How to choose the best swimsuit style for the shape features

Summer is a long-awaited time for the year, which is eagerly awaited not only by children, but also by adults. Many women prepare for this season in advance, visiting cosmetologists, gyms and nutritionists. One of the main points is the choice of a suitable swimsuit. To build on in this matter is better from the type of his figure.

  • Types of figures
  • Hourglass
  • Inverted triangle
  • Square or rectangle
  • Pear
  • Apple

Types of figures

In the fashion world, several types of figures are distinguished:

  • hourglass;
  • triangle with a point down( inverted);
  • square( rectangle),
  • pear( triangle);
  • apple( circle).
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Possessors of a figure of this type can be called ideal, because the proportions of their body do not need correction. Most often these are proportional shoulders and hips, which are emphasized by a thin waist.

For owners of a proportional slender body suitable models such as bikini or monokini. The bodice can be chosen both on straps, and on the eyebands, which visually slightly extend the shoulders.

For women with lush shapes and an hourglass figure, it is recommended to choose bodice models on the bone with elastic wide straps that not only perfectly support the chest, but also emphasize the right proportions of the body. The lower part of the leotard is better to choose with a high fit.

For full stylists advise to pay attention to piecework models of classic cut, in which a beautiful V-neck neckline visually lengthens the figure and focuses on the breast. You can also pick up a swimsuit in the form of a short dress, which hides irregularities on the abdomen and emphasizes the waist and chest.

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Inverted triangle

The triangular type of the figure is possessed by women whose hips are considerably narrower than the shoulders. This type is also called an inverted triangle or a T-shaped figure. When choosing a swimsuit, focus on the hips, and try to visually narrow the shoulders. Best of all, this problem is handled by wide straps on the bodice and all kinds of buckles, bandages and ruffles on the hips. With the help of these simple details, the figure visually becomes proportional.

Very good hide the weaknesses of this type of silhouette is helped by combined swimsuits, where the top is bright and solid, and the bottom is made of fabric with a bright print or geometry. Equilibrate the hips and shoulders will help swimsuits like a bando, bandini, or separate swimress.

The topic with flared skirt is an ideal solution for narrow thighs.

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Square or rectangle

Women with a square or H-like silhouette do not have a clearly defined waistline, so the main task when choosing a swimsuit is to hide the wide waist. To achieve this visual effect, you can use several tricks:

  • with the help of draperies and ruches visually increase the hips and chest;
  • to emphasize the waist line with the help of a bright fabric that simulates the belt;
  • choose piece models of swimsuit with wedge-shaped inserts or notches in the waist area.
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Perfect for this type of figure swimsuit monokini monochrome color. Separate the hips and chest, as well as highlight the waist, help panties with ruffles at the outfits with a low waist, as well as a bust with ties to the neck. Such an ensemble will help to harmonize the figure, as well as highlight and emphasize the waistline.

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The pear shape, or as it is also called an A-shaped or triangular silhouette, is characteristic of women with narrow shoulders, small breasts and wide hips.

The task of a swimsuit is to hide the fullness of the thighs and focus on the shoulders and chest. Melting is better to choose a monophonic color with small strings that visually narrow the hips, but the bodice should be bright, decorated with ruffles, flowers or a bright print and geometric patterns. If the hips are much wider than the shoulders, then the ideal option will be a swim dress without straps, which will hide the wide hips and accentuate the attention on the shoulders. You can focus on the breast with the help of a bodice with a push-up effect.

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Women with this type of figure have, as a rule, slender legs, graceful hands and a round belly without a pronounced waistline. From separate swimsuits it is recommended to pay attention to the tankini style, where the upper part is represented by an elongated top with wide straps and a deep cut.

It is also possible to choose a swimsuit. It is worth paying attention to models with a deep square or triangular neckline and drapery on the stomach, which conceals the protruding belly. Cups in a swimsuit are better to choose with bones to focus on the chest. But the tissue must necessarily be dense and matte, reinforced in the abdomen with a special pulling net.

Suitable and combined swimwear models of bando straps.

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