How to make hair toning yourself at home

Many women like to experiment with shades of hair. Therefore, not to injure ringlets with aggressive paints, hairdressers recommend performing toning. This procedure helps to refresh the natural hair color, as well as to give the locks a more saturated shades. Services for toning hair are provided by many beauty salons, but this simple procedure can be successfully performed at home.

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hair Toning - is the best optionfor those who can not stop picking on one color of hair. There are a lot of means for toning - paints, shampoos, balms, mousses, sprays, carcasses and even crayons.

All these products are very simple to use and do not contain ammonia, so when using them, you can not get a stable color. Coloring substances do not penetrate deep into the hair, but gently cover its surface and wash out with each washing. The difference between the means only in the method of application and duration of exposure.

Next, the most popular and sought-after toning tools are presented, which can be easily used at home.

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In addition to careful coloring of hair, many professional toning paints contain nutritional supplements and vitamins that help restore damaged hair structure. Simultaneously with coloring, many agents perform the procedure for laminating hair.

The dyeing process takes about 30 minutes, and the color lasts for 4-6 weeks on the hair. Such colors can help to hide the appearing gray hair, but they can not completely color the gray hair.

Popular tools:

  • Estel Sense de Luxe,
  • Wella Color Touch,
  • Schwarzkopf ESSENSITY,
  • Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME,
  • L'Oreal Professional DIA Richesse,
  • L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss
  • Londa Color,
  • Matrix Color Synk.
Rating of the best paints for hair
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Shampoos are quite easy to apply. With their help, you can add shine to faded hair or remove unwanted yellowness. For this coloring, 5-10 minutes is sufficient after the usual washing of the head.

Recommended shampoos:

  • Revlon Professional REVLONISSimO 45 days,
  • Indola,
  • Ollin Professional,
  • Salerm,
  • CHI Sunglitz Natural Shine Enhancement Shampoo,
  • Color Recharge T-Lab Professional.
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Thanks to the shade balm or as it is customary to call the tonic, you can radically change the light color of your hair, but the dark one is just a little shade. Time of procedure - 30 minutes. The remedy is kept on the hair, depending on the shade to 4 weeks and is gradually washed away.

To remove the tonic from the hair, mix 3 tablespoons of burdock oil with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and apply to the colored curls for 1 hour. The procedure can be repeated after 2 days. For the same purpose, you can apply kefir mask.

Best shade balm:

  • L'Oréal Professionnal,
  • Tonic from ROKOLOR,
  • Estel,
  • Irida,
  • Ollin Professional,
  • Concept Fresh Up balsam,
  • Nutri Color Creme Revlon Professional,
  • Vitality's Espresso.
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In addition to staining, toning masks have a beneficial nutritional effect on the hair. After several toning procedures, the hair looks well-groomed, shiny and healthy.

Popular toning masks:

  • Nouvelle Refreshing Color Mask,
  • Acme Color Ton Oil Mask,
  • Hair Company Inimitable Color BB,
  • Farmavita Amethyste mask.
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Light coloring mousses allow you to play with different shades while simultaneously having a favorable effect on the structure of the hair. The product gives the curls a shine, softness and makes them more docile.

It's very easy to use. On damp hair, you need to apply mousse and hold for 5 to 25 minutes, depending on the desired shade. Then rinse with warm water.

Usually mousses are used to level the difference between the length of the hair and the overgrown roots. The color remains on the hair up to 5-7 flushes.

Good reviews deserve mousse:

  • Igora Expert Mousse from Schwarzkopf,
  • Indola Professional Color Style Mousse,
  • Black Professional Color mousse,
  • Joico Color balance conditioner.
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Tools designed for both styling and toning. Ideal for creating an evening image. Color fastness - 1 day.

The most famous sprays:

  • Venita 1 day,
  • Sibel,
  • Directions.
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This tool, of course, is not suitable for complete toning of hair, but will help to highlight certain strands qualitatively. The ink of some manufacturers glows with ultraviolet radiation. The color lasts for several hours. It is washed off by usual shampoo.

Popular tools:

  • Estel My Angel,
  • Kapous Professional Fast Help,
  • IsaDora Hair Mascara,
  • PlayUpColor,
  • Henne Color.
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Want to get incredible colors on your hair? Try crayons to color the strands. In their use, nothing is complicated. It is necessary to twist a lock of hair and grate it with chalk.

Blondes better perform this procedure on dry hair, since any tone will be clearly visible on the blonde hair. Brunettes better to use pink, red, green and blue tones on damp hair.

You can fix the color with a hot hair dryer or ironing. After the completion of the toning procedure, you need to comb your hair well to remove excess chalk powder. The pastel is washed off after the first washing of the head.

Choose the desired pallet palette in the series:

  • Hairchalk L'Oreal Professional,
  • Master Pastel,
  • Hot Huez,
  • MeiS.
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Natural remedies

Natural toning tools include henna, basma, onion husks and black tea.

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Types of toning

Hair tinting can be of 3 kinds:

  1. Intensive coloration will help to change the hair color to several tones. In this case, the cosmetic means for staining do not contain ammonia, which destroys the structure of the hair follicles. Brightness and color saturation with this kind of toning is saved up to two months. Such coloring is carried out with the help of tonics and paints.
  2. Gentle .This type of toning retains the saturation of hair color in a few weeks. In addition to staining, gentle toning restores the structure of the hair. In the shade of shampoos and masks are included vitamins, vegetable oils, extracts of medicinal plants and other additives.
  3. Lightweight .For this type of toning, special sprays, mousses, carcasses and crayons are used. Most often they are applied to individual strands, advantageously shading the haircut lines. After the procedure, the shade is maintained for several hours or days.
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Features of toning

The procedure of dyeing hair with modern toning means is simple and safe. Difficulties can arise only when choosing the right tone.

Hairdressers recommend choosing for coloring colors not more than 3 tones different from natural.

If the hair was previously stained with henna, then it is recommended to postpone the procedure for several months, as it can produce unnatural shades.

After completing the tinting, hairdressers are advised not to use cosmetic products based on olive, burdock or corn oil for hair care, since natural ingredients in their composition have clarifying properties.

In addition, you should pay attention to the following features of hair dyeing.

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For light hair

Light hair holders can choose to color any colors. To qualitatively shade the natural blond, you can combine several color shades that are close in color. This procedure visually adds hair volume and saturation.

Blondes suitable for platinum, ash, beige, pearlescent, gold and rosewood shades. But bright and dark shades should be used carefully and carefully. After all, on very light and discolored hair this color will turn out to be catchy and defiant and will not be washed even after several washing procedures.

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For dark hair

Light blond hair color is also universal, its coloring in any shades guarantees a spectacular result.

Caramel, golden, nut, chocolate, chestnut, red and red tones are especially attractive on light brown hair.

Chestnut color of hair is perfectly combined with chocolate, copper, mahogany, burgundy, aubergine and black tones.

It should be noted that without preliminary discoloration, dark hair will not get a light shade after toning.

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For stained

By means of toning it is possible to correct some imperfections of highlighting, for example, to remove unwanted yellowness of hair. To do this, special shade tonic shampoos with a purple pigment are required. After its use, the yellow tint becomes snow white.

Also correctly performed toning on clarified and fine hair can create a popular effect of sunburned hair.

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