be a face. Use a wand to form a nose, mark the eyes, mouth, eyebrows.

From the chosen plasticine, roll a lot of ropes. Clasp your head with them, cut the ends evenly.

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Match the silhouette with the same plasticine as the head. Make two balls for the bust. Leave the head of the match uncovered, put a head on it.

From the same color as the bust, make a skirt.

Make your hands, form a finger with your wand. On top of the bust and skirt make corrugations. On the skirt imitate scales, blind the flat fin and also on it add corrugations.

Add the head and the mermaid is ready.

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Roll the smooth ball, make two small white balls, flatten them for the base of the eyes, pile over the white two black pancakes, and then once again stick two smaller, but white.

Make a small triangle-nose and striped eyebrows. With a knife for plasticine, cut the line of the mouth.

Using a cap from a felt-tip pen, make circles characteristic for Barash along the body, which will imitate wool.

Blind horns. Use the same color for hooves. Sharpen them with a knife, cutting off the edges.

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This bed is suitable for small dolls.

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For the base of the bed, to keep the shape, thick cardboard is used, and for the legs of the match.

Roll the same size of the legs, insert matches into them, make balls for decoration.

Partitions between the legs also make of cardboard, keeping them oval from above. Clothe the workpieces with clay.

Cut out the rectangle for the bed base. Insert it into the legs, directly under the bottom of the partitions.

Of yellow plasticine, make a pancake, roll it out, make slits like on a blanket. Cover them with a bed, and put a cushion on top.

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