People's signs, which burns ears, cheeks, face

It happens that a person experiences fever in the ear, cheeks, lips - the blood flows to the organs, they blush, the local temperature rises. In such cases, it is said that the ear or other part of the face is burning. If the process is not caused by any disease, excitement or mechanical pressure, it can be explained with the help of people's signs. And the interpretation will differ depending on which of the ears or parts of the face has become hot.

  • Ear
  • Face or cheeks
  • Lips
  • Days of the week
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Thanks to centuries of observations, people have managed to find out why the ears are burning and what it means:

  • Both ears are remembered and thought by a close or dear person. With him, an early meeting or contact at a distance is possible( via the Internet, via a phone call or a letter).
  • The left ear - someone says bad things about you, discusses and scolds, dissolves rumors and gossip, while your energy is being negatively affected. In addition to discomfort in the ear, there may be a deterioration in overall well-being, headache, anxiety. If the ear burns slightly, it means that you are just touched in a conversation, and the words are neutral or positive.

  • Right ear - in this case you should not worry, you are told the truth, praise, give an example.
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Face or cheeks

Find out what the whole face or only one side of it is burning can be from the following:

  • Face - someone thinks or talks about you. To find out whether they respond well or badly, it is necessary to hold a silver or gold object( a coin, ring or earring) down the burning place and look in the mirror. If there is a dark trace on your face - you became a victim of slander and bad thoughts, the track is bright and quickly disappeared - they say pleasant things about you, approve of your actions, a red trace indicates a neutral channel of conversation.
  • The left side of the face or cheek - as in the case with the ears, you are mercilessly washed away by the gossip and intriguers bones.
  • The right side of the face or cheek - you remember a loving person, while his thoughts and words are exceptionally positive.
  • Both cheeks - is an unlucky sign, marking fast tears, which will cool the heat of the cheeks. To reverse the effect of prediction, it is necessary to wash holy water.
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Also can burn completely or separately:

  • Both lips - inSoon hot passionate kisses are coming.
  • Upper lip - to kisses with a representative of the opposite sex.
  • Lower lip - means chaste kisses with children or relatives.
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Days of the week

There are a number of signs that treat burning of ears and faces according to the days of the week:

  • On Monday you will soon have a new acquaintance or a meeting with someone you have not seen for a long time. If the cheeks or ears are lit in the morning, the event will have a romantic continuation, in the evening - will be pleasant, but short-lived.
  • On Tuesday - be extremely careful, there is a scandal or a major quarrel, perhaps even with a fight.
  • On Wednesday - you will be successful in the scheduled business, financial profit is approaching.
  • On Thursday - good news, a pleasant surprise is possible.
  • On Friday - we should wait for news from close people or the arrival of relatives.
  • On Saturday - get ready for a noisy and fun pastime.
  • On Sunday, separation from a loved one is expected.

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How to fight

You can protect yourself against the negative result of gossip in the following ways:

  • If you guess who is washing your bones, the burning will stop immediately.
  • You can annoy gossips from a distance - gently bite your little finger, then the person discussing you will bite your tongue.
  • Another method of protection - to imagine yourself under a mirror dome, then all the negative, aimed at you, will return to the one who exudes it. And when you build a brick wall around yourself, you can protect your energy field from the encroachments of enemies.
  • It should be noted that the intensity of the reddening of the burning parts of the body is directly proportional to the emotional richness of the conversation about you - the more vivid the discussion, the brighter you become. In addition, the organism reacts most strongly to energy attacks in the early morning hours or in the evening, at this time burning manifests itself most noticeably.
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And yet, if the ears, cheeks, lips or face burn too often, it is advisable to consult a doctor - so may be infectious or fungal diseases, allergies, hypertension, hormonal disorders.

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