8 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

For 8 years of married life, the couple is renewing the relationship. That's why the eighth anniversary of the wedding is so important. It is best to prepare for the wedding anniversary in advance, carefully selecting gifts and congratulations. Therefore it is important to know which wedding is celebrated in 8 years of marriage.


How is the wedding
  • How to celebrate
  • Gift for the wife
  • What to give to the husband
  • Congratulations
  • What is the name of the wedding

    People call the 8th wedding anniversary a Tin or Mac wedding.

    Tin symbolizes the strength of relationships, and poppy - the ardor of love and feelings. For eight years of a joint life of the spouses have finally rallied, became a single whole, thanks to which they can easily withstand life's troubles. No barriers are not terrible when there is a reliable and loving partner nearby.

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    How to celebrate

    There are many different traditions of Tin wedding celebrations that have come to us through the centuries.

    Some of them can be borrowed:

    1. On the eve of the celebration, the couple left a thin tin plate on the floor in the stable. If in the morning on the plate found the imprint of a horse horseshoe, it was believed that this family will be happy and will live many years without quarrels and troubles.

    2. In the morning the "bride" decorated herself with all sorts of tin decorations.
    3. In the street "newlyweds" put a bucket of vodka and a mug. Everyone could drink for the happiness and well-being of the family.
    4. Any person could come to celebrate, however, every married couple that came into the house had to have tin rings on their hands.

    If the traditional celebration did not suit your liking, you can choose a more modern version.
    Arrange yourself a romantic date:

    1. Morning is best to start with a romantic breakfast in bed.
    2. Day visit your favorite gallery or just arrange a joint walk around the city.
    3. In the evening, book a table in your favorite restaurant.
    4. After this, arrange a romantic night with wine and candlelight.

    It does not matter which version you choose, most importantly, on this day be together and be able to keep tender feelings to each other for the rest of your life.

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    Gift for the wife

    It is best to follow the tradition and in choosing a gift. So the ideal choice for the eighth wedding anniversary for the wife will be:

    • cosmetics, packed in a beautiful tin packing;
    • sweets in tin boxes;
    • refined tin boxes.
    A gift does not have to be made of tin, you can choose as a surprise and decoration, a picture, a song in your performance, most importantly, complement your gift with a beautiful bouquet of poppies.

    A gift to the wife for eight years of the wedding from the guests should be practical. It can be:

    • metal tableware;
    • horseshoe for good luck;
    • household appliances;
    • travel certificate.

    If the gift is unconventional - just pack it in a shiny package.

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    What to give to my husband

    It can be:

    • beer keg with the addition in the form of red caviar;
    • original keychain with custom engraving, in memory of the eighth anniversary;
    • picture made in the technique of embossing, which harmoniously decorates his desk.

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    Congratulations to

    A compulsory addition to the celebration will be congratulations in the form of beautiful poems:

    Eight years you have today!
    Congratulations from all of us:
    Be happy with each other,
    Even at the most difficult hour.
    To love did not stop,
    You to the very end,
    To the feelings were strong,
    Have not quenched ever!
    Congratulations to you today,
    Three Hours!
    The astounding news of
    Anniversary is your tin!
    Lived in marriage for eight years,
    Having accumulated great credibility.
    For advice not in vain
    Dear relatives,
    You need to write a book,
    After all people so want to know:
    What is your secret,
    How to live peacefully for eight years?
    Share with the world of mystery,
    To our children in edification!
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