American armhole

Often this item can be seen on wedding, cocktail and evening dresses. The American armhole became popular when the whole world saw Marilyn Monroe in her famous fluttering dress. Over time, the diagonal armhole entered the wardrobe of older women, while undergoing certain changes.

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One of the reasons for the popularity is the creative interpretation of this part by designers, giving it sexuality and sensuality. It forms a beautiful outline of the figure and is not always combined with a triangular neckline or open back.

There are several variants of the American armhole. One of them - with a collar-stand. It beautifully opens the shoulders, and on the back can be closed or open. There is also a sporting option.

Learn about the popular youth American style of clothing

Recently, overalls and trouser suits with an armhole, especially with a V-neck in front, are gaining popularity.

Who is suitable for

Stylists recommend wearing an American armhole for miniature women, choosing long dresses with this element. An obligatory parameter in this case is a thin waist and elegant, incomplete shoulders.

Dresses, blouses, tops with a diagonal armhole, primarily designed for women who have a small chest. Sometimes this can be an average size, but not more than a third size. But the owners of very lush forms should abandon the American armhole. This outfit is good for women of age, whose neckline is not as beautiful as before. Dress, for those who are aged, it is worth supplementing with a light shawl thrown over the shoulders.

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To who does not approach

The diagonal armhole makes the clothes feminine, but not all women go. For example, owners of sloping or wide sports shoulders are not recommended to wear dresses with an American armhole, as it will make them even stronger and wider. However, if you put a jacket on top, a scarf, you can wear such a dress.

Also not recommended armhole for those who have a shoulder girdle visually wider than the hips, and the waist, as such, fuzzy emerges.

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Most often, a dress with an American armhole suggests a closed neck, so do not decorate it with jewelry. Beads, necklaces, necklaces for this along with clothing is not recommended. But the large earrings, rings and rings, massive bracelets will be quite appropriate.

For solemn and evening dresses, a good addition to the American armor will be elegant gloves to the elbow and a little higher. If the dress is V-neck, you can wear a thin chain of silver, gold or a string of natural pearls as an ornament. As accessories, you can use a stole or scarf made of fine fabric. Do not forget about the fur boa - retro style is always in vogue.

Diagonal armhole is an assistant in the creation of feminine, romantic and seductive images. Therefore, the overall style of the outfit should be such as to emphasize the features of the figure. This dress should provide a waist, chest or hips. The American armhole can be used when sewing a dress-bag, which is recommended to wear with a textile belt or belt.

The American armhole looks great on dresses with flared skirt. Clinging dresses such as a case or pencil look more sexy if you can bare your shoulders. The length of the outfit is not of fundamental importance, but experts say that in the maxi format this detail looks more chic.

The American armhole is often used to create evening dresses. All thanks to Hollywood stars, who often come to parties and awarding prizes in such dresses. On the fashion shows of famous designers, it is not uncommon to see long evening dresses with straps fastened around the neck.

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One of the fans of dresses with an American armhole is Eva Longoria. At social events, she appears in classic dresses to the knee with an American armhole and always looks stylish, elegant and feminine. Other stars do not lag behind and periodically show us outfits with an American armhole.

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Simple pattern of

If you can sew, then you can easily design an outfit with armhole. So, having at hand a pattern of patterning the classic American armhole, you can add to it any at your discretion bottom.

For the pattern, the parameters are given at 42-44 size.

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