With what girls can wear a vest

Waistcoat can not be called the main element of the women's wardrobe, but it is able to complement and emphasize many styles. A competently chosen waistcoat will visually make the figure more feminine, help to hide deficiencies in posture or extra pounds, and also emphasize the waistline.

Styles in which a waistcoat can be sewn, dozens. Even a classic vest can be different depending on the material from which it is made, but the style is recognizable, it refers to the business vest and in many respects repeats the features of the male vest. Such a straight cut and the ability to catch a vest, emphasizing become, is suitable for creating business ensembles. It is desirable that the classic waistcoat comes complete with trousers or a skirt, and also be complemented by a jacket.

Popular elongated waistcoats in the style of a lady-like. With their help, you can create a business image, as well as dilute an overly candid outfit.

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Long vests in combination with a skirt or shorts with an overstated waist are good for creating a youthful everyday image.

To vests in a sports style of synthetic material, things are selected depending on the volume of the vest. If this is a dick or a quilted model, then tight things will do, if on the contrary, things can be both free and tight. Interestingly, sports vests look over jeans or leather jackets.

You can also wear a fur vest over the leather jacket. Beautifully fur vests are combined with fitted dresses-cases of different lengths, with hip skirts and tight trousers.

Fur vests with short fur or leather waistcoats, sheepskin coats with fur collar will be combined with ethnic style in clothes, with loose tunics of dense fabric, long dresses, wide trousers and so on.

Also a leather vest is suitable for images in rock style. You can combine it with leather trousers, jeans, shorts.

Knitted waistcoats are suitable for creating a business image. You can combine them with trousers from costume fabrics, as well as with blouses made from thin fabrics.

The vest in the national Russian style is most organically combined with long dresses in the floor with a slightly flared skirt. Suited for such outfits for the off-season.

A cowboy vest should be combined with things in a cowboy or American style. It can be a checkered shirt and jeans, and for a romantic image, a light long cotton dress, a thin leather strap and a recognizable cowboy hat will suit. Brown color can be shaded with blue, blue, red or green accessories.

Mottled vests in ethnic style blend well with hippie-style clothing. It can be bright loose tunics, dresses, shirts, low-shoes.

Openwork vests made of lace or thin thread can be thrown over a business blouse, thereby softening the business style. But best of all, these vests are suitable for summer. They can dilute almost any summer image, both evening and beach.

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Not one year in the trend remain jeans waistcoats of different styles. They well complement the youth style of grunge and kizhual, as well as suitable for creating romantic images. Successfully this waistcoat fits under thin fabrics: chiffon, linen, silk, cotton.

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