9 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

9 years of life together is not a round, however, a significant date. After all, it precedes the first round jubilee of a young family. Like other anniversaries up to ten years, the ninth anniversary of the wedding has its name and tradition. So if you want to make the right choice for congratulations, you need to know which wedding is celebrated.

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  • How to celebrate
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What is the wedding called

Traditionally, the nine-year "anniversary" of living together is called a Fajans or Romashka wedding.

Our ancestors, who came up with this name for this date, proceeded from the following facts:

  1. Faience is a rather fragile material. And the relationship of the spouses on the ninth anniversary becomes quite fragile. This is a critical period in the life of the couple, which you need to try to survive, protecting each other like fragile faience.
  2. This faience is not cheap material. It is believed that for 9 years of marriage, the couple managed to make some savings and now live in prosperity.
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  3. Earthenware is often drunk tea. So, the relationship for the ninth year of life is compared with strong tea.
  4. Chamomile symbolizes the sun and love. So in the life of the spouses by this time there must be love and light, warmth and understanding. It is believed that by this time the love of the spouses blossoms like a chamomile.
  5. Camomile is a symbol of family, family life, and in Russia is also a symbol of purity. It is not for nothing that it is a symbol of the holiday - Family Day, the feast of Peter and Fevronia. Chamomile has long been given to loved ones, they wreathed wreaths, they decorated the house, considering it an important guardian of family relations. And the ninth anniversary of the wedding is named in her honor, as a reminder of the beauty of this period of the couple's relationship.
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How to celebrate

Given the symbols of the ninth anniversary of family life, celebrating a Earthen or Chamomile wedding is best outdoors. If the weather permits, you can go with your family and friends to the field( ideally - chamomile!), To the forest or to the lawn outside the city.

Traditionally, on the ninth anniversary of the wedding, family friends, relatives of spouses, and, of course, their children should be present.

Such company will make the celebration especially pleasant and significant for the spouses.

Special traditions:

  1. Beat the old pottery. It's better if it's 9 plates. It is believed that such a rite helps the spouses get rid of the grievances accumulated during 9 years and start a new stage of life without cracks and chips.
  2. Filling a large earthenware bowl with different good at random and prosperity. It is recommended to accompany such a ritual with the words: "Let your house be a full cup, let your life be full of love and happiness!".
  3. Invite to the celebration of nine guests. It is believed that this can attract luck and bring happiness in the tenth year of life together.
  4. Spouses - to exchange chamomile wreaths. Beautiful, romantic and symbolic!

You can come up with your own traditions of celebrating this anniversary, for example:

  • put vases with nine daisies on the table;
  • cook nine different dishes and serve them in porcelain large beautiful plates;
  • light nine decorative candles;
  • inflate the balloons and hang them in bundles of nine pieces.

A wonderful memory of the celebration of the ninth anniversary of a joint life will be a "camomile" photo session of the couple.

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Gift for wife

There are many options for good gifts for this holiday:

  1. Original designer bouquet of chamomiles.
  2. If the wife does not like chamomile - they can be replaced by large chrysanthemums or bright gerberas.
  3. Ornaments from precious metals with floral decoration.
  4. Bag with chamomile decoration.
  5. Casket with a symbol of the celebration.
  6. Picture with a chamomile still life.
  7. Portrait of a spouse in a wreath of chamomiles or chamomile in her hair.
  8. Clothes with chamomile elements.
  9. And if the wife is a creative person, give her a special set for modeling. With his help, together with his wife, you can make a plate or cup and paint it to her. This product will become a real heirloom.
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If you want to make a more original gift - give preference to products combining:

  • faience,
  • crystal,
  • glass,
  • semiprecious stones.
And, of course, any woman will appreciate the congratulation on the anniversary of the wedding, accompanied by beautiful poems.
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What to give to her husband

For her husband, a gift for 9 years of wedding can be:

  1. Original faience medal.
  2. Earthenware Cup of "The Best Husband".
  3. Large registered faience mug.
  4. A set of earthenware for a picnic.
  5. Favorite alcohol drink of her husband, poured into the original earthenware bottle.
  6. A faience figurine, symbolizing her husband's favorite occupation.
  7. If the husband collects products from faience, a fine gift for him will be antique earthenware.
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Congratulations to

The best congratulations for 9 years of the wedding will be the verses delivered at the festive table:

C the day of the earthen wedding
You came to congratulate.
Wish that as in a fairy tale
Your souls bloom!
Let's live happily,
The house is filled with laughter,
Heart with heart in a beat beats,
And love lives in it!
In the earthen wedding anniversary of
We have gathered together your relatives and friends.
Probably, you know secrets and secrets,
How nine years to love more and more tenderly!
And we only wish from the heart today,
To last your happiness for a century.
Let the rain outside the window, sweep snowstorms,
But close will be a close person!
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